Outside it's bad - inside it's good! In terms of weather and knitting, that's definitely the case for the Maschenfein team. We are now completely in cozy knitting mode. Hats, sweaters, scarves - autumn has definitely made it onto our needles!

For this reason, we have also recorded what projects are currently in our baskets or have already made it off the needles in November. Enjoy reading - and feel free to tell us about your current knitting projects!

The cap season has started

When the wind is whistling around your ears and the weather is gloomy, hats are the perfect knitting project! In addition to the ones already in Judith's basket, of course ...

I've actually finished the Stockholm hat from PetiteKnit, which isn't actually for me but for my boyfriend. But there it was in the basket and I had wet hair ... and so one thing leads to another.

I've been getting compliments on how good the color looks on me(Sunday and Tynn Silk Mohair by Sandnes in blå iris) and now I've just finished it, but can actually start all over again.

I also have a Peacock Tee from Lene Holme Samsøe ready for me to cast on, Penny Gloves from Petite Knit in Cashmere 6/28 from Pascuali and my Kumulus Tee from PetiteKnit isn't quite finished yet either (only two balls left). So that was quite a lot of projects for the Berlin fall holiday week - but what the heck! They'll just be finished during the next vacation ... 😉

Stockholm cap at Judith.
Photo: © Judith Lippold
Converted hipster hat at Barbara's.
Photo: © Barbara Schulze

Does your child want a hat? Then he'll get one! And perfectly adapted to the head size. This is how Barbara went about it:

My little girl wanted a hat - and she has a very small head. So I felt like doing a little math on the Hipster Hat from PetiteKnit and knitted (and washed and stretched) dozen (as Marisa would say) stitch samples. This design allows the double ribs to unite as branches to form four "tree trunks", so it's best to only scale in increments of 16. In my case, 80 stitches resulted in the desired head circumference. The hat itself was finished in no time at all. I knitted the Pure Silk from Knitting for Olive in the color Blood Orange and it goes so perfectly with the poppy red from Pascuali - Cashmere 6/28! Now I can keep a close eye on my daughter as she dashes around the playground or schoolyard.

Warm, warmer, cozy knitwear!

Some projects need to mature. So you start the design enthusiastically and then put it aside again for a while. There are all sorts of reasons for this, aren't there, Louisa?

Here's proof that some knits just take longer: I have a November cardigan from PetiteKnit on the needles - you can tell when I started it by the stitch markers ... The full pattern on the (for me) so thin 3.5 mm needles is taking a long time. But I'll pull myself together now and finish this beautiful piece. Luckily I've already knitted the sleeves sometime in spring, so all that's missing is the length of the body, the cuffs and finally the pockets. Here we go, so that the November jacket will at least be finished in November!

November jacket at Louisa.
Photo: © Louisa Müller-Gauditz
The First Sweater at Sandra.
Photo: © Sandra Groll

What is always underestimated is the constant danger that surrounds you as a Maschenfein employee. It's really, really unbearable - especially in support with Sandra!

My support accident (= customer inquiry and then acute case of Anschlageritis) is growing looooong - but I already love The First Sweater by Lizzie Hester made from Merino Baby and Mohair Bliss by Pascuali (both in the color charcoal) - and the melange effect does its part to make this little treasure something very special.

Did you know that we've already published our fifth Christmas shawl this year? That's crazy! I can still remember last year's very, very well. Because it was slumbering on the needles until recently ...

I've got pressure! After introducing you to this year's Christmas shawl Mayra in last Saturday's coffee - and I'm only too happy to take part in the accompanying Knit-Along - I've been working on the Frieda shawl night after night. This is last year's Christmas shawl and unfortunately it sank too deep into the project basket in the spring.

But that's definitely not due to the design or the yarn Como by Lamana (it's one of my favorites after all), but simply to my - well - overconfidence when it comes to finishing knitted pieces 😉 But now it's time and I'm looking forward to wearing it!

Shawl Frieda at Sophia
Photo: © Sophia Michalzik


And what do you have on your needles in November? Feel free to tell us in the comments or show us on Facebook or Instagram, where we use the hashtag #aufdennadeln. We look forward to seeing your pictures!

Are you visiting us for the first time? Every month we collect our knitting projects on social media. You can find all past collections to browse in the On the Needles section.


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