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I can tell you that this week - once again - things got heated in the Maschenfein chat. Why? Because the final preparations for this year's Mother's Day Knit-Along were underway. But now the samplers are knitted, the kit is online, the schedule is set - let's get started! A hearty hello to our shawl Lotti!

I wish you a wonderful good morning for this special Saturday coffee. Even though this is our sixth Mother's Day shawl, the excitement remains every time. The mystery, the finishing touches in the background, the prospect of knitting together - it's all important to us and everything has to be just right. Make yourself comfortable and have fun reading!

Maschenfein without scarves is like spring without sun

Do you remember how it all started back then with Maschenfein? I recently recapped the story with Marisa in a different context. I won't be able to reveal exactly why until later this year, but one thing is certain: scarves have played a big role for us from the very beginning - and still do today.

Our Mother's Day shawl Lotti fits in wonderfully with this tradition and really inspires me. Just like last year with Zoe, we opted for a single-color design this time too. The eye-catcher is the pattern of knit and purl stitches. The highlight here is that the front and back look the same. Lotti can therefore be worn on both sides.

Mother's Day shawl Lotti
Mother's Day shawl Lotti: Here in the color turmeric.
Photo: ©️ Ines Grabner / Maschenfein

Three different sizes possible

Mother's Day shawl Lotti
You can knit Mother's Day shawl Lotti in three different sizes.
Photo: ©️ Ines Grabner / Maschenfein

Because this question always comes up: the Lotti triangular shawl is slightly asymmetrical. It is knitted from one tip to the other. Double increases on one side and decreases on the other make the rows in the first section steadily longer and give Lotti its depth. In the second section, only decreases are worked, shaping the other half of the shawl towards the tip. You can choose between three different sizes - the width is then between 210 and 250 centimeters. I'm sure you'll find your favorite version!

When knitting, you will have the feeling of working on an accordion. The final washing and light stretching then ensures that the pattern unfolds. However, a certain pull is exactly what is intended. It is precisely this feel that makes the shawl so great for me!

Many beautiful colors to choose from

Marisa chose Pinta from Pascuali for the yarn. In the last podcast episode, she had already told us that she actually had a different yarn combination in mind, but the spark didn't really want to jump over. Perhaps it was fate that a skein of Pinta was lying next to her. And lo and behold, the idea came and the shawl gradually took shape.

The yarn is wonderfully spring-like and is supplied on skeins. The composition of virgin wool, silk and the nettle fiber ramie makes it very comfortable to wear, which is perfect for milder temperatures. The silk also adds a delicate sheen that makes Lotti look sophisticated without being distracting.

How about the color sapphire? Sandra knits it, for example.
Photo: ©️ Sandra Groll
Which color do you choose?
Sketch / graphic: ©️ Stine Wiemann / Pascuali

The Knit-Along process

Do you already know what color you want? I'm leaning towards natural, although I also find sapphire very tempting. By the way: We've already ordered the missing colors - delivery should be at the end of March. But it will be a little while before we start knitting together. We start on Maundy Thursday. Only then will you receive the complete pattern(which are of course also available separately) via your customer account and as a download link by e-mail. In advance, you will only receive the cover sheet, the material information and everything you need to know about the knitting method. So there's still a bit of tingling left - how nice!

Great cardigans from great women

Anne Ventzel - Karla Cardigan
The Karla pattern now on a cardigan.
Photo: ©️ Anne Ventzel

Of course, we wouldn't be at Maschenfein if there weren't (many) other kits online in addition to our Mother's Day shawl. At the beginning of the week I was still thinking about what I would like to show you in the kitty, but suddenly it all came heavy and fast and I have to postpone the first pieces until next Saturday. A luxury problem that I am only too happy to have!

The Karla cardigan by Anne Ventzel is one item that I absolutely had to have. You remember: I showed the Karla Cape in this Saturday Coffee, now there is a shorter and less oversized version - the Karla Cardigan.

Here too, you knit seamlessly from the top down. Short rows are used for the yoke at the back. This ensures a good fit despite the extra width. Anne Ventzel uses the same principle for the sleeves to achieve a perfect fit. Incidentally, the pattern is not a knit-in pattern, but is worked with slip stitches. This means that you only ever knit with one color and do not have to work several colors at the same time. The yarn combination is the same as for the cape: Como Grande and Premia from Lamana.

Good mood guarantor

I also get a mood booster when I look at the Candy Cardigan from ChrisBerlin. Half brioche just makes me happy!

You'll find Pascuali yarns in the kit again - namely Alpaca Lace and Manada. Gorgeous, I tell you! The color palettes include both muted and bold colors, so you have a full range to choose from.

It is also knitted from the top down. Chris has opted for saddle shoulders, which also ensure a good fit. I also like the slightly wider sleeves, but they have a narrow cuff. So if the sleeves of other current styles are too wide for you, you might be happy here.

