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I'll tell it like it is: I have been freezing. Well, not on the heat days, of course, but after the thunderstorms and rain showers that fell everywhere, it cooled down properly. Then it was clear to me: Autumn is here. Maybe not the whole day and certainly there is still the one or other coffee in the garden, but basically he has arrived. Hello then and a wonderful good morning to a cozy Saturday coffee!

Our Knit-Along has started

This week our maschenfein cardigan knit-along has started! We're thrilled with the response - so many of you are joining in! Below I show you a few impressions. At this point there is now another suggestion - because a start is of course possible at any time!

On Ravelry accidentally, for real, the Dune Cardigan from Caidree ran across my way (designs know me there and like to say hello ;-)). Actually, I had squinted at the Evermore Sweater Lite, but there I'm still waiting for the German translation. But that should come soon and then I present it to you of course!

Fine knitting pleasure in autumn

When clicking on but then the Dune Cardigan came into the picture and I knew immediately: The comes with in the Käffchen! The design fits just perfect in the fall. We have created the model with Snefnug of CaMaRose, so you will be ready quickly.

The design is knitted top down. The back is worked in rows up to the underarms, the neck is adjusted by short rows. The front parts are also knitted in rows and the neckline is formed in parallel. Below the arms all three parts are joined and finished in rows. For the sleeves, pick up stitches from the armholes. Well, how about it? A gauge of 15 stitches on 10 cm. Please! You'll get that knitted away in no time.

Dune Cardigan - Sabina Harnage
Yikes, how beautiful! Dune Cardigan.
Photo: © Caidree

Oops, you here!

Yes, I do: Fall Loop Sweater.
Photo: © Other Loops

After the Dune Cardigan and I said "See you soon!", this one came around the corner: Fall Loop Sweater from Other Loops. I did the only right thing and immediately shared the link with my colleagues (with the urgent request to Mary-Anne, to please very, very quickly post a matching kit).

What can I say: The reactions were as hoped. From "Uuuuuuuhhhhh 😍" to "I like it too much" to "I'd rather not even look at it", everything was there. Sometimes it's just the simple things that make your heart soar. And I think this sweater is such a "simple thing": Simply knit your way into sweater weather round by round with a restrained pattern.

For the yarn we have created two options for you: Como Grande from Lamana is a fluffy, light version. If you like it really fluffy and like to knit mohair, go for the combination of Double Sunday and Tynn Silk Mohair by Sandnes. I'll be honest: I can't decide!

Summer, what are you and I going to do now?

Oh, I'm at a loss as to what to do with my summer self now. Mothballing already? Take it out again at lunchtime? In the morning and in the evening just tie a little shawl around and put on socks? Actually, I don't really want to let summer go yet, but on the other hand ... it's slowly coming back, the desire for all the cozy sweaters and cardigans that are waiting for me in my closet and here at our knitting kits.

Maybe I should just put the cart before the horse and increase the desire for autumn via yarn. How about Como and Premia from Lamana, for example? Gorgeous, I tell you. Really! Como, the little sister of Como Grande, is a cozy soft merino yarn. Combined with the silk-mohair quality Premia , all knits made from it become a fluffy dream that you - I'm not lying - won't want to take off again (except maybe at the aforementioned midday, when late summer wants to say "good day" again).

Just the same combination Johanna aka kolbri by Johanna has chosen for her Diane Sweater - also a simple model that is a great basic part for the cold season. Small eye-catchers are the raglan slants in the rib pattern, which then extends over the sides to the hem. Knitted is from the top down.

Johanna Gehrisch - Diane Sweater
Also beautiful and simple: Diane Sweater.
Photo: © Johanna Gehrisch
Rustwear Knitdesign - Elli Shirt
Can you knit with short or long sleeves: Ellie Shirt.
Photo: © Simone Ryan

Practical are of course also those designs where you can decide whether you want to knit a slightly lighter version with short sleeves or rather one with long. This week I have two options for you.

On the one hand, there is the Elli Shirt from Rust Knitwear. Simone, who is behind the label (and who we had a portrait about on the blog this summer), has put a lot of attention to detail into this one. Yes, you're knitting on pretty small needles (about 3 mm). But (!) it's worth it.

Attention to detail

You knit from the top down in a double broken rib pattern with a nice detail at the waist. The model is designed rather figure-hugging, but you can choose to knit it with or without waist. In the pattern you will find many measurements, so you can really find the right size for you.

We have created two kits for you: For the short sleeved version you will find a kit with Tynn Line from Sandnes. For the long-sleeved version, we've added Sunday from Sandnes to your kit.

Why don't you knit sole?

En Vogue V by ChrisBerlin follows a completely different style. Here the saddle shoulders and slightly puffed sleeves are the eye-catcher. For the stripes you can choose either a soft or strong contrast. Knitted from the top down.

