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Hats off! Hay fever has me in its grip. Itchy eyes, runny nose. I just know it: it's spring!

A wonderful good morning for Saturday coffee, in which we dedicate today to one of our four favorite seasons! You know ... spring lets its blue ribbon of pollen flutter through the air. But so be it. I like it anyway and today I want to introduce you to knitting ideas that you can combine well with each other. If short sleeves are still too fresh for you, you can either take your time knitting them or pull a cardigan over them. Anything is possible! Make yourselves comfortable and have fun reading!

Spring makes you want short sleeves

As I regularly sort through my knitting list, I realize more and more that I'm leaning towards summer knits. Simply because I know myself. Of course, I still want to knit cozy cardigans and sweaters. For example, the Artisane cardigan, which I've known for a long time that I actually need and now that Marisa has finished hers ... eeeeee.

But I also know that it's already March. I still have to crochet the Easter presents for the children (more on that later and please stop laughing now!) and then it will be warm in no time and I'll only be in the mood for linen, cotton and the like anyway, won't I?

A great candidate for knitting up a light wardrobe would be the Sommerknus design by Elsebeth Judith. The highlight: we have created two kits for you so that you are spoiled for choice. Why should you be better off than us?

Elsebeth Judith - Sommerknus
Short sleeves? That's what I'm in the mood for! Summer crunch from Elsebeth Judith.
Photo: ©️ Elsebeth Judith

It is best to knit two versions at once

Elsebeth Judith - Sommerknus
We have created two kits for Sommerknus.
Photo: ©️ Elsebeth Judith

Apart from the fact that I really like the coffee in the picture, I particularly like the mix of different patterns on this model. I really enjoy knitting stockinette, but sometimes I like a bit of variety.

The summer knit is knitted from the top down with a round yoke. The back neckline is shaped with short rows to achieve a better fit. You can choose the yarn: Do you want it to be very summery? Then work with Line from Sandnes. Do you want a bit of fleece? Then use Organic Cotton and Deluxe Silk Mohair from Krea Deluxe. I use ... both!

We stay in the pattern

The new design from ANKESTRiCK has long sleeves again. It popped up on my Saturday coffee list thanks to Sandra, who in turn had a customer request for it in her inbox. I wonder which yarn combination would work here?

Our answer: So Kosho and Sensai from Ito. A yarn combination for cooler temperatures or for frostbite. It is always beautiful and it is very worthwhile to knit the two qualities together.

The ARMOR sweater is knitted seamlessly from the top down. You start with the pattern at the collar, then move on to the yoke with the raglan increases. When the increases are complete, the sleeves are set aside and the body is knitted in rounds to the hem. Then turn your attention to the sleeves, which are also worked in the round. Some people knit the sleeves first and then the body. It's actually quite clever. At least for all those who don't like working the sleeves too much. Or at least not two (like me).

Ankestrick - Armor Sweater
On Sandra's recommendation: ARMOR sweater from ANKESTRiCK.
Photo: ©️ ANKESTRiCK

Delicate cardigan for spring

Joji Locatelli - Milton
Very light and delicate: Milton by Joji Locatelli.
Photo: ©️ Joji Locatelli

There is another ITO combination with this model here: Milton by Joji Locatelli. I'm a big fan of the Argentinian and not only follow her on Instagram, but also on a sports app where she tracks her runs. I do too, just so you know. Even if not (nearly) with the same frequency as Joji. Nevertheless, I feel a friendly connection.

But enough about me and my sports program - back to everyone's favourite endurance sport for the fingers: knitting. The cardigan is knitted seamlessly from the top down. The cardigan is constructed with saddle shoulders and set-in sleeves, which results in a particularly good fit. The striped pattern is created by using two very different yarns, which is why we recommend Rakuda and Sensai from Ito.

Covered in a flash

Rosa P - Erikka Vest
Can be modified according to your wishes: Erikka Vest from Rosa P.
Photo: ©️ Rosa P.

The Erikka Vest from Rosa P is also a great piece for layering, but with a much more robust look. And not just because there are no sleeves to knit.

No, no. I just like the look. What's more, Rike has designed it in such a way that you can choose between different panels and lengths. Buttons are also optional. We designed our kit for the short version with a double-knit facing and without buttons. With Hamelton Tweed 2 from BC Garn, you will find the original yarn for this version in the kit.

You knit the vest seamlessly from the top down. Start at the back. Pick up stitches for the front pieces from the shoulders. Increases form the V-neck. When both front pieces reach the armpits, they are joined to the back piece and the body is knitted in rows to the hem. Finally, work the facing.

Brioche love

I also have something for all friends of brioche patterns - the Brioche Bliss Sweater by Simone aka Rust Knitwear. Louisa also showed you the sweater in the newsletter. And rightly so - it's just too beautiful! It's elegant enough to wear to the office, but also somehow casual and cozy. It simply suits so many occasions!

Knit from the top down. You start with the yoke, which is first knitted in rows to form the neckline. The piece is then closed in the round and the front and back are shaped by increases. Continue working the body below the arms in rounds until you reach the hem. Eye-catching decrease details give the sleeves a beautiful fit and are also a great eye-catcher. For the neckline, which you make at the very end, you can choose between a turtleneck or double layered cuffs.

