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The scent of gingerbread and fir green is in the air, wrapping paper crackles, children's eyes light up - it's obviously Christmas! And how beautiful is the feast only when handmade little things under the tree, in which so much love is.

To make your choice a little easier, if you want to knit your loved ones, you will find in this inspiration many ideas for hats, headbands, gauntlets and so on. Have fun browsing and a wonderful Advent season!

A real classic: caps!

At Maschenfein you can find soooo many hat knitting kits. For example: Yndi, Oslo Hat Cristmas Edition and the beanie No. 2.
Photos: © Lubbertus for Rosy Green Wool / PetiteKnit / Rosa P.

The advantage of hats: They are quickly knitted, keep the ears warm and often suit women and men alike. Not to mention such cute children's designs as this one from Oslo Hat in the Christmas Edition from PetiteKnit ...

What is important to us in caps? Besides the cut, especially the yarn. One of our favorites is Snefnug from CaMaRose. The yarn consists of a fine cotton tube into which alpaca and merino fibers are blown. It is used, for example, in the Cap No. 2 from Rosa P.

We are also enthusiastic about Cheeky Merino Joy of Rosy Green Wool. The pure merino yarn is produced climate neutrally and is GOTS certified. If it then meets a cap design like the one Yndi by Teti Lutsak, it makes the perfect Christmas gift.

Knitting super fast: accessories made of Maximo from Pascuali. For example (from left to right): One Ball Hat No. 1, One Ball Headband No. 1, One Ball Cowl No.1.
Photos: © Pascuali Designs

The Maximo from Pascuali is also brand new. You can create great accessories from just one skein, such as the One Ball Hat No. 1, which also looks great on men. From another ball you simply knit the matching cowl - ready is the gift for husband, dad, grandpa, ...

Such a blanket has of course also something as a Christmas gift!
Photo: © SANDNES

If you like it very, very cozy, you can also knit blankets well. With heavy or double held yarns here is also a quick result.

For example, in the Christmas magazine of SANDNES you can find this model. With a final size of 140 x 180 cm, the blanket will look perfect on your sofas. Alternatively, you can of course also give away baby blankets or enlarge them as needed.

Maschenfein in felt fever

2020 was the felt year at Maschenfein. And you know what? It stayed that way in 2021, too. We don't want to stop there in 2022. Because felted slippers, small felt bags or corresponding gloves are and remain great Christmas gifts. What you need for this? A knitting pattern, pure, untreated virgin wool like the fritid yarn and a washing machine. Then nothing stands in the way of felt gift production!

Felted slippers for the whole family.
Photo: © SANDNES

Warm for the hands

There's no denying it: At Maschenfein we love gauntlets!
Photos: © Ines Grabner/Maschenfein / The Fibre Co.

We love cuffs. And that's why they are the perfect Christmas gift for us. Different yarns are used in our knitting kits. Sometimes it's hard to choose. But one of our favorites is Cashmere 6/28 from Pascuali like the Cuffs Elsa.

We would also like to recommend our cuff collections to you. Which yarns are used here? For example Como from LAMANA, Lunar from Shibui or also the crown yarn Alpaca Soft from Regia.

Knitwear for boys and men

It is also quite wonderful knitting for small and and large men.

Again and again the question of knitted gifts for (small and large) men comes up. Quite rightly, of course! The good news is: here, too, there is a wide selection. Whether socks, gloves or scarves - the number of pattern is diverse. Maschenfein recommends, for example, plain socks like those Ribbsokker from SANDNES. Children's gloves like those from PetiteKnit can be designed according to individual wishes thanks to a large selection of colors. And designs like the Zigzag scarf or the Loop Encadré definitely don't just suit women!

Knitted trifles

Christmas now came sooner than expected? We understand only too well! Self-knitted gifts are fortunately still possible. In the form of small scarves for example, cute cozy monsters, scrunchies or or or.

Beautiful knitted decoration for Christmas

Knit gift tags and other Christmas decorations yourself? No problem!
Photos: © SANDNES

If you like knitting decoration, you will of course also find what you are looking for at Maschenfein - especially for Christmas! Whether twisted Advent wreath, wrapped candy canes or crocheted hearts as gift tags - the Norwegian yarn manufacturer Sandnes has the right decorative piece for every taste. By the way, crocheters will also get their money's worth here: Many of the pattern from the Christmas themed booklet are made with just one needle 😉 .

... you want more pattern?


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