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At Maschenfein you'll find a carefully curated selection of sustainable yarns from around the world, well over two thousand knitting kits where you can conveniently choose your size and desired color, as well as the matching knitting accessories and numerous knitting tutorials.

In our blog we constantly provide you with new inspirations - knitting is simply our great passion! Especially popular is our Saturday Coffee series, in which we have been sharing inspirations from the world of knitting for many years.

With the greatest passion

Maschenfein was founded in 2014 in Berlin by Marisa Nöldeke. At that time, she was writing the knitting pattern for her first bestseller, the book "Tücher stricken". Since then Maschenfein has steadily grown into the largest and best-known German-language knitting community and the most popular place to go to choose your next knitting project and browse the beautiful world of knitting accessories.

In our team of nine, we work with the greatest passion for Maschenfein and our community. We are always happy to help you with your color selection, a tricky tutorial, knitting techniques or other questions. We also focus on creating our own tutorials. This is where our years of experience come in - and there is something for every knitting level.


Marisa, 44, lives in Berlin, is a mother of a heavenly daughter and three children, including one with an extra lucky chromosome. She is the owner and heart of Maschenfein, has been blogging since 2010 and, as a PhD in economics and passionate knitter, founded the company "Maschenfein" in 2014.

Marisa cast on the first stitches together with her grandma Lotti at a very young age. Many detours, her studies and her doctorate put the needles to rest. Until Marisa finally caught fire again during her pregnancy with her first daughter. Knitting and creativity then accompanied her through a very difficult time in her life. Out of all this grew Maschenfein. The knitting blog, the best sorted online store she always wished for and missed herself and many, many projects around it.

Her first book "Tücher stricken" - a huge success in the knitting world - was published in August 2016 by EMF Verlag. This was followed by the basic book "Stricken - Masche für Masche", the follow-up shawl book "Noch mehr Tücher stricken", a book about sweaters and cardigans "Hygge - Wohlfühkleidung stricken", a book with children's knitwear "Smaland - Skandinavisch stricken" and the small, fine reference book "Stricken - Das Lexikon". All books became bestsellers in the field of knitting. Most recently, the bullet journal "Stricken" was published in the fall of 2020, also by EMF Verlag. Since then, Marisa has been publishing her knitting tutorials individually as PDFs here on Maschenfein and on Ravelry.


Sandra, 40, at home in Bavaria, with roots in the Black Forest. Mom of two boys, addicted to stitches and in love with yarn.

Sandra is the first permanent employee at Maschenfein since September 2017, good soul of our social media activities and Marisa's memory support for all the colorful projects here at Maschenfein. She also designs the most beautiful knitting pattern for Maschenfein.

An early and loyal reader of the blog, Sandra was immersed in the world of Maschenfein from the very beginning. After passing her state exams to become an elementary school teacher, she turned her back on school in favor of family, teaching herself to knit with the help of YouTube videos after the birth of her first son 10 years ago. She is the co-author of three books.

Sandra always patiently answers all questions in the Maschenfein community, and with over 14,000 knitters in our Facebook group alone, that's a lot. Since she is a self-confessed knitting addict, her closet is filled with cardigans, shawls, etc. and she knows numerous knitting pattern from other designers.

Jule, 27, lives in Westerwald and started as a working student here at Maschenfein in August 2020 during her studies in Finance & Accounting. She loves numbers, but she loves wool even more.

Therefore, she has of course known the Maschenfein store for years. Since February 2021, Jule supports the team in a permanent position. She diligently maintains our backend, assists Sandra in supporting customer inquiries and ensures that our assortment is always presented flawlessly.

Mary-Anne, 29, lives in Braunschweig with her husband and dog. When she's not knitting, she's out and about in nature - in keeping with her learned profession: forestry.

Since both hands are occupied while knitting, it's a good thing that Mary-Anne likes to listen to podcasts and audio books (in this case, with a special preference for crime novels). And as befits a knit-focused team member, she often has several projects in her basket at the same time. Something challenging, a pair of socks, and a mindless knitting piece. With us, she takes care of the backend as well as product maintenance and assists with support.


