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Did you know that there are more than four seasons? And no, I'm not referring to carnival as the fifth season. All carnival fans may forgive me, but I don't really care about the period from November 11 to Ash Wednesday. I'm just too North German for that - but in my inherent generosity, I naturally wish all carnival revellers a fabulous session! (And that's all I know about the colorful goings-on - Helau!).

No, what I mean is: now and also in months like October/November is this "in-between season". So good morning to "The weather outside looks different than the actual temperatures indicate". Ergo, I've been underdressed from time to time these days. Despite the gale-force winds, my spring fever just got the better of me. That's why I've brought you some cheerful colors today. Grab some coffee and have fun reading!

Wonderful Frieda pattern

As well as fresh color, we have some great news for you to start with: tomorrow Paul Pascuali, founder of the yarn manufacturer of the same name, celebrates a milestone birthday! We are big fans of his yarns - the high-quality qualities of the finest natural and luxury fibers simply speak for themselves.

To give him a special gift, Maschenfein is dedicating a special design to him. Sandra and Marisa have designed the Paul Scarf, which is adorned with our Frieda pattern and knitted from the pure cashmere yarn Cashmere 6/28. This certified organic quality is one of our absolute favorites: such a soft and elegant yarn!

The maschenfein Paul Scarf with the Frieda pattern.
Photo: © Sandra Groll
Maschenfein - Paul Scarf
Knitted from cashmere 6/28: Paul Scarf.
Photo: © Sandra Groll

The small shawl is started at one point, where it slowly builds up by increasing at the sides and changes into the pattern that you already know from the scarf and shawl. It becomes narrower again towards the second tip by decreasing at the sides.

To make Paul even happier, one euro from every pattern sold (up to and including February 29, 2024) will be donated to a good cause of his choice. It doesn't matter whether you buy them here on maschenfein.com or on Ravelry. In any case, we hope to make Paul happy and say: Happy birthday! Here's to many more years with Maschenfein and Pascuali.

What will it be? Cashmere 6/28 in the color Caribbean?
Or would you prefer poppy red?
Or - my favorite - in lilac?

I've also brought along three color ideas for the Cashmere 6/28 to give you the spring fever you need. The color palette now includes 31 shades and you have the choice: a soft pastel shade or a bold color? Smaller projects like our Paul Scarf are perfect for playing with colors and perhaps trying out something outside your comfort zone. Or you can stay true to your scheme and go for your favorite color. Or - a very bold suggestion: just knit two scarves!

Knitted splashes of color

You can reach into the color box again with the following model: Lulu Slipover Junior by PetiteKnit, which is of course also available (and even first) in an adult version and also in a heavier cozy version. I have to admit that I had another one of my famous knitting visions here. While I was able to pass by the adult version quite easily, I was so enthusiastic about the children's version that I have already ordered yarn for it(Double Sunday in pink lilac) and have also added the model in my size to my wish list aka knitting list aka doom. Here I'm flirting with Peer Gynt in Ballet Shoes.

Either way and no matter which version you choose, you knit your model from the top down. The back is worked first, then the front. Ribbed cuffs are worked along the armholes and double-knit edges are worked along the sides, which form a slit at the bottom. The side buttons are a little eye-catcher. I opted for the cotton buttons from Merchant & Mills in yellow (note: you may need a different button size depending on the model). Are you missing your button model? We are already reordering!

PetiteKnit - Lulu Slipover Junior
Excuse me, but how cute is this design? Lulu Slipover Junior.
Photo: © PetiteKnit

New yarn in bright colors

Before I go back to more muted colors, I want to quickly show you a new yarn from Sandnes. Ballerina Chunky Mohair is a classic brushed yarn with a mohair fiber blend. However, the quality is heavier than the classic mohair-silk yarns and does not contain any silk. Instead, a small amount of polyamide is used for stability and durability.

I am usually less in favor of synthetic fibers in yarns, but I have to say that the bright and cheerful color palette makes up for the (actually only) 5 percent polyamide. You can knit Ballerina Chunky Mohair into airy tops, but it's also wonderful as an additional yarn for more fluffiness. Sandnes has even designed a small collection of its own for the yarn - I'll include the patterns in the box. And here's another note: since January, Sandnes patterns are no longer available as a magazine bundle, but only as individual patterns. So when you buy them, make sure you check the appropriate box and add the pattern to your basket if necessary.

Makes you want spring: Ballerina Chunky Mohair.
Photo via Instagram: © instagram.com/sandnesgarn

Muted colors

If that was all too colorful or too light and airy for you - no problem. I understand that. You look outside, see a glimpse of sunshine and think: sneakers! And then you wonder why you come home with frozen toes after shopping or a visit to the playground ... No, no, it's not spring yet, it's just spring fever!

These feelings are perfectly okay (or as my son's latest Tonie figure warbles "Every feeling is allowed"), but they have to be kept warm in the truest sense of the word. How do you do that? With knitwear, of course! The new winter essentials from Paula_m are a perfect match. Susanne has designed a set consisting of a hat, collar and mittens. The ribbed pattern is simple but not boring and looks perfect on these timeless accessories. Susanne originally knits with No Waste Wool from Knitting for Olive, a new quality from the Danish manufacturer, which we have of course added to our portfolio.

The yarn is a little something special, as half of it is made from recycled wool fibers that are left over as waste or remnants from the production of other yarns. The other half is made up of merino fibers, which ensure that the yarn is stable and does not tear. The look is woolly, but the yarn is still soft. All fibers are certified.

