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The Maschenfein Blog

It all started with a blog. And even now it is still the heart of "Maschenfein". This is where the community meets and where we gather inspiration for our knitting projects.


September 23 2023

Delicate favorite yarns

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{Samstagskaffee & Netzgeflüster} When knitting, you can lose track of time quite wonderfully. Just knit stitch by stitch and - oops - something burns in the oven (just the other day - no joke). It happens. And so it is with Saturday coffee. First a little browse here, then a [...]


September 16, 2023

Shawl on and sweater out

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{Saturday Coffee & Net Talk} I'll tell it like it is: I've been freezing. Well, of course not on the heat days, but after the thunderstorms and rain showers that have fallen everywhere, it has cooled down properly. Then it was clear to me: Autumn is here. Maybe not the whole day and certainly there is still the [...]


09 September 2023

Secret knitting powers

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{Samstagskaffee & Netzgeflüster} This year, secret superpowers have emerged with me. Well, how super they really are is up for debate, but it has, for example, rained reliably (and unannounced!) at night when I was watering the garden the night before. Really always. Also here on the blog has become a superpower [...]

On the

06 September 2023

On the Needles {September 2023}

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After a small summer break in our What knits the fine stitch team series, it should now of course continue here! What do we have at Maschenfein in late summer on the needles? Still the last tops and shirts or already the cozy knits? Today you will find out. Have fun reading and getting inspired! Preparations for the Knit-Along We are masters at making ourselves [...]

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