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For those who aren't sure which stitch markers are the right ones, Cocoknits has this handy yet pretty mix of stitch markers in different shapes and sizes.

In 5 small kraft paper rolls of each variety (Split, Triangle, Ring Large, Ring Small, Ring Jumbo) 24 markers are supplied in bright rainbow colors. Simply perfect, because stitch markers lead a life of their own and disappear again and again in a mysterious way...

The nylon coated markers are made of steel, so you can use them together with the Makers Keep bracelet.

24 markers of each kind (4 markers of each of the 6 colors)

  • Split: open markers
  • Triangle: for needles up to 5.5 mm
  • Ring Small: for needles up to 4.5 mm
  • Ring Large: for needles up to 9 mm
  • Ring Jumbo: for needles up to 16 mm




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  1. Katrin Brown -

    Very good to have this accessory. Previously, I have always collected and used the colored rings of the attachment toothbrushes. But honestly: these rings are much better, because they have no sharp edges and do not hurt the fingers. In addition, you can assign the appropriate diameter of the rings to the knitting needle size, which also makes everything much more convenient.

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