After a small summer break in our What knits the Maschenfein team series, it should now of course continue here! What do we have at Maschenfein in late summer on the needles? Still the last tops and shirts or already the cozy knits? Today you will find out. Have fun reading and being inspired!

Preparations for the Knit-Along

We are, after all, masters at tripping ourselves up. If we have just resolved to knit strictly monogamously, a (self-proclaimed) knit-along gets in the way. What does that mean for Marisa, for example?

I still have to "quickly" finish a Maschenfein winter design, so that it can soon be tested and the pattern is ready in time for the absolute cozy knitting season. And by the way, I just had to knit the swatches for the Artisane Cardigan by Sandnes already. I'm so looking forward to our Maschenfein cardigan knit-along!

Maschenfein winter cardigan at Marisa's.
Photo: © Marisa Nöldeke
Hideaway Cardigan by Jule.
Photo: © Julia Gotthardt

Jule is already in knit-along mode. And I am sure: Many memories will flow into this model!

With me jumps now the Hideaway Cardigan from the beautiful book Salt & Timber on the needles. I was fascinated by the story behind the design. He is the one big cozy jacket that hangs in the author's cottage. Who this jacket once belonged to or where it came from, no one really knows anymore, but it's there for everyone.

For us it goes now the first time with our newly expanded bus on a big trip to Norway and exactly on this trip I knit my bus cardigan, which then always hangs there and is there for every traveler. (Norway tips gladly seen!)

Also already (more than) ready for the Knit-Along is Louisa. If you are interested in the Eva Cardigan, you can already peak at her a little bit ...

The Eva Cardigan from Petiteknit and I - that was love at first sight! Again, one of those classic cardigans that I like so much. And since I quite urgently need to knit something from a Peer Gynt tweed version since last winter, it is now about me. I started the model on the Croatian pebbly beach (when the summer weather took a little break) and will finish it at the Bavarian Isar pebbles. Or at least near it. 😉

Eva Cardigan at Louisa.
Photo: © Louisa Müller-Gauditz
Never Ending Story Sweater at Sandra's.
Photo: © Sandra Groll

Brioche drags - in both senses. That's what Sandra is experiencing right now. But I'm sure she'll soon have it made!

Never Ending Story... at the beginning it looked like the sweater from Paula_m's pen would be off the needles in no time, despite the name. But then came the vacation and with it an incredible heat.... In fact, it was so hot that even I was too warm with knitted fabric on my lap.
That's why this project is accompanying me into the new month. I'm knitting with Perla by Lamana in navy blue - matches everything in color. 😅💙

Entangled autumn feelings

Sometimes it's the little things ... And especially the beautiful stories behind our knits. You can read them this month at Judith's:

The top secret project for the little one: For the first day of school there was the Sophie Shawl from PetiteKnit in his favorite color orange. I knitted the smallest size. This cuddliness and "wrapping himself" were love at first sight and the happy face and pride on the first day of school were simply priceless.

Sophie Shawl at Judith.
Photo: © Judith Lippold
Sunday Tee Junior at Barbara's.
Photo: © Barbara Schulze

Once again bright orange it goes with Barbara. And with the beautiful yarn combination, the model is certainly still something for the fall!

My little one chose two very unusual shades for the Sunday Tee Junior from PetiteKnit: the "Mandarin Orange" from Pure Silk by Knitting for Olive and "Pumpkin" from Cashmere Dreams by Lang Yarns. In fact, they made a bright melange that goes sooo well with the sunrise shirt! The wool is "soft as a baby guinea pig" and definitely warm enough for the first autumnal days.

I myself have - I can hardly believe it myself - my summer top still got ready in time for the beautiful late summer. But the next project is of course already in the starting blocks!

Clare Lakewood's Argil Top is off the needles - and was a real pleasure to knit. The construction is clever and was a lot of fun. And waving in the ends went quickly, too. The swatch for the Late Summer Wrap from Knitting for Olive has already dried and now I'm looking forward like crazy to our Knit-Along! Maybe I already had to knit the first rows ... Please forgive me for that! 😉

Late Summer Wrap at Sophia's.
Photo: © Sophia Michalzik


And what do you have on your needles in September? Tell us in the comments or show us on Facebook or Instagram, where we use the hashtag #aufdennadeln. We are looking forward to your pictures!

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