The time has (finally?) come: spring is here! And with it everything that goes with it - warming rays of sunshine, colorful splashes of color in the meadows and blossoming buds on trees and bushes. But we can't go completely jacketless yet. But that's no problem for us. After all, as knitters, it's easy to continue knitting cardigans or light sweaters. And a little bit of summer knitwear has already found its way onto the needles. Read for yourself:

Gauge love

The nice thing about Mirjam's contributions is that they are - in the best sense of the word - out of line. My colleague from our development department always knits swatches, ignores the result and simply knits her favorite pattern. That's what I call knitting chutzpah!

I finally have something from Poppy by Sandnes on the needles - it's going to be a weekend slipover - and what can I say: it's practically just slipping off the needles and I've already completed five centimeters of the body. So from now on it's just hard work. The tension doesn't quite fit here, but "no risk - no fun". I think my preference for not always sticking to the pattern has something to do with my job. As a developer, you're always busy trying to get the best out of certain technical requirements ("It has to be Poppy ") and finding solutions where you first thought you wouldn't find any ("Gauge doesn't match").

Weekend slipover by PetiteKnit from Poppy by Sandnes at Mirjam's.
Photo: © Mirjam Guderley
Robinia Sweater Light by Anne Ventzel at Sandra's.
Photo: © Sandra Groll

It would probably be unthinkable for Sandra to knit apart from the swatch or not know exactly where the journey is going beforehand. But that's probably the only way, when you've knitted almost every Maschenfein swatch yourself and saved it in your head.

"I've been doing my rounds here for hours..." Well, more like months - after all, I cast on my Robina Sweater Light by Anne Ventzel from Cashmere 6/28 by Pascuali at Christmas. But I already said when I ordered the yarn that this project would certainly be with me until March. However, I am confident that I will then be able to present a new project at #ontheneedlesapril!

Cozy knits again

Sometimes we annoy Marisa a little. But only a little - after all, she is our boss! But her tendency to start something new because it's just so nice always makes the team smile. And comes with deep understanding, of course! But she has a little surprise in store for this round:

Contrary to some whimsical comments from the team, I have reached the last five percent of my Artisane Cardigan from Sandnes! I've been saying for some time that the only thing missing is the facing. And who is knitting the facing now? Exactly - me! Then wash and block and cast on a new project - and a new feel-good cardigan is ready.

Artisane Cardigan from Sandnes by Marisa's.
Photo: © Marisa Nöldeke
Birdy Cardigan from Maschenfein at Louisa's.
Photo: © Louisa Müller-Gauditz

Louisa is also working on a real feel-good piece at the moment. Strictly speaking, she is knitting several of her favorite pieces, but you can only finish one at a time ... 😉

After my cast-ontitis last month, I realized that it makes more sense to concentrate on one project if I want to see results. So I'm currently working on the maschenfein Birdy Cardigan made from Como Grande by Lamana and Midnatssol by CaMaRose. A small setback due to two mistakes in the yoke and subsequent ribbing has been ironed out and now I'm ready to knit the hem. This time I'm really looking forward to the sleeves because that means: stockinette stitches in rounds without decreases. Perfect mindless knitting. ❤️

Discover spring here

Mary-Anne is currently working on a project from my knitting list. Unfortunately for herself, not for me 😉 But this light and fluffy dream also belongs in every closet

Spring is just around the corner - I can definitely feel it - and I was in the mood for fresh color and light yarn. I will (hopefully) be making a Cumulus blouse from PetiteKnit with a V-neck from Tynn Silk Mohair in March. I knitted my first one in autumnal rust red, so I needed something fresh! Hopefully the needles will be free again quite quickly, because Sophia got me a bit hooked with Blouse No. 1 light at last Saturday's coffee. I can imagine a bright pink as a change ... well, one thing at a time!

Cumulus blouse at Mary-Anne's.
Photo: © Mary-Anne Volze
Paul Scarf at Sophia's.
Photo: © Sophia Michalzik

For Paul Pascuali's birthday in February, we dedicated the Paul Scarf to him as a gift. As soon as I saw the design for the first time, I knew I needed it!

... and thanks to two waiting skeins of Cashmere 6/28, it was finished in no time at all. The photo is still from the beginning, but I tell you, once you've started, you won't stop. The Frieda pattern is just too beautiful and knitting it is so wonderfully entertaining. Now I'll probably be wearing the shawl up and down all spring.

Barbara's first summer piece has hit the needles. Or as she says herself:

We're dreaming of summer! And the first thing to go on the needles was the Shore Tee by Anne Ventzel. In a departure from our kit, I'm knitting with Pure Silk from Knitting for Olive and Cashmere Lace from Pascuali. Of course, that sets the bar high, so I won't let myself make a mistake!

Shore tee by Anne Ventzel at Barbara.
Photo: © Barbara Schulze


And what have you got on your needles in March? Feel free to tell us in the comments or show us on Facebook or Instagram, where we use the hashtag #aufdennadeln. We look forward to seeing your pictures!

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