We have stuck to the original yarn and only replaced the yarn. You are knitting with Merino 120 from Lang Yarns and Premia from Lamana. You can either order the pattern directly from us in the kit or purchase them via Ravelry. This also applies to some designers. You can find an overview here.

Rust Knitwear - Brioche Bliss Sweater
Ooohhh, so beautiful, Simone! Brioche Bliss Sweater from Rust Knitwear.
Photo: ©️ Rust Knitwear

Granny style? We love it!

Theodore Shawl - Johanna Gehrisch
Johanna hits a nerve here: Theodore Shawl.
Photo: ©️ Johanna Böhme

This shawl here from kolibri by johanna is very delicate and spring-like. The Theodore Shawl made from Cusi and Premia by Lamana (an amazing combination!) definitely stands out with its lace look. Johanna skillfully picks up on an old style and yet interprets it in a fresh way. I really like it - and not just because the original is pink.

The pattern runs diagonally from the center of the scarf and the triangular design is rounded off with a romantic lace border. It is worked in two parts: First, the actual shawl is knitted from the lace, the shape is created by increases. In the second step, you work the border. After washing and stretching, the border is sewn on with mattress stitch. Et voilà: finished!

One more week, then it's ...

... not Christmas, no! It's the launch of this year's Mother's Day shawl! You can buy the kit from March 16 and then we'll tell you everything you need to know about this year's design. I can already tell you this much: this year's triangular shawl will be knitted with Pinta from Pascuali. And if the Theodore Shawl is too playful for you, our shawl could definitely be something for you.

How did this year's design come about? Marisa tells us in our latest podcast episode. So be sure to listen in! In addition to the Mother's Day shawl, we also talk about Marisa's current projects, knitting designs that are currently making her all fuzzy and everything that has been going on at Maschenfein recently.

Pinta could soon play a major role in your project basket...
Photo: ©️ Marisa Nöldeke

Click the button below to download the content from open.spotify.com.

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But before Mother's Day comes ...

... Easter! And if, like me, you still want to make a decorative piece or two, you simply can't avoid the cute crochet patterns from Krea Deluxe. We in the Maschenfein team are blown away. And as I mentioned above, I'm not afraid of time pressure, of course, but would like to crochet one or two little sheep or bunnies. Be sure to browse through the kits! We have already placed a repeat order for certain colors and are eagerly awaiting delivery. I would particularly like to highlight the Easter Bunny. When you buy the yarn, we can offer you the pattern here free of charge and in German translation. I'm sure many of you will be pleased about this, although I can only say to you, as with knitting: Don't be afraid to try English knitting and crochet patterns. With our table for English knitting terms or this variant here for crocheting you are well equipped. Have fun copying!

I'm already on the list. You too?

Finally, a small but, in my opinion, important note: We are ordering a new round of the beautiful project bags from Mien Berlin. We've had them in the store for a long time. They were sold out for a while, but Marisa is using her version more often again for her current project and has noticed how roomy and beautiful the bag is.

To cut a long story short: There are samples of the new faux leather colors on her desk and we're ordering more. So please put your name on the waiting list. As soon as we have designs in stock again, we'll send you an email and let you know immediately when it's time to browse.

Mean: It shimmers and it fits knitting projects. Ergo: I need it! Project bag from Mien made of faux leather.
Photo: ©️ Maschenfein

Maschenfein knitting round and "Reinforcement wanted!"

To make the most of the good weather (which we hope you are also enjoying), we are about to set off on our walk through the Maschenfein knitting round. But first an important note: We are looking for reinforcements for our support team! The position is advertised for part-time employment (20 hours/week). Maybe it's something for one of you? Or for someone you know? You can find all the information in our job advertisement.

Photos via Instagram: ©️ instagram.com/anjanogger / instagram.com/munichstitches

But now to you: An early design will soon be on Anja 's needles - the swatch for the GARDEN Cardigan by ANKESTRiCK has already been made. With the combination of Manada and Cumbria by Pascuali and this color, it can only be a knitting pleasure.

Birgit, who has finished her maschenfein Birdy Cardigan, stays nice and warm. She knitted it with Como Grande from Lamana and Water from Wool Addicts - also the version that Marisa has. Unfortunately, Water is discontinued, but we still have a few balls in stock and have also created an alternative for you.

Photos via Instagram: ©️ instagram.com/lulusknitworld / instagram.com/and_her_yarn

You can see the magic of untouched balls of yarn and the tingling in your fingers at Luisa and and_her_yarn. Here you can see a Berlin Scarf by Paula_m and a Cleo Clutch by PetiteKnit. I would take both of them!

I'm in such a mood for spring now - hay fever or not! I want more time outdoors, fresh colors and - of course - new projects. I can always do with more time on the needles anyway. Have a lovely weekend with lots of knitting time!


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why don't you just link the translation of the knitting pattern so that everyone can print it out? This system is completely complicated. Or do you only get it when you place an order?


Dear Birgit, I assume you mean the translation of the pattern for the Easter Bunnies? As I wrote in the section, the pattern are included with the purchase of the yarn. As soon as we have received and paid for your order, you will receive an email with a download link. Or do you mean something else? 🙂 Best regards, Sophia

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