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Secrets can be a really nice thing. Working on something in the background, not revealing anything yet and then the joy is huge when the curtain is finally raised. Revealing secrets - this theme goes really well with this Saturday coffee.

Because today I'm showing you this year's Christmas shawl. "Finally", some of you may be thinking, as you look forward to it every year. And we have changed the framework a little. You can find out more in the coffee shop - make yourselves comfortable!

Knitting on the beach in winter - I'm in!

Keeping secrets, revealing secrets - who doesn't know that? This week, for example, my husband discovered what is probably my biggest secret: I have too much wool. There's no other way I can explain the sentence "Well, you've got wool you haven't knitted yet" in the face of three Lego sets that haven't been finished yet. But our relationship can take it.

So let's talk about my (and your) next wool purchase: perhaps some of you will recognize the shawl: the basis for Mayra is the shell shawl that Marisa once designed for a video course. We put it to the test again, changed the yarn combination, refined the techniques and transferred everything to the year 2023. Because we've simply done so much that a makeover was more than overdue.

The name Mayra has several meanings, one of which is "beautiful island" or - depending on the derivation - "star of the sea". Either way, a connection to the ocean cannot be denied and the name therefore fits perfectly with the shell structure that makes up the fabric.

No need to sew them together

You knit Mayra from the bottom to the top - in the form of 66 individually worked shells. But don't worry: one is knitted directly onto the other, so no sewing is necessary. You also have the option of knitting all the shells in the same color or alternating between different colors.

Mayra Christmas shawl
Shell by shell to happiness: Mayra Christmas shawl.
Photo: © Ines Grabner / Maschenfein
Mayra Christmas shawl
Mayra Christmas shawl
Photos / Sketch: © Ines Grabner / Maschenfein / Stine Wiemann
Shell after shell
Mayra Christmas shawl
Different color combinations possible

Perfect for snuggling up in

Mayra Christmas shawl
Maybe Mayra in pink?
Photo: © Ines Grabner / Maschenfein

The scarf has a total length of approx. 250 cm at the end. Thanks to its shallow depth (approx. 60 cm) and the material used, it remains nice and light and is sure to become a favorite companion.

You will also need 3.5 mm needles for knitting - or needles to match the gauge of the gauge swatch. You have the choice of yarn: you can knit with Lima and Premia from Lamana or - if you prefer mohair-free - use only Lima.

In the Lima-Premia combo, you knit 33 shells from Lima and the other half from double Premia. The silk-mohair yarn is one of our favorites, while Lima has only been around since this year - but the blend of merino, alpaca and silk won us over straight away.

This year: A Christmas shawl KAL

Can you already feel the finished scarf on your skin? I can. And the bad thing is: Marisa, Sandra and Louisa each already have a shawl - the rest of the team will have to follow suit, won't they? And how nice it would be if we all knitted together ...

Wait a minute, wait a minute! That sounds suspiciously like a knit-along, doesn't it? It sure does! You've been wishing for it all these years and this year - also because we have the license to make wishes come true - we're making the dream come true: there's a knitted Christmas shawl knit-along!

So order your kit now, it starts on November 15th. The complete pattern will only be available on this day, if you buy before then you will "only" receive the wool and all the information you need to prepare it. You can also order the pattern separately, but the complete version will not be available until November 15. The update will then appear automatically in your customer account during the morning. So the process is similar to our Mother's Day shawl knit-along, except that everything has a Christmassy, Christmassy touch. Just the way I like it best 😉.

And speaking of Secret Santa: because we love little gifts and presents just as much as you do, we've included a free card and banderole to print out yourself to go with the scarf. You can either add them individually to your basket here or tick the corresponding box in the kit. There is no official end date for the Knit-Along this time, although December 24th is of course a good date: Either you put the shawl under the Christmas tree for a loved one or you wear it yourself. Either way, it can only be a wonderful Christmas with Mayra!

You've wished for it so often - and that's why there's a knit-along for the Christmas shawl this year!
Photo: © Ines Grabner / Maschenfein

Even more beautiful new products

Kuesel sweater
Photos: © Ines Grabner / Maschenfein / Susanne Müller / My Favourite Things Knitwear
Lima socks
Sweater No. 27

The fact is that yarns are extremely sociable creatures. They feel right at home in full shopping baskets! I've tested this for you several times (see the anecdote about the futile secrecy towards the husband). So how about having a quick browse through the following kits? Disciplined knitters (do they even exist?) simply use them to maintain their wish list, which you can also easily send via WhatsApp and email in your customer account. I told you: We have the license to make wishes come true!

The kit for the Küselsweater is brand new! It contains the adapted quantity for long sleeves for the Küselshirt. If you already have the pattern, you have already received the update for a long sleeve version, all others can order the pattern as a pdf in the kit. It is knitted with Saffira and Manada from Pascuali. Another great yarn combination ... I just want to leave the info here!

Socks always work

Once again, Lima by Lamana is available with the socks of the same name from Paula_m. They range from size 32/33 to 42/43 and are guaranteed to make a great gift. You knit from the top down.

