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Sometimes - or actually almost always - the topicsfall at your feet. And this week I was even lucky enough to stumble across text ideas twice. One I have now postponed to next week, because the other is so tempting - it just has to be processed this week. What is it about? About a Knit-Along and the autumn, whose arrival is becoming more and more apparent.

I, at least - and from my colleagues I know it too - have been reaching for our cozy knitted companions again and again this week, especially in the mornings and evenings. They are just too practical! Cardigan on when it's cold, and at noon in the late summer warmth, just off again. And what do we do now with all the great designs that we still want to knit? Well - a Knit-Along with you of course! So a wonderful good morning to a Saturday coffee with cardigan over it!

Let's knit together!

Joji Locatelli - Cloud Peak Cardigan
The cable knit! - Cloud Peak Cardigan.
Photo: © Joji Locatelli

The thing is, it's just so much fun to knit together! So let's join forces virtually and knit our way into the cozy season under the hashtag #maschenfeinknitalong. You'll find everything you need here: project ideas, the finest yarns, beautiful accessories and, of course, a great knitting community. What more do we want?

For example, you can knit the Cloud Peak Cardigan by Joji Locatelli. I have often raved about the Argentine and her designs. This model is part of her five-piece fall collection(check it out here). We suggest Kos and Tynn Silk Mohair by Sandnes for the seamless top-to-bottom knit. Isn't the cable knit pattern just great!!!

Give me all the cozy knits

À propos Sandnes: Last week I had already told you about the new DIY collection. And how beautiful it is. And that Marisa is flirting with the Artisane Cardigan (small update here: the yarn for it has arrived). It was this model that made us want to do a Knit-Along. And because we want to knit with as many as possible, we'll just "open" the KAL and you knit a cardigan of your choice.

From the DIY magazine, for example, the Aya Jacket would also be possible. I like to admit it: I had to look twice at the cardigan to fall in love - but now I think it's gorgeous (somehow the story also seems familiar to me from personal life ... ;-)). The model is crocheted (you can do it) and sewn together at the end. I personally don't find that bad at all, somehow I'm currently quite happy to sit there and sew my knitted pieces. And not everything is sewn: Front and back pieces, for example, are crocheted up together from the bottom and only separated at the armholes and finished individually. By the way, we work with Børstet Alpakka from Sandnes. Which is now also available in tweed look. I just want to have mentioned it ...

Sandnes Magazine 2308 DIY
Makes me and my crochet hooks fuzzy: Aya Cardigan.
Photo: © Sandnes

Soon we will start!

PetiteKnit - Jenny Jacket V-Neck
The smock pattern is just great: Jenny Jacket V-Neck from PetiteKNit.
Photo: © PetiteKnit

The start of our Knit-Along is September 13th. So you still have a little time to decide on a suitable model. Plus color choice. After all, this decision is time-consuming (she said, after sorting colors for the Late Summer Wrap for over a week).

Besides the Eva Cardigan from PetiteKnit, which Louisa and Sandra will knit (and maybe Mary-Anne, she just doesn't know it yet), the Jenny Jacket V-Neck from PetiteKnit would also be a possible model. A possibly very nice model. Well with this smock pattern. And the buttons. And the dropped shoulders.

Knitted top down from Tynn Peer Gynt and Tynn Silk Mohair from Sandnes. And if someone wants to knit them and then give them to me: No problem. Just contact me! By the way: The model is also available with a round neckline or as a sweater.

Like to be playful?

If you like the mix between simple and playful, you should definitely take a look at the Paul Cardigan from kolibri by Johanna. You knit stockinette stitch top down with raglan borders. The sleeves are wide and close at the cuffs. The button placket is added to the cardigan with the help of the double knit. The ruffle is also knitted separately and then sewn on.

For this model we recommend Heavy Merino and Soft Silk Mohair from Knitting for Olive. The advantage of this yarn combination: You will be finished quickly - knitting is done with a needle size 5 mm (please make a swatch anyway!).

Johanna Gehrisch - Paul Cardigan
Frilly: Paul Cardigan.
Photo: © Johanna Böhme
Can you knit in variegated or muted: Hydrangea Cardigan from Maschenfein.
Photo: © Marisa Nöldeke

Of course we don't want to stress with our Knit-Along! Nevertheless, there is an official end date: If everything goes according to plan, we want to finish together on October 28. If it doesn't go according to plan, then later. You know us. Sometimes something else just gets in the way (life!) and then we get a little behind schedule. But we still want to have a goal 😉 .

Surely you would need a little longer with our maschenfein Hortensie cardigan from spring. But I can promise you: This would be a gorgeous piece for fall. We have three different yarn ideas for you: Autumnal muted you would be with Tweed Recycled from Sandnes, bright splashes of color would be possible with the Kaos Yarn version and a safe bank is of course the Merino Baby Manada version from Pascuali. The agony of choice, there we have it again.

