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If you're reading this, I'm probably already awake and maybe even out and about. This time, however, I'm not at the local market with my Breeze Bag as usual, but at the trade fair grounds in Cologne - still with my knitting bag, of course. Have a wonderful good morning for Saturday coffee on the trade fair weekend of the year!

The h+h cologne - the world's largest trade fair for handicrafts and hobbies - is taking place here until tomorrow. After it didn't work out for us to attend in previous years, part of the Maschenfein team will be there this time. And I'm really looking forward to seeing my colleagues as well as some of our manufacturers!

I know what you're going to knit next ...

It's crazy: we are now eleven employees (plus our valuable contract and test knitters), all of whom live spread across Germany - apart from a small Berlin knob. 😉 And yet we keep in touch a lot, and not just for professional reasons. Of course, it's all the nicer to meet up in real life, talk shop about new products on the yarn market or exchange project ideas.

I know from Louisa, for example, that she was immediately taken with Cardigan No. 9 from My Favorite Things Knitwear. I can tell her about the knitting method when we walk through the fair together: from the top down with saddle shoulders. Short rows are also used, as are panels in double knit and ribbing. Louisa also has a great selection of colors: The combination of Woolia from Gepard and Soft Silk Mohair from Knitting for Olive offers bold colors like the original or more muted tones. In addition to red, there is also green, for example, dear colleague!

My Favorite Things Knitwear - Cardigan no 9
Pops in the very best sense: Cardigan No. 9 in Blodappelsin or Blood Orange.
Photo: ©️ My Favorite Things Knitwear

Trade fair thoughts: Free needles want to be occupied!

Moreca Knit - Ralph Cardigan
Something of Marisa's bag: Ralph Cardigan.
Photo: ©️ Moreca Knit

I'll probably pick up Marisa and Sandra next. Maybe they're at the Ito stand and Marisa is thinking about which yarn she could use to knit the Ralph Cardigan by Polish designer Moreca Knit. As you know, she has at least three needle cases - so there will be some 4.5 mm needles available (and if not, she knows where to order them ...).

With this certainty, she can browse through the colors of So Kosho and Sensai without a care in the world. Given her current color preference, I'd guess that she'll end up with either Snow Gray and Silver or Angora. The main thing is to knit from the top down!

Cute children's knitwear

Sandra, on the other hand, will be thinking hard right now. Now that her boys have even picked up the needles themselves to knit their own loops (just goes to show how important role designs are!), she is probably thinking about whether she can outsource the knitting of children's fashion to her offspring.

She can still do the color consulting, I hear her say - although she will probably stick to the original for the Collin Sweater Junior from Sandnes. Three colors are used, two of which are blue - what could be wrong with that? Exactly!

The raglan construction is knitted from the top down with Tynn Line. The step from a plain knit loop to a sweater is of course not that small, but it's not that big either. It always depends on the corresponding empowerment at home. I'm sure Sandra will find the right words!

I can see my son in there. And Sandra's vegetables too, of course! Collin Sweater Junior.
Photo: ©️ Sandnes

Sweater for every day

Other Loops - Johanne Loop Sweater
Not stripes, but a graphic pattern. Take a look! Johanne Loop Sweater.
Photo: ©️ Other Loops

I'll have to look for Jule a bit. She's just so nimble and probably already in another hall. But sooner or later we'll all meet up at the Lamana stand. There are some new products announced for this year and you have to visit one of the first Maschenfein partners!

Jule can then be shown the color chart of Como again. You remember: This yarn is one of my favorite new wool qualities. So beautifully soft and light - I love it so much!

We recommend the Superlight yarn (the running length is 120 meters per 25 grams) for the Johanne Loop Sweater from Other Loops. You knit the casual sweater from the top down. Anyone who thinks that "only" stripes can be seen here is mistaken. Take a closer look: Maja has opted for a graphic pattern, but it doesn't take up too much space thanks to the choice of color. How much of it you see is of course entirely up to you. Depending on the color contrast, the pattern will stand out more clearly.

Unfortunately, Krea Deluxe from Denmark is not taking part this year. Too bad! I actually wanted to show up there with one of my crocheted sheep and get a few compliments. Although praise would be too much of a good thing. I'm telling you: crocheting sheep where the designers have even paid attention to details such as knee joints is definitely a challenge ... which I am of course happy to take on!

But I would have much rather looked at the color charts and thought about what I wanted to do with Organic Wool and Deluxe Silk Mohair. What do you need this combination for? Well - for the Tresse sweater by Isabell Kraemer, for example!

The design that you are knitting - of course - from the top down is simply one of those designs that are beautifully simple, but provide enough variety when knitting thanks to the pattern in the middle of the body. Off the top of my head, I would go for a muted shade of pink or even beige. Sandra will certainly advise me!

Isabell Krämer - Braid
I'm particularly fond of designs like this: Tresse sweater.
Photo: ©️Isabell Kraemer

Refreshed inspiration

Now that the team is complete, there would probably be a photo for the people at home (who we will luckily all meet in the summer!) and conversations about this and that from the world of knitting. Perhaps our spring knitting theme, which I revised this week, would come up again. So much has happened since the first issue! Some yarns have been discontinued, some fine stitch designs have been added - it was simply time for a little makeover!