And finally, I have a beautiful sweater for you that I really fell in love with immediately: Sweater No. 27 from My Favorite Things Knitwear is a large textured sweater (I like it) with long cuffs (I like it too) and a stand-up collar (I like it ... too!). It is knitted from the top down (I'm a big fan of this). The yarn we suggest is Tibetan from Pascuali (you guessed it: super easy!).

A word about the newsletter

Just like coffee in the (Saturday) morning: our newsletter
Photo: © Ines Grabner / Maschenfein

What also really touched me this week were a few emails about our newsletter, which you receive twice a week (once during the week and once on Saturday for coffee). There is also an extra Instagram newsletter, which you can sign up for here. Unfortunately, we are still receiving feedback that the newsletters are not reaching you despite your registration.

This almost exclusively affects customers with a t-online address (everyone else please check your spam folder). The whole thing is super annoying and we are already working with our provider to find a solution. Until then, however, we have to ask for your patience. If you have the opportunity, you can register with a different address in the meantime and we will let you know by e-mail as soon as everything is working smoothly again. Thank you for your understanding and, above all, your enthusiasm for our content!

Maschenfein knitting round

I still have to scold you (I can use the carrot and the stick ...): You can't do that! You can't keep posting beautiful pieces of knitting and then expect it to pass me by without a trace! How am I ever supposed to finish all the UFOs?

Photos via Instagram: © instagram.com/_esdee_ / instagram.com/elle.knits

For example, Sibel with the fine-knit Effie Sweater from Como Grande and Premia from Lamana. My only luck is that the pattern haven't been published yet. But it won't be long now and then I'll definitely have a problem.

"Unfortunately" already online is the cloud cardigan that Elisabeth knitted for the maschenfeine Schaufenster. A cloud dream made from mohair Bliss by Pascuali!

Photos via Instagram: © instagram.com/anna_circa / instagram.com/frau.juni.strickt

You can see anticipation in yarn form with Anna. Saffira and Manada from Pascuali are turned into a kissing shirt.

Andrea uses merino and soft silk mohair from Knitting for Olive. She is knitting an Olive Cardigan V-Neck and I think the facing looks great!

That's bad. Bad, bad, bad. So I have to get to the knitting needles quickly, finish three projects within ten days and then work on the Christmas shawl together with you. See you all there! Have a lovely weekend with lots of knitting time.


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I'm Sophia, live in Hannover and since October 2020 I've been taking care of the blog posts, the newsletter, planning the podcast and coming up with actions for social media. By the way, I also happen to be a knitting addict, which benefits me at work.

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The shawl is beautiful. Unfortunately I'm not a very experienced knitter, I mostly spin wool. Is the shawl feasible for someone like me?


Dear Esther,
I think the shawl looks heavier than it is. If you have perhaps knitted short rows before, it shouldn't be a problem. If not, you'll be able to do it after the first shell at the latest 😉 All the steps are described in detail in our pattern and we have also linked videos for all the techniques in the pattern. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by email at support@maschenfein.de. There is also always someone in our Facebook group "Maschenfein Strickrunde" who can help with a problem.
Best regards

Doris Zander

Hello dear Sophia, I greet you from Neubrandenburg and I also knit a lot and enjoy it very much, it is my hobby, I like the great Christmas shawl very much - a great pattern. I would also like to buy the pattern.

Sophia Michalzik

Dear Doris, how nice that you like the shawl! You can find the single pattern here. Best wishes and have fun knitting it, Sophia

Cornelia Theelen

I really like sweater no. 27. Could I also knit it with Kremke Soul Merino 110?

Best regards

Sophia Michalzik

Hi Cornelia, yes, sweater no. 27 is really beautiful! 🙂 I just had a quick chat with Jule. We both think that the Merry Merino 110 will work. It's important that you do the swatch. Feel free to send us an email if you need help with the amount of yarn. Best regards and have fun knitting! Sophia


I am interested in the Christmas shawl. I'm registering so that I don't forget to buy the pattern

Sophia Michalzik

Dear Gabriele, how great that you like our Christmas shawl! You don't need to register for the Knit-Along. But I will keep mentioning the Christmas shawl over the next few weeks so that it won't be forgotten 🙂 Best wishes and I look forward to knitting together! Sophia

Uta Schmidtbauer

Dear Sophia, today it was again a great pleasure for me to read your Saturday coffee. I think many of us are familiar with this quiet interjection from the husband "You still have so much wool"... However, I can assure you that with increasing age - I am over 50 - and increasing space - our children have left home - the wool stocks tend to grow proportionally.
I couldn't resist Sweater No.27 and cast on the same day it was released. Which, of course, was only possible thanks to my well-stocked stash.
I really like the Christmas shawl. I imagine the structured shell-by-shell knitting to be pleasant. Let's see what color it will be.
All the best to you!
Sunny greetings from the Baltic coast, Uta

Sophia Michalzik

Dear Uta, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I read it to my husband and he told me to send you my love. 😉 Then he already knows what's going to happen here ... And it's great that you want to knit the Christmas shawl! I think it's so beautiful too! Best wishes to the Baltic Sea, Sophia

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