For the yarn, Chris chose Sole by Pascuali, a fine cotton yarn with cashmere content. I like it very much. It's nice and airy and light, but also cozy because of the cashmere content. Whether short or long sleeves with this design: I can imagine both!

ChrisBerlin - En Vogue V
Here too: Short or long arms? En Vogue V.
Photo: © ChrisBerlin

Especially for this weather I want to recommend you all the small, fine scarves, for which there are now so many different tutorials. Besides the evergreen Sophie Scarf by PetiteKnit (you'll knit it in less than a week, I promise!), there's the Sola Scarf by Anne Ventzel and - brand new - the Colette Scarf by Sari Nordlund. Here you're knitting merino and soft silk mohair from Knitting for Olive. The pattern consists of a textured piece combined with cables. My very personal tip, for which I also want nothing: You can never have enough scarves! (You're welcome ;-))

New in the store

Very fresh is the Laine magazine 18 available since yesterday. The scenery and atmosphere that the Finnish publisher have chosen for this issue remind me very much of vacations in Scandinavia, which is simply - I say this, of course, completely objectively - quite wonderful at any time of year.

In the magazine you will find eleven beautiful patterns, an interview, a portrait of Shetland and the local knitting tradition, and much more. A few copies are still in stock, so stock up quickly and get yourself a wonderful autumn read!

Projects need a home

Field Bag
Practical for project beginnings and smaller projects: Field and Town Bag.
Photo: © Grainline Studio

All these wonderful projects that you have on your needles or will soon have, of course need adequate living conditions before they go into your closet or - better yet - on your body. In addition to all the beautiful project bags that we already have in the store, you can now also find two bags to sew yourself in our DIY kits.

Some of you may already know the patterns for Field and Town Bag. Now you can find the matching kits at Maschenfein. The sewing kit contains the appropriate amount of fabric, the accessory set and optionally the printed pattern and the pattern. Optionally you can also order the eyelet tool. Some of you have already ordered, but we will order all missing products, so that they are back in stock as soon as possible. I have directly desire to get out my sewing machine again!

Maschenfein knitting round

But before it is dusted off again (it would be necessary), I continue to knit diligently on my current projects (so three, four pieces - yikes!). Among them is also a cardigan - how could it be different with our Knit-Along? We are completely in a frenzy with all the beautiful designs and the great designs you have chosen. Have a look:

Photos via Instagram: © instagram.com/constantly_knitting / instagram.com/woman.june.knits

You can see the beginnings of the Eva Cardigan by PetiteKnit on constantly_knitting's account. I think this cardigan from Peer Gynt by Sandnes will be the most knitted! It simply is too beautiful!

Andrea is working on the Olive Cardigan V-Neck. A good choice, I think. It's on my list, too. The knitting will be Merino and Soft Silk Mohair from Knitting for Olive.

Photos via Instagram: © instagram.com/wollkenfrollein / instagram.com/sandragroll

Silvie has chosen like Marisa for the Artisane Cardigan from Sandnes. The varied cardigan I had already shown you. Double Sunday and Tynn Silk Mohair are processed.

At Sandra 's you can see a maschenfein design that will be released very, very soon: The Cloud Cardigan in Mohair Bliss by Pascuali. Oh, I tell you, it will be truly cloudy and so beautifully soft and cozy.

You don't participate in the Knit-Along yet, but would like to? Well, no problem! Then pick one of the great cardigan designs and just join in. If you're on Instagram, feel free to check out this highlight and use the template for your story. I wish you in any case a lot of fun while browsing and a nice weekend!


About Sophia

I'm Sophia, live in Hannover and since October 2020 I've been taking care of the blog posts, the newsletter, planning the podcast and coming up with actions for social media. By the way, I also happen to be a knitting addict, which benefits me at work.

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I love your Saturday coffee posts! They are always so cozy and inspiring. This recent post about fall and knitting projects especially spoke to me.

It is indeed the case that the thunderstorms and rain showers of late summer give you a taste of fall. And what could be better than curling up with a cup of coffee on a cozy Saturday morning and thinking about knitting projects?


Dear Ula, I see that as you do! Continue to have fun with Maschenfein and knitting! Love, Sophia


Dear Maschenfein team!
The Dune Cardigan is yes the Oberhammer 🤩 The next comes on the needles and is possibly after my Big Love still needled within the knitalong 😉
I'm going to pick a nice color in the store 🛍️
I wish you all a nice weekend and lots of knitting time.
Love Gabi @frauheiligstrickt


Dear Gabi! I'm glad that I could obviously inspire you. I wish you lots of fun with your knitting! Love, Sophia

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