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To make others happy with self-knitted gifts is undoubtedly nice. But of course we knitters are also happy about smaller and larger gifts. Because for the most beautiful hobby in the world, you need not only pattern and yarn, but also some accessories. This inspiration is therefore all about you and your wishes! Have fun browsing!

Very basic: knitting needles

One of our needle favorites is the set from Chiaogoo.
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One thing is clear: knitting without needles? It (almost) never works. And that's why they're right at the top of our wish list. Needle sets are especially popular for Christmas or birthdays. Our favorite at Maschenfein is the needle set from Chiaogoo, which is available with bamboo or metal needles. Note the different threads here - depending on which needle size is used.

In addition to Chiaogoo, however, we also carry needles from other manufacturers, including Lykke and KnitPro. These two systems are compatible with each other. By the way: We also carry needle sets from all manufacturers - individually and as a set. So if you are looking in this area, you will also find what you are looking for at Maschenfein. Crochet hooks round out our assortment - because even with knitting, it's okay to look outside the box!

Needles also deserve a nice home. And beautiful needle bags are definitely available at Maschenfein!
Photos: © Twig & Horn / Ines Grabner/Maschenfein

If you want to store your knitting needles nicely, you will of course also find what you are looking for at Maschenfein. Needle bags by Twig & Horn or Cohana make sure that your most important accessories are well and safely stowed away. Our favorites: the new colors of the Canvas needle bag from Twig & Horn or the Mikawa Momen Bag from Cohana.

What applies to knitting needles, of course, also applies to the corresponding cases: They simply look particularly good in practical project bags. We also have a whole lot of them in the Maschenfein store.

Bags you can - Right! - never have enough.
Photos: © Minuk / Muud / Twig & Horn

A real classic is for example our handmade project bag from Minuk. You can find them in two different sizes. But besides the small Hamburg label we also carry bags from muud from Denmark or the US company Twig & Horn.

Our range is rounded off by smaller zipper bags - perfect for small projects to go. From Berlin, for example, come the bags from Kaliko, each with a different floral print. If you're looking for larger designs, check out the bags from Mien Berlin.

Small zipper bags round out the assortment.
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Fine project and accessories bags by Franziska Klee

We have a great cooperation with the Leipzig fair fashion label Franziska Klee.
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A collaboration that still gives us a lot of pleasure is the cooperation with the Leipzig fair fashion label Franziska Klee. In exclusive sales slots we offer the project bag Mona, needle bags Mara and Mira as well as the cases Mila, Maja and Maki. Only then Franzi and her team handcraft the bags from their high quality natural leather and ship them to you afterwards.
Without sales slot always available are the leather straps for knitted bags and keychains.

The leather itself comes from farms in southern Germany and the Alpine region and has been
has been tanned on a vegetable basis. To ensure the high quality, it is subject to strict ethical and environmental requirements and at the same time is subjected to constant controls. The result is a natural hide that is chrome-free and allergy-friendly. You'll know the difference from industrial leather as soon as you smell and feel it.

Wrap, wash & stretch

We say it again and again: There is so much more to knitting than the actual work on the knitted piece. Starting with the skein that you have to wind into a ball and ending with the final washing and stretching of the knitted piece. Because only in this way shape and pattern often unfold their actual effect. For all these steps you will find the necessary accessories at Maschenfein: reels from Chiaogoo, wonderfully fragrant detergent from kaëll as well as tension wires from Knit Pro and so much more is available at our shop.

Little things gladden the knitting heart

Every knitter needs a tape measure.
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If you want to make knitters happy, sometimes you don't even need to look at the really big accessories. On the contrary, small things also make us very happy. And hardly any knitter can do without a measuring tape, needle and gauge, stitch markers and scissors.

At Maschenfein you will find a wide range of accessories. They come from manufacturers such as Tulip, Twig & Horn, Cohana and Cocoknits. In our team, we've identified a few favorites: If it's up to us, the stitch stoppers and the sewing needle set from Cocoknits are just as indispensable as a rich supply of stitch markers.

Also very popular: needle and gauge measures, pins and, of course, stitch markers.
Photos: © Twig & Horn / Minuk / Cocoknits

Besides such practical little things, we have lost our heart to pins that decorate our project bags. Besides our Maschenfeinen pin, which shows our favorite wool suppliers, you can find the most beautiful pins from K2TOG and Along avec Anna in the store.

Also very practical are notebooks to note down work progress or favorite yarns. As you can see, there's so much more you can give a knitter besides wool and needles.

Literature for the most beautiful hobby in the world

There's no question about it: we naturally feel most comfortable when we're holding our needles in our hands. But the inspiration must also be right. You can find it here at Maschenfein, of course, but also in many lovingly designed books. Reference books are also a very valuable investment. A great gift, for example, is our handy knitting encyclopedia Knitting knowledge to go. Also great on the gift table are all the publications of the Finnish Laine publishing house. Great designs meet a very high quality presentation - simply perfect!

Ready to wear, coupons and wish lists

Sometimes things have to happen quickly. And uncomplicated. We know that only too well! And then it can also be something knitted, which is not hopped from the own needles. The pulse warmers from ITO, for example, are a wonderful everyday companion, just like the feather-light Sensai scarf.

When Christmas and birthday suddenly come around the corner much faster than expected or the choice is simply difficult: With our vouchers you really never go wrong. And here's a tip for all knitters themselves: Use the wish list function for the individual products. This way you can fill lists in your customer account and also share them with others if needed 😉

The pulse warmers from ITO are available in many different colors.
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