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When the days start to get longer and the sun sends warm rays from the sky, spring is just around the corner. Aren't we all happy to see tulips in bloom, butterflies searching for the first blossoms and blackbirds gathering the first nesting material? For us knitters, that means gradually saying goodbye to cozy knits and already taking a look at the first breezier designs. Wait a minute! Spring still has cool days in store for us, too, and there's the dilemma: what we're looking for is warm knitwear that can also be worn in bright sunshine and double-digit temperatures.

We have compiled for you some designs that can accompany you on the needles through the spring.

Spring messenger cotton

If knitwear is supposed to be warm and temperature-regulating at the same time, it's worth taking a look at the world of plant fibers. Cotton, modal and linen are characterized by precisely these characteristics. Another common feature is the weight and density of the fibers. All of the fiber types mentioned are available for different needle sizes, but their run lengths are often significantly shorter compared to sheep's wool.

One of our favorites among the cotton yarns is Willet by Quince & Co. It is now available in 31 beautiful colors and is produced sustainably.

The basic shirt is a great companion for the first warm days. Photo: © Susanne Müller.

So pick out your favorite colors and knit for example the Basic shirt from paula-m. With only five skeins you can knit an absolute must-have for your closet. The shirt is rather short and you knit it from the bottom up. If you want a little more length, just knit a little wider before working the back and front separately for the sleeves. The Basic Shirt is cut slightly oversized. So you can easily wear it over a long-sleeved blouse when the spring sun doesn't allow for short sleeves yet.

If you prefer to stick with longer sleeves, you'll be happy with this one from Bobbie by Pam Allen will surely be happy. Also Bobbie is knitted from Willet knitted.

Pick two contrasting colors, that's how the stripes work best. Again, knit from the bottom up, working the front and back separately from the sleeve neckline and finally sewing the shoulders together at the top. To all of you with sewing aversion: Don't worry, the shoulders are put together really quickly. Finally, knit the sleeves again in rounds right at the neckline. Bobbie The sleeve is knitted in rounds directly at the neckline and has a positive ease of 25 to 30 cm, so that you can easily combine the piece with a longer top.

Bobbie makes you want to have your first picnic in the park. Photo: © Pam Allen.

In the material mix through the first warm days

Cotton, linen, modal and viscose can often be found in combination with each other, e.g. at Line from Sandnes. This is a mixture of linen, cotton and viscose and is therefore ideal for garments that need to be slightly warming (if it must be).

The shorter version of Koora Swater is ideal for the first balmy day of spring. Photo: © Rosa P.

Who is quickly cold on the arms in the spring, can certainly warm up to the Koora Sweater from Rosa P. You have the choice between two versions: A long-sleeved one with a longer cut body and a version with three-quarter sleeves. Here the body is kept a little shorter.

Both variations are knitted top down and are absolutely suitable for beginners. A special eye-catcher are the sleeves, which are finished with an I-cord.

You like Line the same as we do? Then we would like to recommend Langjakke from Sandnes. As the name already suggests, you knit here a long cardigan.

As typical for the Norwegian yarn manufacturer, this model is worked from the bottom up. Practical: Both the button facing and the pockets you knit 'on the go'. That means you only have to add the extra sleeves at the end. The jacket is a real all-rounder: in pastel green it reminds you of the first scoop of ice cream in your favorite ice cream parlor, in dark blue it becomes a classy piece for the evening in the restaurant.

For those who quickly get too warm under long sleeves in spring, we have of course picked out two airy designs: Both the Dailytee as well as the Tiny Collar Top are made of line and you can simply continue to wear them in the summer.

The Lang Jakke goes well with a dress, but also with slim pants. Photo: © Sandnes.

The combination of merino and cotton also promises a great feel while being suitable for spring. Knitting for Olive has developed with their quality Cotton Merino a wonderfully light yarn, which with 70% cotton and 30% merino is ideal for fine outerwear.

Samsø sweater
The Samsø sweater is a great companion for the first days of spring. Photo: © Knitting for Olive.

You can knit from it for example the Samsø sweater knit. Through its wide sleeves, a breath of air always gets to your skin in warm temperatures. The merino content guarantees not to freeze even later in the evening. This sweater is also worked top down. The narrow stripes also bring variety when knitting the smooth-right pattern.

Fluff in spring? But please!

All mohair lovers can breathe a sigh of relief, because our very favorite hatchet thread will of course find its place on our needles this spring. But wait a minute! Did I just write "Beilauffädchen"? Mohair yarns can, of course, also be knitted solo to make a great spring it-piece. Such a piece is for example the Ulla shirt from Lotilda.

Irresistible even in spring: heaps of Sensai. Photo: © Ines Grabner/Maschenfein.

Who thought a top made of mohair and then still knitted in the brioche is something for the deepest winter, is here disabused! The shirt gains its voluminous impression through three threads Sensaiwith which you work at the same time. With needles of 5.0 to 7.0 strength, however, an airy structure is created. You knit from the top down and can therefore easily extend the rather short model.

Ulla shirt
Fluffy, brioche and still suitable for spring: the Ulla shirt. Photo: © Lotilda.

Speaking of mohair: Even in spring, the neck may be covered by a little fleece. Heavy yarn is now (mostly) no longer necessary, but a little delicate knit may still be. That's why we recommend the Frieda stole to the heart.

This impressive pattern has only a few rows, which you always repeat. Here, too, we have prepared two variations for you. The first one you knit from Merino and Soft Silk Mohair from Knitting for Olive. For all knitters without mohair fascination we have prepared the kit from Merino Baby and Manada from Pascuali.

Frieda stole is great for fresher spring days. Photo:© Ines Grabner/Maschenfein.

The right needles for all cases

Mohair, cotton and co. could not be more different in their feel. Sometimes it's not so easy to choose the right needle. We recommend metal needles. On them, the fine mohair almost slips by itself and even the heavier fibers can be easily processed on metal needles. That is why we are big fans of the Twist Red Lace needle sets from Chiaogoo. You have the choice between different versions. The complete set ("Complete") contains all needle sizes from 2.75 to 10 mm, the variant "Large" contains the sizes from 5.5 to 10 mm and the set "Small" contains needles from 2.75 to 5.0 mm. All sets are available with long (13 cm) or short (10 cm) needles.

For all of you who prefer to knit with wooden needles, Chiaogoo has the same system ready. from bamboo ready. A special detail here is the rotating rope.

All Chiaogoo needles are characterized by particularly finely worked tips. Especially if you knit rather tight, you will have great pleasure with these needles!

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