It's not really winter anymore, but it's not spring either: hello February! Now that you can see the first early bloomers in the flower beds and pots and we've even been treated to a few hours of sunshine, spring fever has sprung up. But it's also a fact that we're miles away from "warm", so cozy clothes - preferably knitted ones - are still essential. So what are we conjuring up? We'll tell you just in time (!) for the start of the month in the latest "On the needles" post 😉

Between attachmentitis and knitting discipline

You should not make your own diagnosis. It's better to have a specialist look at it first. But I have to say: Louisa's conclusion as to what's going on with her needle is probably correct ...

I've got an acute case of attachmentitis! I finished my previous project - the Levitate Wrap - much quicker than I thought I would. And then I sat there and couldn't cast on my next project yet, because I didn't have all the yarn for the maschenfein Birdy Cardigan in stock. So in the last few days I have cast on two new projects - cough cough - the Moby Sweater from PetiteKnit and the Saltburn Sweater from The Knit Purl Girl. Both - and I'm deviating from the kit for the PetiteKnit model - I'm working from Peer Gynt by Sandnes. This has simply become one of my favorite yarns in the last few months. In the meantime, Como Grande from Lamana and Midnatssol from CaMaRose are also ready for the Birdy Cardigan and I will probably start my third project. But as the three designs are so different to knit, the variety will certainly be fun!

Louisa is suffering from Anschlageritis.
Photo: © Louisa Müller-Gauditz
Robinia Sweater Light by Anne Ventzel at Sandra.
Photo: © Sandra Groll

Sandra is very brave at the moment and continues to knit her sweater with discipline. But it's also too beautiful! But: The next project is already knocking on the door. And you'll be very happy about it - I promise!

In February, I'll also be making cheerful blue rounds on the Robina Sweater Light by Anne Ventzel. In between, however, the Mother's Day shawl, which we are already working on diligently in secret, will call for attention and fight with the sweater for the available knitting time. Let's see who wins 😉 .

After January showed Marisa pretty much everything that goes viral, February is now set to be a completely different month. We're knitting again!

I haven't had much time to knit in the last few weeks, but now I'm finally getting back to it! The stitch samples for the Umma Cape have already dried and my yarn combination has been decided: Cashmere Premium from Lang Yarns together with Midnatssol from CaMaRose. This shade of beige is just totally mine at the moment and I'm looking forward to needling like crazy. Who of you is knitting along? We have several kits to choose from!

Stitch samples for the Umma Cape by aegyoknit at Marisa.
Photo: © Marisa Nöldeke

Pretty little things

Cuffs are perfect for the current weather. They give your hands plenty of freedom of movement and still keep you nice and warm. And if they're also made from cashmere ... Just ask Judith!

While I'm busy knitting my Penny Gloves from Cashmere 6/28 by Pascuali (oh my God, the yarn is so soft - I always secretly put on the right cuff when knitting the left one), my children are growing faster than I can knit. And that's when I'm only making hats for them anyway! But a new one was needed and the color sun yellow was requested. Mary-Anne helped with the selection and held the new spring palette from Sandnes under my nose with shining eyes. I suspect the child will opt for an Oslo hat again - or perhaps a hipster hat. I'll keep you up to date 😉

Penny Gloves at Judith.
Photo: © Judith Lippold
Sock meadow flower with Sophia.
Photo: © Sophia Michalzik

Small projects in general! They are just too practical. Which is why I took part in a test knit by Kleinigkeitenliebe aka Sharon Maninger in January. I could knit anything right now. Only time (and a possibly slightly overflowing supply of wool) is stopping me from simply needling something else. My mantra at the moment: one thing at a time. Of course, I'm fully aware that I won't be able to keep this up for the rest of my life, but the second sock, Wiesenblume from Merida by Lamana for my daughter, should still be finished. The delicate pattern is super pretty, the knitting is varied and size 22/23 actually goes quite quickly over the needles. What comes next? Oh, there are lots of ideas! The pattern for the sock are out now and you can of course also get the matching kit from us!

Mary-Anne has dived deep into the project basket. It's amazing what sometimes lies at the bottom. Take a look:

Now that my Eva Cardigan is finally (as good as) finished - yes, I confess I forgot to sew the threads in the last post - I looked in various knitting bags to see what else I could finish. And lo and behold: I found a very advanced Caramel Sweater from PetiteKnit in my Tova bag. And it was indeed very wrinkly, which probably says a lot about how long it will last ... The "difficult" part is finished and now all that's left is some busywork. It's actually perfect for our upcoming move, so let's see how far I get with it by March ...

Caramel sweater at Mary-Anne.
Photo: © Mary-Anne Volze


And what do you have on your needles in February? Feel free to tell us in the comments or show us on Facebook or Instagram, where we use the hashtag #aufdennadeln. We look forward to seeing your pictures!

Are you visiting us for the first time? Every month we collect our knitting projects on social media. You can find all past collections to browse in the On the Needles section.


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Hello Sophia,
your wonderful wool, the great Saturday coffees and the inspiring pictures have called me back to the knitting needles. They have been in the corner for a long time.... but knitting is not forgotten. So I ventured into something easy to start with - the Easy Triangle Mohair shawl - the wool has arrived, the pattern have been printed out and a piece of wool with a neat hole is already on the needles. But unfortunately I am very unsure where to start this triangular shawl and from where to where to knit. It would be a great help if I could see a picture of it spread out. The pictures in the knitting pattern are on the hanger. My "tip", or the place where I place the stitch holder, keeps moving to the right, so that I always have more stitches on the needle after the stitch holder than before the stitch holder. Is that right...... have already tried several times to get it back to the center. I need your advice!
Looking forward to hearing from you and have a nice Sunday.
Best regards Monika


Dear Monika, I have sent you an e-mail! Best regards, Sophia


One question: why are there no German pattern for the beautiful knitting pattern? I would love to knit one or the other model!

Best regards,
G. Nail


Hello, which model do you mean exactly? As far as I can see, there is a German translation for all designs except the Saltburn Sweater or they are even in German in the original. Best regards, Sophia


Hi there, I'm still working on my Loni jacket (from Lamana Magazine #12), I was missing one ball at a time because, funnily enough, the Lamana Milano in the color "navy" runs shorter than the same Milano in the color "jeans blue". That's why I'm waiting for a fine gauge delivery (should be there tomorrow according to my calculations). I am knitting the jacket in three strands, a nice melange effect.
As long as that ball of yarn is still on its way, I'm really rushing to finish the socks I've started or the double-knit hat (preferably both😁). I've just tried the hat on my husband, these stitch-stopping ropes from Petiteknit from the store here are really great, you put the rope on the tip of the needle, push the stitches onto the rope, finished, tried on and the stitches back on the needle to continue knitting. The socks are from the book "Knitting Swedish socks".
And can I give something away? In addition to the little ball I ordered, the package also contains the "fraternal twin", which is called "Knitting Swedish Gloves" 😊. I wish you all happy and obedient stitches that (almost) grow by themselves!

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