For example, I would like to recommend the three designs linked above: we have reissued our Bergalu poncho with Snefnug and Midnatssol by CaMaRose and, like the cloud cardigan, it will keep you warm even on cool spring days. If you don't get cold easily but are already moving back towards an layering, you should take a look at the Hedda Tee. There are two yarn options to choose from here!

Teddy sweater
The cloud sweater with cozy collar from Teddy Dear by Gepard.
Photo: ©️ Ines Grabner / Maschenfein

Of course, we would also visit the manufacturer Gepard again - and make sure that the color Light Beige is really coming in April for the Teddy Dear quality. That's because we used the same yarn to create an update for the cloud sweater with cozy collar, which you - if you already have the pattern - automatically received yesterday by email with a download link or via Ravelry.

Of course, we also put on the matching kit and luckily almost all the other Teddy Dear colors are in stock. Marisa is already wearing her model extensively and is thrilled!

Of course, there is no question that we will also pay a visit to Pascuali. There's no other way! For example, I urgently need to go there and take another look at the Pinta color chart. I still haven't decided which color I want to knit our Mother's Day shawl Lotti in this year ...

Are you still undecided or is your desired color not available? Don't worry! There will be new deliveries at the end of March and then again in April and you can of course join the Knit-Along at a later date. The complete pattern will be available on Maundy Thursday (March 28), so you can study them at your leisure. And for those of you who are already stocked up, just get started! Feel free to share your color choices and knitting progress under the hashtags #maschenfeinmuttertag2024, #maschenfeinmuttertagsKAL and #maschenfeinstrickrunde on social media. We look forward to lots of pictures! And pssst ... I might have another little treat for you next week - stay tuned!

Which of you will be knitting along to this year's Mother's Day Shawl Knit-Along?
Photo: ©️ Ines Grabner / Maschenfein

There is no coffee at Easter ...

There is no Saturday coffee on Holy Saturday. But I have something else for you!
Photo: ©️ Ines Grabner / Maschenfein

And because I know that for many of you, Saturday coffee is as much a part of the weekend as a fresh roll, I'll warn you right away: unfortunately, I won't be serving you any coffee over the Easter weekend. But I have consolation in another form and the blog will not remain empty. So feel free to drop by anyway and after Easter it'll be back in full swing - I promise!

Maschenfein knitting round

You can also always drop by our knitting group. There are always new ideas there too. In this respect, you are of course also doing this at your own risk ... 😉

Photos via Instagram: ©️ instagram.com/calipso351 / instagram.com/knitting.jule

This week you can see a particularly precious piece at Rosi's: she has knitted herself the Foccacia Shawl by ChrisBerlin from Cashmere 6/28 by Pascuali. This is a piece for the ages!

Jule is very small and cute: the little lamb from Krea Deluxe will certainly make a wonderful addition to the Easter bouquet.

Photos via Instagram: ©️ instagram.com/knitting4compliments / instagram.com/charlima42_

You can feel the magic when you look at the yarn for the new project with Mirja and Charlima42. On the left is the Brioche Lines Sweater by Rita Koch and on the right - you probably already guessed it 😉 - our Mother's Day shawl Lotti. We have also reordered the color hydrangea!

I've just had my first coffee at the fair, studied the Pinta color chart, probably still haven't decided on a color, but I still have a little time. Oh, I've just seen what Marisa has discovered. I'll have to go there quickly. Have a lovely weekend with lots of knitting time!


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I'm Sophia, live in Hannover and since October 2020 I've been taking care of the blog posts, the newsletter, planning the podcast and coming up with actions for social media. By the way, I also happen to be a knitting addict, which benefits me at work.

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Hello dear Maschenfein team,

can you please tell me where I can find the dates of the trade fair? Does the H + H in Cologne take place every year ? Are there any other fair dates this year ?

I would very much like to visit a trade fair.
Thank you very much in advance for your reply!

With many kind Easter greetings
from BE in NRW
Yours, Rosemarie Richter


Dear Rosi! Yes, h+h takes place every year - but it's a trade fair for trade visitors only. There are also wool festivals that are open to everyone and trade fairs such as infa in Hanover, which is also (but by no means exclusively!) about handicrafts. Unfortunately, we don't have a complete overview of these either. Spontaneously I found the "Hannover kreativ". It's at the end of April - maybe it's something for you? https://hannoverkreativmesse.de/ Best regards, Sophia


Thank you Sophia 💖, my wish list has grown by two pieces after today's Saturday coffee (Cardigan No.9 and Johannes Loop Sweater). But one question has been bothering me ever since: which little lamb did you knit when you mentioned Krea Deluxe (the one with the knee joints🤔😁).
Best regards


You've done a good job of seeing through and describing your colleagues 😂
I wish you lots of fun and new impressions.
I'm already very envious and scrolling through all the photos on Insta - it feels like everyone I follow is there 😅 I definitely have to go there sometime. Best wishes and rest for your feet afterwards from Petra (little knitting store)


Dear Petra! Thank you for your lovely comment! It was indeed a lovely weekend at the fair with lots of impressions and nice encounters. But today I'm still exhausted and looking forward to a few days off at Easter. Maybe I'll see you at the fair! Best regards, Sophia

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