Sophia, 35, now lives back in her native Hanover after spending some time in Lower Franconia. She is a mom of two and, in addition to diapers and snacks, always has knitwear in her luggage.

Sophia has been taking care of the blog posts for maschenfein.com since October 2020, plans the podcast, and thinks up campaigns for social media. Since she discovered knitting after her studies, she also accompanies Maschenfein - and has already been infected by one or the other project. With us, the trained journalist now brings two passions together: writing and knitting.

Louisa, 39, lives with her family near Munich. The trained bookseller is the organizer of the maschenfeinen knitting meetings in the Bavarian capital (#maschenfeinsüdrunde) and has been a model and test knitter for Maschenfein and Sandra for some time.

Louisa has always knitted - but since she discovered Ravelry and Maschenfein, she can hardly put the needles down. With us she takes care of the translation of the website, the newsletter and in the future the English-language support.0

Editing (Freelance)

Judith takes care of the blog posts at Maschenfein with us
Judith Werner, Regensburg
Saskia takes care of the theme worlds at Maschenfein with
Saskia Naths, Schwarzenbek


Judith, 38, lives in Berlin with her husband and two children. In her first life, she was a freelance sound engineer and then earned her Bachelor of Computer Engineering. Together with Barbara she founded a women's collective for software development and applied together to Maschenfein.

What others say about her: "Radical solidarity, big heart, Berlin snout." What she says about herself: "Where technology and people meet, that's my favorite place." Judith also knits, by the way! Thanks to a friend, she started rattling her needles seven years ago. Since then, it's been her favorite hobby.

And when Judith is not knitting, she loves to dance and everything you can do in the mountains: Hiking, skiing, snowshoeing - the main thing is to see a panorama of peaks!

Barbara, 50, lives in Berlin with her husband and three children. A communications graduate, she learned to program in 2020 and is Judith's partner in a women's software development collective.

Others say about Barbara that she is persistent and team-oriented. And she can also ask the right questions. These are all great prerequisites when we are faced with challenges in the back or front end.

And we've already noticed that she describes herself as super curious and uninhibitedly proactive: she was infected by our knitting euphoria and cast on the first stitches. What else does Barbara like? Horses, photography and the sea.

Development (Freelance)

Mirjam, 39 , lives in Berlin with her daughter and partner. She studied media informatics and has been working as a web developer since 2008 - first as a permanent employee and then as a freelancer.

As a teenager and young adult, knitting was a topic every now and then, but Mirjam really got into it about five years ago when she wanted to knit a sweater. There was no way around it when she discovered Maschenfein on Instagram. With the birth of her daughter, the desire to turn her hobby into a career had to wait a little longer, but since the summer of 2022, the enthusiastic surfer has been strengthening the team as a freelancer in the backend. Of course, this work has dramatically lengthened her list of knitting projects, which can't be avoided.


Lisa, 32, is our northern light: She lives in Bergen on Rügen - and is therefore a true Baltic Sea child. The trained educator works at a special school and supports Marisa in the development of designs.

She learned to knit eight years ago - with the help of a black scarf with cable pattern. Her favorite knits are sweaters and cardigans. Since 2021 she has already been working as a commission knitter for Maschenfein, and since the end of 2022 she has been looking after our test knits and writing the pattern for maschenfein designs. Or as we say: she puts Marisa's thoughts on paper.

Our commission knitters

There are so many beautiful patterns - we can't even knit them all ourselves! But to be able to show you always great designs and beautiful yarns, we have busy commission knitters. Under the hashtag#maschenfeinesschaufenster you can see their work on Instagram.

Dagmar Hondong, Roth
Bettina Dicknöther
Bettina Dicknöther
Lisa Kirchhoff, Bergen
Andrea Ballbach, Windelsbach
Ruth Risjdijk, Roetgen
Heidi Adolphs, Gunzenhausen
Marta Sandmann, Engen
Elisabeth Kesten, Hanover
Anja Mosbacher-Blanz, Forest
Kirsten Demmler-Heep, Bad Rappenau
Ulrike Schuricht, Hamburg
Melanie Siegel,