830 coal

824 Taupe

829 stone

828 silver

827 White

826 Nature

825 Beige

823 Espresso

821 Lemon

822 Amber

820 Turmeric

819 Strawberry

818 Coral

815 Burgundy

816 Rose quartz

817 Rosé

812 Crocus

813 Plum

814 Grape

811 Navy

810 Azure

807 Petrol

806 Ocean

809 Glacier

801 Lime

803 Pistachio

808 Sage

805 Agave

802 Grass

804 Olive


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Pascuali - Mohair Bliss

Mohair/ silk

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Pascuali - Mohair Bliss

Mohair Bliss is a high-quality yarn made from a luxurious blend of 60% super kid mohair (RMS certified) and 40% mulberry silk.
The mohair fibers come from the silky fleece of the Angora goat. The special quality super kid mohair with a fineness of between 24 and 26 microns is used for Mohair Bliss. These fibers are the softest, finest and most luxurious fibers and come from very young Angora goats. It is therefore not surprising that mohair is also known as "diamond fiber".

Mohair Bliss is a luxurious, fine and durable yarn that can be wonderfully knitted in single or multiple strands to create sensual, light and airy projects. The color palette includes 30 vibrant and sophisticated colors that can be wonderfully combined with the other yarns from Pascuali.


Mohair Bliss is produced in South Africa by an internationally recognized manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in producing high quality mohair yarns. The Angora goats are carefully combed. The fibers are then washed to remove impurities and then carded into fiber strands that are later spun into yarn. The mohair fibers come from South Africa, the silk fibers from China. Pascuali's mission is to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly yarns of particularly high quality. The production chain of each yarn can be viewed transparently and Pascuali visits each farm and production site himself. All fibers come from animal-friendly and environmentally friendly farms. The production is also resource-friendly and fair for all workers.

Product details Mohair Bliss

Ball: 25 g
Yardage: approx. 300 m
Needle size: 3 - 5 mm
Gauge: 22 sts x 30 rows = 10 cm x 10 cm
Care: Hand wash in lukewarm water with a mild wool detergent is recommended. Dry horizontally, not directly next to a heat source.

Raw material composition:
(according to EU Textile Labeling Regulation).
60 % mohair, 40 % silk

Photos: © Pascuali



801 Lime, 802 Grass, 803 Pistachio, 804 Olive, 805 Agave, 806 Ocean, 807 Petrol, 808 Sage, 809 Glacier, 810 Azure, 811 Navy, 812 Crocus, 813 Plum, 814 Grape, 815 Burgundy, 816 Rose Quartz, 817 Rosé, 818 Coral, 819 Strawberry, 820 Turmeric, 821 Lemon, 822 Amber, 823 Espresso, 824 Taupe, 825 Beige, 826 Natural, 827 White, 828 Silver, 829 Stone, 830 Charcoal.

Type of yarn

All season yarn, Brushed yarn

Fiber material

Mohair, silk





Yardage per 100g

more than 900m

Gauge (on 10cm)

20 to 22 stitches

Needle size

2.75 to 3.75, 4 to 5.5


species-appropriate husbandry, controlled working conditions, sustainable production

Base price
636,00 for kg

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