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This year, secret superpowers have emerged with me. Well, how super they really are, it remains to be seen, but it rained reliably (and unannounced!) at night, for example, when I watered the garden the night before. Really always.

A superpower has also emerged here on the blog: Whenever I wanted to herald a new season textually, either the winter came back or now just the high summer. A wonderful good morning to perhaps the last summer weekend this year! But I don't want to commit myself anymore. The only thing I know is: Grab an iced coffee. If not to this Coffee, then when else?

Combine summer and autumn feelings

I must admit that my fingers twitched vigorously once again. At the "add to cart" button and all the beautiful summer tops we have in the store. The maschenfein Hedda Top is for example very high on my list. But then I took another deep breath. Because even without sleeves it would have been tight with me in terms of time.

Instead, I'm happy with Louisa, who finished her top on vacation(look here - isn't that great?) and now I'm focusing more on transitional and fall knitting. Because record-breaking fast knitting is not exactly my strong point 😉

Hedda Top
Comes at the very latest next year on the needles: Hedda Top.
Photo: © Maschenfein

Another version thanks to Knit-Along

Mika Summer Cardigan in bright and with four threads. Photo: Tanja Koenigs

Summer feelings on the needles and nevertheless afterwards something warming around the body you can however get with the again adjusted version of the Mika Summer Cardigan from Lotilda.

Tanja, the brains and heart behind Lotilda, knitted a four-stranded version in Organic Brushed Alpaca from KAOS Yarn at a Knit-Along. In addition, there was a smaller needle size (please make sure to do a swatch) and a larger size, so that the coziness factor is right. For more info, check out Tanja's project description on Ravelry.

If it were that easy to decide ...

So now you are once again spoiled for choice. You can knit with two, three or four strands. With Organic Brushed Alpaca from KAOS (without mohair) or Soft Silk Mohair from Knitting for Olive. Both yarns are great! You'll find lots of bright colors at KAOS, but a wonderful selection of muted colors at Knitting for Olive. So feel free to check out the matching knitting kits.

If you have any questions, for example because you want to knit two or more different colors together, feel free to send us an email to "support@maschenfein.de" - Sandra and Louisa will help you on Monday! Tanja's color variation from the Knit-Along is preset in any case. And I'd better not look at them any further now, because otherwise ... That shopping cart button is just always so darn close! 😉

MIka summer cardigan
MIka Summer Cardigan in the original version.
Photo: Tanja Koenigs

Layered look is simply practical

Pink P - Piilo Shirt
Piilo shirt in a striped version.
Photo: © Rosa P.

The perfect layer candidate is the latest design from Rike: The Piilo Shirt from Rosa P. can be worn over a blouse or a long shirt. The model is knitted top down in garter stitch.

You can work it in one color or with stripes. We have created two knitting kits for you: One with Pinta by Pascuali for a soft shimmer and one fluffy version with the Organic Brushed Alpaca already mentioned above, which does without mohair at all.

In the Pinta kit, two colors are provided for a striped version (if you want to work in one color here, select the same color twice). The KAOS version is created in one color. Of course, you can also make up a two-color version using the yarn. Two important infos at this point: If you want to knit with Pinta in one color, you can reduce the number of balls in the shopping cart by one for sizes 1, 3 and 5. If you stick with two colors, you'll end up with some left over, which unfortunately can't be avoided. I'm going to use my yarn scraps this year to make hair bands - maybe that's something for you, too? (You can find a free tutorial at Jule's site, for example).

This Eva Cardigan ...

Petiteknit - Eva Cardigan Junior
Oh, I think I'm going weak here: Eva Cardigan junior.
Photo: © PetiteKnit

Heavy twitching towards the shopping cart I also get with this model here: The Eva Cardigan Junior from PetiteKnit. Already with the model for adults I'm on the verge of weakness, but here ... gosh. I mean, a project for the child does not count, right?

The cardigan is designed for the little ones from one to 14 years. But the most important thing is the measurement. So be sure to measure the chest circumference of the child to be knitted beforehand to determine the right size. In the kit you will also find Peer Gynt by Sandnes, just like the adult version. Knit top down. By the way: If you're looking for matching buttons for the designs, you'll find them here, too - you can simply select them in the kit. You have cleaned out the brown buttons directly. We are already looking for other variants, so that you have a large selection again as soon as possible.

From PetiteKnit yet another model in the form of a knitting kit has moved into the store: The Sunday Tee in sizes from about four to 14 years. I have already knitted this myself and can only recommend it!

For the yarn you can choose between Sunday (100% virgin wool) or Økologisk Pimabomuld (100% cotton) from CaMaRose. I think the shirt is very suitable for autumn, despite the short sleeves. If necessary, there's just a cardigan over it. And who knows if October won't be really golden. Maybe I'll just say at this point that it's going to be really autumnal-silly, then the opposite is guaranteed to happen. Because of my superpower, you know.