Designs for men and children

Of course, you can knit a model for your men or children - the main thing that it is a cardigan. I, for example, humbly undertake to knit a cardigan for myself and one for my daughter. And in fact, they also have to be finished by October 28, because family celebration. I'll give you an (honest) update in due time. Be curious!

For men, I recommend the SALT Hoodie by Inês Oliveira. Such a cool cardigan! You are working with Heavy Merino from Knitting for Olive. For little roommates, for example, the Olive Cardigan Child would be a possibility or the Anchor Jacket by PetiteKnit. Here you knit Merino and Soft Silk Mohair from Knitting for Olive or Sunday from Sandnes. And if you don't want mohair for your child, you can easily use Compatible Cashmere.


Before I start my foray into our lovely knitting community, I have two important notes for you: Sandnes, one of your favorite yarn manufacturers, has increased its prices. This concerns for example the tweed versions of single qualities, but also yarns as a whole. Seen on the individual balls, it is rather moderate, but of course it adds up - especially if you buy larger knitting kits. Like you, we don't really like it in these times - when price increases do at all -, but on the other hand, artificially pushing prices is not a healthy permanent state and in the end harms all store owners. So we hope you understand us.

However, I have good news from Cocoknits accessories. Here, our wholesaler was able to lower prices for some products thanks to lower sea freight costs, different exchange rates and changed order quantities. The stitch markers, for example, are now cheaper. And you definitely need them - for example for your cardigan from the Knit-Along. 😉

Beautiful accessories from Cocoknits.
Photo: © Cocoknits

Maschenfein knitting round

And in our virtual knitting round we are of course happy about updates from you! If you want to write about our knitting together, then use the hashtags #maschenfeinstrickrunde and #maschenfeinknitalong for your stories and posts. That way we can find the pictures best and share them and show them here.

Photos via Instagram: © instagram.com/nina.knits.things / instagram.com/kirsten_strickt

With Marina, for example, you can already feel autumn feelings: She knits the Storm Sweater Junior by PetiteKnit from Peer Gynt by Sandnes in the tweed version.

It's really summery at Kirsten's: Here you can see the Audrey Top made of Pure Silk by Knitting for Olive.

Photos via Instagram: © instagram.com/fabulouisaslife / instagram.com/heikejoerss

Like Marina and Kirsten, Louisa also has a design from PetiteKnit on her needles: The aforementioned Eva Cardigan from Peer Gynt. What do you think: Is she still allowed to participate in our KAL, even though she has already posted? I think so 😉 After all, my editorial colleague is on a well-deserved vacation. You can't be too strict with the "rules".

Finally, at Heike's you can see the LevitateWrap by My Favourite Things Knitwear from Snefnug by CaMaRose. This wrap jacket would of course also be a super model for the Knit-Along.

So, what do you think? Are you taking part? And which model would you like? Feel free to tell us in the comments, we look forward in any case to many participants. Have a great weekend and have fun knitting and browsing!


About Sophia

I'm Sophia, live in Hannover and since October 2020 I've been taking care of the blog posts, the newsletter, planning the podcast and coming up with actions for social media. By the way, I also happen to be a knitting addict, which benefits me at work.

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Petiteknit - Storm Sweater Junior
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Audrey top
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Audrey top
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Dear Maschenfein team!
I am participating and have decided for the Big Love @ankestrick. The kit is already ordered and I am happy to be part of #teamblau 😉.
Love greetings Gabi

Sophia Michalzik

Dear Gabi, great, we are looking forward to it! Then have fun knitting and love, Sophia

Elfi Bienert

Search long yarn sol degrade color 6
Do you have a remnant?

Sophia Michalzik

Dear Elfi, we do not have this quality in the store. Many greetings, Sophia


I had chosen the Eva cardigan and even though I'm slow, I would love to knit with you. Good that there is still a little time, because on my needles still the Loretuch and a slipover waiting for completion 🙈🙈
Love to the Maschenfein team

Sophia Michalzik

Dear Carmen, don't we all have one, two or even three projects waiting to be finished 😉 We're glad you joined us! Love and have fun knitting, Sophia

Hello dear Maschenfein team
I would also like to try my first Kal and participate. Until now I have never dared, because my knitting time is unfortunately very limited, and I'm worried not to be able to keep up.
I have the Peak Cloud in mind, but I would like to extend it to about 72 cm.
Now my question ... how many balls of Kos/ Tynn Silk Mohair do I have to order? And when does it start?