Paula m - Winter Essentials
Great set of hat, shawl collar and gloves: Winter Essentials.
Photo: © Susanne Müller
Paula_m - Jacques Collar
Also new: Jacques Collar.
Photo: © Susanne Müller

Also new is the Jacques Collar from Susanne. I'm a big fan of these knitted collars. They have a sweater look, but are finished much faster. Perfect for people like me, who would still like to make winter knitwear if it weren't for the fact that spring and the lack of time are already breathing down their necks. So: knit collars, be warm and still plan the linen projects (if you can, you can).

For the cheat sweater, as Susanne herself called it, we have created two kits for you: One with Alpaca Soft DK from Rowan and the other with Como and Premia from Lamana. So you decide whether it should fluff or not. If you ask me: do both! You know if you can, you can ...

It is knitted from the top down in a half-brioche, with the "wrong" side of the pattern on the outside. I was skeptical about this for a long time, but I have to say that I now really like the look. The Gujo Collar from aegyoknit, for example, also has the wrong side on the outside and it is: 👌

Yes, okay, with sleeves then

Is knitting sleeves no problem for you? Not for me, of course! Never! Which is why I would never, never, never abandon a project just because a few sleeves are missing. Or just the second one, so please ...

Take a look at the kits for the Juna Jumper from Lotilda, for example. We have had the version with three-ply Mohair Luxe from Lang Yarns in our store for some time, but now you can also find a version with single-ply Snefnug from CaMaRose. We were inspired by our developer Mirjam, who likes to go off the beaten track and has landed a cozy hit here.

The Garden sweater from ANKESTRiCK has sleeves, but is already heading towards spring. Cotton Merino and Soft Silk Mohair from Knitting for Olive come together here. It is knitted seamlessly from the top down. The fit is casual, but still fits well. If you prefer knitting cardigans, you can take a look at the matching Garden Cardigan by Anke or ...

... the new Koora Hoodie Cardigan from Rosa_P. Here we have two kits for you again - one with Tweed Recycled from Sandnes and the other with Bergamo from Lamana. Both kits are designed so that you knit stripes. Of course, you are free to choose the same color three times. For some sizes, you can reduce the number of balls in the shopping cart by one - you can find more details in the respective description.

Pssst ... have you heard?

Laine - 52 Week of Accessories
Join the waiting list now and order from February 16: 52 Weeks of Accessories.
Photo: © Laine Publishing

I've also brought along a bit of network gossip today. I don't want to let it get out of hand, not that it will be said later that they gossip at Maschenfein, but I still have some important information ...

For example, we have already laid out the latest book from Laine Verlag for you. In 52 Weeks of Accessories, as the title suggests, you will find 52 pattern for great knitted little things (be it scarves, hairbands, bags or gloves - there's pretty much everything) from 48 designers. Among them are Lindsey Fowler, Susanne Sommer and Veera Välimäki, for example. By far only a small selection - I don't know many of the designers myself yet, but I'm really looking forward to their contributions! So put your name on the waiting list for the English-language book and it will be in the post for you from February 16.

New inspiration

I would also like to take this opportunity to draw your attention once again to our new inspiration "Nordic knitting love", which already sweetened last weekend. In it, Louisa has put together lots of interesting facts about our new yarn manufacturer Istex and our other Nordic yarns - supplemented by lots and lots of knitting ideas, of course. If you missed the inspiration, take another look!

Make you want to knit: sheep in the wild landscape of Iceland.
Photo: © Istex

Maschenfein knitting round

I've also brought you a wintery-springy mix for our walk through our knitting round. Take a look:

Photos: © Wollkenfrollein / Esdee

These photos of Silvie and Sibel from the test knit of the Paul Scarf have not yet been posted because they are actually secret until tomorrow. Isn't the shawl great? With two balls of Cashmere 6/28 you can conjure up such a great knitted piece that you can combine either casually or very chic. And let's be honest: you can knit something small and delicate like this on the side!

Photos via Instagram: © instagram.com/mimilovesknitting / instagram.com/claudia_knits

You can see the Juna Jumper from Snefnug mentioned above here again in all its glory at Mirjam's. You know that feeling when you've seen a knitting design one too many times and want to knit it yourself? It's about to happen to me, I'm afraid ...

Claudia is working hard on her Celeste sweater from PetiteKnit. One of your winter favorites is used here, namely Peer Gynt from Sandnes. This colorful round yoke - just so beautiful! The pattern reinforces my wish that a fair isle sweater is due for me next winter at the latest.

For this winter, however, I'm slowly finishing with cozy knitwear. She said, until the next great winter design comes around the corner. So I'll see you here again next Saturday! Have a lovely weekend with lots of knitting time!


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I'm Sophia, live in Hannover and since October 2020 I've been taking care of the blog posts, the newsletter, planning the podcast and coming up with actions for social media. By the way, I also happen to be a knitting addict, which benefits me at work.

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I really love the "Frieda" design! I knitted the wide scarf and hand warmers from the leftovers. But Sandra once showed a Frieda sweater (or was it a cardigan?) in the making on Instagram many months ago and announced the pattern? I'm still eagerly awaiting that. Is that still to be expected? - As an avowed Laine fan, I'm also very pleased about the announcement of "52 Weeks of Accessories". It's nice that I can now have your Saturday coffee again ...


Dear Kirsten, how nice that you enjoy your Saturday coffee. The pattern for the Frieda sweater have already been published 🙂 Click here for the knitting kit and here for the individual pattern. Have fun with it and best wishes! Sophia


It's a shame that many pattern are only available in English.


Dear Hildegard, all the individual pattern that I have presented in this little coffee are (also) available in German. Only the book "52 Weeks of Accessories" is in English. However, the book has not yet been published and there may even be a German version after some time, as other books in the "52 Weeks" series have also been translated into German. Many of our customers like to buy the English-language books from Laine Verlag and knit according to the English pattern. Of course, nobody has to do that, which is why there are fortunately also a large number of German-language pattern. So I'm sure that every knitter will find something here. Best regards, Sophia

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