Petiteknit - Sunday Tee Junior
Also great for kids: Sunday Tee.
Photo: © PetiteKnit

Give crochet a chance

Sandnes Magazine 2311 V2
Emy Clutch. Don't need it, but want it.
Photo: © Sandnes

Speaking of superpower: I also made considerable progress this year in terms of crochet. Of course, knitting remains my favorite hobby of all time, but I really, really enjoyed the hours spent at the crochet hook.

So it's no wonder that in the second part of the Sandnes DIY collection for this fall, the Emy Clutch immediately caught my eye. It's such a don't-need-but-wanna-have piece. The uses for a clutch are just still too limited with me (Whereas - just stand so really nice overdressed in the morning in kindergarten. What the heck!). But maybe there is someone among you who likes to crochet and needs a clutch. Processed in this case Børstet Alpakka, either single or multi-colored.

In general, the continuation of the collection is an eye-catcher. In addition to several sweaters you will find, for example, two skirts (once in short, once in long). This year also wants to finally have one. On the right occasion I'll show you something beautiful! (Please combine at this point already diligently ... ;-))

Who is participating in the Knit-Along?

Great model for our Knit-Along: Girldfriends Cardigan.

But before that time comes, I knit of course diligently with our maschenfein Cardigan Knit-Along. It starts next week Wednesday, September 13. So feel free to browse through our store and choose a suitable model.

If I did not already have two designs in planning - the Girlfriends Cardigan from Ankestrick would be such a piece that would appeal to me very much. Would be of course the complete knitting overkill, because soooooo many knit stitches. But it's just such a wonderful garment that you can combine with so many things. We have a whole four knitting kits up our sleeve - there should be something for everyone. I'm excited about Compatible Cashmere from Knitting for Olive. And you guys?

In general, browsing for cardigan designs with us is very, very dangerous. It could well be that you find more than one suitable model. Just that you are warned! For example, how about the maschenfein Seiser Cardigan from Cusi and Premia by Lamana? Or Syster by ChrisBerlin from Modena and Premia by Lamana? Or Outside by Lone Kjeldsen from Organic Shetland by BC Yarn and Baby Alpaca Lace by Kremke Soul Wool? How - you like all three? Well, me too! In any case, I'm excited to see which one you'll be participating in the KAL with.

Mohair very delicate

I'm also excited about our latest yarn addition: Mohair Bliss (60% mohair, 40% silk) by Pascuali recently joined our line of silk-mohair qualities. You know that we are big fans of this fiber combination. On the other hand, we know that some of you are skeptical about mohair in particular - which is why we are always on the lookout for delicate variants that do not irritate the skin.

A packet of Mohair Bliss is now sitting on Sandra's desk waiting for swatching. In any case, we are already very fond of it. As soon as Sandra has tested, I'll tell you more about possible combinations with other yarns and of course matching projects!

Mohair Bliss - brand new at Maschenfein!
Photo: © Pascuali

Maschenfein knitting round

Before you get the second round of iced coffee, a quick look at our knitting round! There are also potential candidates for the Knit-Along - so watch out!

Photos via Instagram: © instagram.com/strickenundich / instagram.com/planner_on_cruise

Petra, for example, will knit the Artisane Cardigan by Sandnes from Double Sunday and Tynn Silk Mohair - just like Marisa. The swatch is ready and looks very promising!

Miriam is knitting her SEON Kimono by aegyoknit from Kinu and Sensai by Ito. If my list wasn't already, well, exploding, this would definitely be a great candidate for the Knit-Along too. And for life, anyway.

Photos via Instagram: © instagram.com/knittingforelse / instagram.com/witsandneedles

At Knitting for Else you can see the finished Guernsey Genser by Sandnes for children. Knitted among other things with Double Sunday.

And again there is children's fashion at Heike. She has test knitted a new model in Pure Silk from Knitting for Olive for kolibri by Johanna. Well, we can definitely look forward to the pattern!

But now we're all going to get some ice cream. Or ice cubes. And then we'll continue knitting - who knows what powers will develop in the process. Have a great weekend!


About Sophia

I'm Sophia, live in Hannover and since October 2020 I've been taking care of the blog posts, the newsletter, planning the podcast and coming up with actions for social media. By the way, I also happen to be a knitting addict, which benefits me at work.

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Brigitte schlüter

Great ideas and designs
Greeting Brigitte


Oh, it's so beautiful.
So many great ideas and beautiful yarns.
And I'm not allowed to plan or buy anything.
First up is a leftover blanket, a sweater and some socks.
And the day has only 24 hours 🥺
I always enjoy this newsletter, it keeps me looking forward to many more projects.
Thanks for this!

Sophia Michalzik

Dear Ines, yes, unfortunately that's how it is. We don't have more knitting hours in the store yet 😉 But believe me: you are not alone with your long knitting list! Love and continue to have fun knitting, Sophia

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