Sophia Michalzik

Dear Tina, how nice that you want to participate! 🙂 It starts on September 13. And no one has to "keep up". We have chosen an end date, but who is not finished then, is then just not finished and continues to knit comfortably. That's how I'll handle it, too, because often something just gets in the way. And to your question about the Peak Cloud Cardi: Could you write another mail to our support? The length in the Ravelry description means the length from armpit to cuff (here 40 cm). 32 cm more would be a lot. Or did you mean that measured from the neck? As I said: Feel free to write to us at "support@maschenfein.de", then the colleagues will see how they can help. Best regards! Sophia


I am of course ❤️. The Eva Cardigan is already on the needles and quite possibly the Artisane Cardigan hops to it. Where would we get otherwise? A Cardi comes but rarely alone 🤣🤣🤣. I'm looking forward to it ❤️. Love to the round, Silvie

Sophia Michalzik

Hahaha! That's the right attitude. Welcome to KAL and have fun knitting! Love, Sophia


I also like to join the KAL, flirting with the Late Summer Wrap or the Levitate Wrap, although the latter seems very oversized to me?!

Sophia Michalzik

Dear Martina, how great that you want to join in! 🙂 And yes, the Levitate Wrap is indeed designed to be looser: Approximately 30-35 cm positive ease for sizes XS-XL and approximately 20 cm for sizes 2XL-4XL. I think both designs are great. Now it's my turn for the Late Summer Wrap, because with its slightly more figure-hugging shape it fits better with the dress I'm knitting it with. But I can also very well imagine that I want to snuggle up in the Levitate Wrap in winter ... I'm curious to see which model you decide on 🙂 Love greetings! Sophia

Claudia Hoven-Stehling

How nice, I will try to join in but not sure if I will make it in time... life and all 😄
I definitely have the material and tutorial for the Artisane Cardigan and am really looking forward to my first real KAL. Love greetings

Sophia Michalzik

Dear Claudia, if life gets in the way - write to me. I will then be able to answer 99.9%: "Me too." 😉 So all is well and have lots of fun knitting! Sophia


I would like to knit the Artisane cardigan for my daughter. I was immediately taken with it when I saw the first pictures. We still have problems with the color choice. My daughter would like a nice dark bottle green. I couldn't find the right color in the Double sunday yet. Maybe I can persuade her to dark brown. Or do you have a yarn alternative with a nice dark green?

Kind regards, Gisela

Sophia Michalzik

Dear Gisela, the best thing to do is to write an email to our support (support@maschenfein.de). The colleague has the color cards and can look best. I personally like the color 8082 super much. A nice example is the Christmas Sweater from PetiteKnit: https://www.maschenfein.com/produkt/lets-christmas-sweater/. I'm curious which color it will be in the end! Love greetings, Sophia


Hello dear Maschenfein team,
I would like to participate with the Artisane Cardigan,
I still have wool from you in the stash.

Marisa had a variant without sewing in prospect 😃 I would be very interested, since I am completely untalented in this regard😂.

Where can I sign up or do you start a
KAL group on Instagram?

Kind regards Martina 🙋🏻

Sophia Michalzik

Dear Martina, there will not be a group and you don't need to register. We'll just knit together and whoever likes can show their progress on Instagram or Facebook and can of course comment on the blog at any time (when I show pictures at Saturday Coffee, for example). And as for the Artisane Cardigan: we took another look at the pattern. Only the sides end up being sewn. It shouldn't be too hard to do! <3 This video shows how the mattress stitch works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpxSBvWVGdQ&ab_channel=Maschenmarie. Best wishes and I'm sure you can do it! Sophia


Oh how great, I just ordered the yarn for the Eva Cardigan! If that is not serendipity! 🫶🏻 Mark me immediately the 13.09. and look forward to my very first KAL. Greetings!


So I was ner week ago in Aarhus and have bought me there wool for the Late Summer Wrap. But what can I say we have met on this day not only the Queen of Denmark but also the one and only Queen of Knitting Mette and the Jenny Jacket I tell you ...uiuiui this is really a great part😍 and Mette sowieso🫶🏻
And I walked the streets of Aarhus😁 all day with the biggest grin ever.
So I'm at the KAL definitely there🥳

Sophia Michalzik

Oooohhh, how great! That is of course a very special encounter! Then have a lot of fun knitting and love! Sophia

Sophia Michalzik

Suuuper! Have fun knitting along and best regards! Sophia


So many beautiful options. A mix of the Jenny V-Neck and the "normal" Jenny Jacket would be perfect... find the shoulder part of the Jacket much nicer and the V-neck of the other model.... Too bad. But there I must probably but first my other two active projects finish knitting 🤣 who knows, maybe there is still a 4th version of Jenny 🤞

Sophia Michalzik

Dear Lara, you never know with Mette. And if there is no continuation of the Jenny series, I'm sure there will be another great model around the corner 🙂 Love! Sophia

Antje Schmidt

Why is the tutorial for the Eva Cardigan not available? Because that is my favorite.

Sophia Michalzik

Dear Antje, the tutorial is ordered and we are waiting for the delivery from Denmark. Feel free to enter your email address for the notification, then you will know immediately when the tutorial has arrived. And if it is very urgent and it is an option for you, you can also buy the tutorial via Ravelry: https: //www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/eva-cardigan-6

Love and have a great weekend! Sophia

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