New year - new projects? Not necessarily! In the Maschenfein team, we didn't get to knit as much as we would have liked in the holiday season and even now the needles sometimes have to wait a little. But we enjoy every stitch all the more. What projects are we working on? You can finally find out in the latest article on "On the needles". Have fun reading!

Warm, but light

Marisa has a new Maschenfein design on her needles. Probably with her current favorite yarn combination ...

I am knitting a cardigan in Cashmere 6/28 and Mohair Bliss from Pascuali. Both yarns go so well together! I have just cast off the facing and am now considering whether the design also needs pockets. I think: Yes! And then it can go into the test soon.

Marisa creates a new Maschenfein cardigan.
Photo: © Marisa Nöldeke
ROBINIA SWEATER LIGHT by Anne Ventzel at Sandra's.
Photo: © Sandra Groll

Sandra is currently knitting a model that I would also love to call my own. Depending on which yarn you use, the Robinia Sweater Light is suitable for many seasons. Sandra has opted for a warm yet light version:

Did I knit a lot "in the holiday season"? Hardly at all ... but did I enjoy every single stitch that I managed? Definitely!!! How could you not enjoy Cashmere 6/28 organic from Pascuali?

The Robinia Sweater light by Anne Ventzel is being made at an ultra-snail's pace and is a lot of fun. The front piece up to armpit height is as good as finished. When the back piece is at the same height, it is joined in the round, then the somewhat annoying two-colored back rows are done.

I don't have to say anything about the colors, do I????? Cobalt and Cosmos sounds great just by speaking it and I'm simply blown away by it.

Just keep snuggling up

Louisa wanted to try something new. It's a good thing that we have such a broad range of yarns at Maschenfein.

The Levitate Wrap from My Favorite Things Knitwear has been on my needles since the beginning of the year. The design had been on my list for a long time and just before Christmas I just felt that its time had come 😉 . I opted for the wool package with PuF from Gepard because I wanted to finally try out the yarn. And I'm so excited about it: soft, cozy and it just slips over the needles - wonderful!

Levitate wrap at Louisa's.
Photo: © Louisa Müller-Gauditz
Gujo Collar at Sophia's.
Photo: © Sophia Michalzik

I've started my Christmas present. My hope is that a smaller project will also be finished very quickly. I really want to wear it!

I am knitting the Gujo Collar from aegyoknit. And let me tell you: The gauge swatch is SO important here! For example, I knit rather loosely and was completely wrong with the needle size given in the half brioche. So I went down a lot in needle size and now it works. Unfortunately, I'm not getting much knitting done at the moment, but I'm not giving up hope of being able to wear the collar from Carpe Diem this winter.

Good things take time

Some projects just take a while to be finished. Who knows better than me? Luckily, Jule is feeling the same way right now.

There are two pieces on my needles in January. One is the BERLIN Scarf by Paula_M, which was on my wishlist for Christmas. But first I'm going to finish the Northern Lights Sweater by Liudmyla Babintseva, which has been on my needles for almost 2 years now... I'm knitting it with Babyull Lanett and Tynn Silk Mohair from Sandnes. It's the first time I've knitted Babyull Lanett and I'm really thrilled. Such a soft yarn and I really like the more striking twist. It gives a great stitch definition. When I've finally finished the sweater, I'll continue with the BERLIN Scarf 🙂

Northern lights sweater and BERLIN scarf at Jule's.
Photo: © Julia Gotthardt
Eva Cardigan at Mary-Anne's.
Photo: © Mary-Anne Volze

Mary-Anne also tends to snag, but atypically not at the sleeves but at the button band:

I (still) have my Eva Cardigan from PetiteKnit on the needles in January, but it will be finished this month - I promise! I didn't knit as much as I thought over Christmas and New Year, but thanks to the deal with Mirjam, my Eva Cardigan has grown and even the cuff has been bound off. As I like to spend my time on Sleeve-Island, but find knitting facings quite dreadful, I decided in consultation with Louisa to knit one sleeve first, then the button band and finally the second sleeve. Hopefully this will speed things up, because I would really like to wear the jacket this winter 😉.

P.S.: The hat from the last post was actually finished for St. Nicholas, only the photo is still missing.

The beauty of knitting? It's a learning process. Everyone makes mistakes, that's just part of it. Fortunately, Barbara takes a positive view of the whole thing.

I like to make mistakes. Mistakes are embarrassing, they are expensive, they are important to me. I made a lot of mistakes with my forever sweater (actually the Monday Sweater from PetiteKnit). So in the new year I will:
Always do a gauge swatch. Knit the purl back rows with half a needle size less. Buy the whole kit, so that I don't have a problem with the batch. I promise!

But now I've washed and blocked it and tried it on - and I look wonderful in it! The great, great wool quality(Sunday from Sandnes and Compatible Cashmere from Knitting for Olive) makes it easy to forget even the visible flaws.

For the new year, I'm flirting with the Birdy cardigan for my big girl. She is very cozy and has fallen in love with the rose color of the Water.

Modified Monday Sweater from PetiteKnit by Barbara.
Photo: © Barbara Schulze


And what do you have on your needles in January? Feel free to tell us in the comments or show us on Facebook or Instagram, where we use the hashtag #aufdennadeln. We look forward to seeing your pictures!

Are you visiting us for the first time? Every month we collect our knitting projects on social media. You can find all past collections to browse in the On the Needles section.


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Dear Maschenfein team,
You always inspire me with your great designs and provide inspiration for new knitting projects.
Thank you very much.
Today I particularly liked the white patterned sweater in the photo of Marisa working on a brown cardigan,
even if you can only see a small section of it.
Is there a pattern or knitting kit for the sweater?
Thank you very much for a message.
Greetings Uli


Dear Uli! Thank you so much for your praise - that always makes us especially happy and motivates us! Marisa is wearing the Ingrid Sweater from PetiteKnit in the photo. Click here for the kit and here for the individual pattern or you can also find them digitally on Ravelry. Best regards! Sophia

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