Candy Cardigan - ChrisBerlin
Immediately puts you in a good mood: Candy Cardigan. Photo: ©️ ChrisBerlin

Little things and ideas for children

Granåsen: A cute fair isle cardigan for children.
Photo: ©️ Sandnes

I also have a hot tip for you today: Sandnes has discontinued an older magazine - with great consequences for you. We can offer the individual pattern in the kits as pdf files free of charge. How about the Granåsen model, for example? I think the Fair Isle jacket is incredibly cute! However, due to its construction, it is more suitable for advanced knitters. But I happen to know that there are a few in our knitting group 😉

You can find the other kits from the magazine, which, like the children's cardigan, are all knitted from Mini Alpakka by Sandnes, here in the overview.

The ELISE Scarf by Paula_m is guaranteed to be suitable for (experienced) beginners. Even though I haven't (yet) knitted it myself, I'm sure you won't need to worry about anything with these pattern. The Coburg-based designer not only has an eye for small but fine details in her designs, but also attaches great importance to easy-to-understand pattern.

For the scarf, which you can also wear as a hairband, we have created two kits: one with Cashmere 6/28 from Pascuali and one with Como from Lamana. So there is something for every budget and I dare to predict that there will be one or two little Easter items on the needles ...

Paula_m - Elise Scarf
Always has top pattern in her luggage: Paula_m. Like here for the Elise Scarf.
Photo: ©️ Susanne Müller

Easter ideas once again

How do you handle Easter? Do you give presents or do you go wild with brunch preparations? We tend to keep it small for us, but I love hiding the eggs and a little something for the kids. And who knows: maybe I'll manage to make two sheep following these pattern.

However, as this is only available in English and I know that many crocheters want pattern in German, I have once again linked my top 4 of the most beautiful Easter kits from our store above. The Easter basket Bunbun from Pascuali is brand new and is crocheted. If you prefer knitting, follow Jules' pattern for the felt baskets. You can make cozy little animals with Sandra's bunny Mümmel and cute decorations for the Easter table with the Easter Bunnies from Krea Deluxe. By the way, the missing colors have arrived in stock. So what can I say? Hit it and get on the needle(s)!

Coming very soon ...

... maybe as early as next week! What's it all about? A cozy update for our maschenfein cloud sweater with a cozy collar! We knitted it again in Teddy Dear from Gepard because the cozy yarn is just too tempting. Apart from the color Light Beige, which is due to come back at the end of April, we have all the colors in stock or can reorder them if necessary. We are now working out the last little details for the collar and then the kit and pattern update will go online! A sweater knitted with heavy needles somehow always fits on the knitting list, don't you think?

Coming very soon: an update for the Wolken Rolli.
Photo: ©️ Ines Grabner / Maschenfein

Maschenfein knitting round

Oh yes, my knitting list ... it really is endless. Also thanks to you and the other knitting enthusiasts from our small but lovely knitting group. Why exactly? Take a look:

Photos via Instagram: ©️ instagram.com/utes_gestrick / instagram.com/rhythmandstitch

At Ute' s you will discover a finished Garden Sweater from ANKESTRiCK. Cotton Merino from Knitting for Olive and Sensai from Ito were used here. Spring can definitely go on!

Kerstin is well on her way with her Karla Cape by Anne Ventzel. You remember: Here we recommend the dream combination of Como Grande and Premia by Lamana.

Photos via Instagram: ©️ instagram.com/lotilda.de / instagram.com/_elisarobin_

Tanja's post is once again about the creation of her MIKA Summer Cardigan. When I look at the yarn used - Organic Brushed Alpaca from KAOS Yarn - her design is definitely a must for this weather.

A finished Honey Purse from PetiteKnit made from Sunday and Tynn Silk Mohair from Sandnes is also available from Elisa. I could knit one of those again. The little pouch is definitely a great souvenir!

Why don't you tell me about your current knitting projects? I've just finished something for myself and am now devoting myself to sheep for the children. What about you? What are you doing over the spring weekend? In any case, have a wonderful time with lots of hours on the needles!


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Dear Maschenfein team. This year's Mother's Day shawl is so great. There's just one tiny little problem. My mother-in-law wants a round scarf. What do I do now? Can the shawl be transferred into a round scarf and if so, how? Please help me, I am at a loss.
Thank you very much and best regards
Danielle J.


Dear Danielle, how nice that you like the shawl! We don't have pattern for a loop with this pattern right now. But you could use the pattern and not work increases and decreases, but simply knit "straight ahead" and sew the beginning and end so that your shawl is closed. Maybe that will help you! Good luck and best wishes! Sophia


Dear Sophia,
Thank you so much for the many beautiful ideas for knitting.🧶 Even if I only put a very small part of them on my needles... it's such a great pleasure to look at everything in your store again and again, to read the Saturday coffee and newsletter, to listen to the podcast...🌟
Beautiful things selected by you with so much love and passion and presented for us customers, that puts you in a good mood, brings joy and sunshine into life.☀️
In the last podcast, I heard how much work the new function for reordering a specific batch has done, for example...I recently used it to reorder wool and was very happy about it.
THANK YOU to all of you in the team.🫶🙏
Have a nice weekend and best wishes Simone


Dear Simone, thank you so much for your kind feedback! I'm delighted that we continue to inspire you and that you enjoy our content. And it's great that you've used the part request function. We're still happy that we have it now! 🙂

Kind regards from the whole team, Sophia

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