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The Maschenfein Blog

It all started with a blog. And even now it is still the heart of "Maschenfein". This is where the community meets and where we gather inspiration for our knitting projects.


November 25, 2023

Snuggle up, browse, knit

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{Saturday coffee & webtalk} This weekend: knitting! Before Advent begins and with it inevitably comes a little stress, I really want to get out a bit. Just like I wrote down for our current maschenfein Cozy Weekend. Simply browse through our store and then take your time [...]


November 23, 2023

aegyoknit: simply enchanting

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{Designer of the month} "Please, what's it called?" Knitters who love the Scandinavian understated style have almost certainly "stumbled" across this name while scrolling: aegyoknit. "Maybe I should have gone for something a bit easier to spell and pronounce," jokes Karoline Skovgaard Bentsen in the Zoom call. But the name for her work as a knitwear designer [...]


November 18, 2023

First Christmas feelings

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{Saturday coffee & webtalk} I'll tell you something (and my colleagues won't be surprised): I have the first Christmas songs playing. Not the full blast (that really only comes in December), but the first Christmas feelings are slowly starting to set in. November is just too cold and too dark for me to [...]


November 15, 2023

Christmas Sweater

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Christmas Sweater When Christmas is just around the corner, we start thinking about what we want to knit for the festive season. Presents and decorations are usually top of the list. But why not treat yourself to a more or less patterned sweater? In English-speaking countries, Christmas sweaters have long been a tradition.

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