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"Sandra crochets now too."

With this introduction to a fresh Saturday coffee, I am (virtually) fulfilling an official pattern. Now you're wondering what exactly that means - and of course you're right to ask. So I'll add a "Good morning for your Saturday coffee" so that you know where you've ended up this Saturday. I don't want to lose any readers here - that would be annoying!

No, instead I'd like to explain to you what this entry is all about. Namely our team meeting last weekend. I've also brought you some knitting ideas and a fresh insight into our Maschenfein knitting round. So grab the hot or cold drink of your choice, make yourselves comfortable and have fun reading!

Intensive days

Almost everyone is on here: the Maschenfein team.
Photo: ©️ Maschenfein

As I told you two weeks ago, our team met up again in real life. As some of us live in Berlin, but the rest live all over Germany and we've just had a new addition to the team, it was high time we did it again.

The whole thing took place in the Mecklenburg Lake District, in the small village of Leizen to be precise, which is idyllically situated on - precisely - a lake. Incidentally, it was so idyllic and close to nature that there was even a water snake. This in turn made us refrain from jumping into the cool water. Fortunately, the house had a pool!

A nice mix of work and relaxation

Anyone who thinks we've just been lazing around: No, no! Instead, we divided our time together well. In the mornings, we planned campaigns, made appointments, recorded podcasts and talked about the important topic of emails. It's not just about wording, there's also a lot of technology involved. Fortunately, the local workshop room was actually called "Schafstall", which of course put us in the right mood straight away.

But we also relaxed a little, ate well and, of course, knitted. And crocheted. We were actually the only ones in the dining room with needles in our hands while we waited. Can you imagine that? The introductory sentence above finally came about during a game and I thought, when else would I put it in if not in the following coffee? You have to use the momentum!

Work was also done: Team meeting of Maschenfein.
Photo: ©️ Maschenfein

Knitting and crochet ideas for you!

So if you weren't working on one of the great Lankava crochet baskets, you were still working on your knitting project. From summery shirts and cozy cardigans to new Maschenfein designs, there was so much to do! Take a look here:

Of course, I can't link you to the new Maschenfein designs yet - but I can already show you one: the Perla summer cardigan, which may yet be given a different name. Or maybe not. You know us - sometimes we just get stuck with the working title. The name of this great design, which Lisa Marisa helped with, comes from the yarn used: Perla by Lamana.

The test knit is running or almost finished, so it won't be too long before you can knit the design. I have - I'm not going to lie - put it at the top of my list. Such a classy, yet everyday style that's perfect for fresh summer mornings. Or cool lunch breaks. Or evenings. No matter when: it looks great! Look forward to the pattern!

Coming very soon: Perla summer cardigan from Maschenfein. I have it at the top of my knitting list!
Photo: ©️ Lisa Kirchhoff

News from Rosa P. and Lotilda

Hytta tee
Already in the store: Hytta tee from Rosa P.
Photo: ©️ Rosa P.

If you don't want to wait and need project supplies now, take a look at the Hytta Tee. The new design by Rosa P. is a lace pattern shirt for the summer - and it also uses a Lamana quality: Ica, a pure cotton yarn that knits up quickly with 5 mm needles.

It is worked seamlessly from the top down, starting with rows at the shoulders. The pattern is suitable for beginners and catchy. Don't be confused by the choice of color in the set: The original color pastel blue looks quite purple in the picture, but it matches the blue in the photo. We have already asked Lamana for a more accurate color image - an update is coming soon!

If you're not a fan of smooth yarns and prefer a bit of fluffiness (or simply like variety on your needles) - take a look at Lotilda! Tanja is known for her oversized knits, which are knitted on heavy needles and almost always come with mohair.

We have just added the Rita blouse for you. The eye-catcher here is definitely the choice of color and the small color gradient in the middle of the short-sleeved sweater. It is knitted from the top down, with the stitches being cast on at the beginning using a crochet hook on a circular needle. This method produces a beautiful and simple edge.

In the knitting kit you will find Soft Silk Mohair from Knitting for Olive, which you will work in four-ply. If you are interested in the original colors: We have selected suitable colors and preset them for you. It is also important to know that you need 8 or 10 mm needles. Not everyone has them at home, but you will find them linked directly in the set. And: don't forget to take a swatch!

Rita Blouse 1
Summer also calls for color blocking, i.e. the stark contrast of colors that creates a great eye-catcher!
Photo: ©️ Tanja Koenings

New knitting sets with Pascuali yarns

When sorting the knitting kits for this Saturday coffee, I had a lot of trouble choosing. With a week's break and Jule and Charlotte (our new working student) quickly adding new designs, there was suddenly so much in the store that I couldn't take it all with me. So always feel free to browse this page here - then you won't miss anything!

Nevertheless, I want to show you the three designs above once again. They are all knitted from Pascuali yarns and are a lovely addition to your summer wardrobe!

Sole, Nepal, Re-Jeans

For example, there is the Wendinger Tee by Alex, who you know as Sinchens from Fürth. The design is a simple T-shirt with a subtle pattern on the sides. She knits with Sole from Pascuali. The cotton-cashmere yarn is one of my favorites for warm temperatures!

The Summer Twist Top is from Pascuali's own design team. The ajour cable pattern is fun to knit and is a beautiful eye-catcher. Here you are knitting with Nepal, a cotton-linen blend yarn that offers a colorful palette.

If you want pure cotton on your needles: the Beech Leaf T-shirt would be a great option! The design owes its name to the pattern, which is reminiscent of beech leaves. One of my favorite trees, by the way, and a reliable source of shade in our garden. You are working with the recycled yarn Re-Jeans, which is made from fabric remnants from jeans production.

Two more tips

New from Cheryl Mokhtari aka Coco Amour: Amesbury Cardigan.
Photo: ©️ Cheryl Mokhtari

Before we take a stroll through our knitting round, I have two little tips for you: you probably already saw it last weekend (which of course makes me very happy!), but I would still like to recommend the portrait of Cheryl Mokhtari to you once again. I had a virtual meeting with the Londoner and was inspired by the lovely conversation for days. Her latest design has also been released to match the portrait: The Amesbury Cardigan is excitingly constructed, but still pleasantly simple. We have two yarn suggestions for you: Høst from CaMaRose or Piura and Premia from Lamana.

At Sandnes you will also find free pattern for a cute little bag. It can hold your cell phone and a little cash, as well as the 27th small mussel from the beach, which the children and grandchildren will probably be collecting more of over the next few weeks (a little tip based on experience: For odor reasons, let beach finds dry well before taking them inside vacation apartments or tents ...).

Here you crochet (!) with Tykk Line and only need two balls in total. The pattern are available in Norwegian, Swedish and English. Enthusiastic Scandinavian holidaymakers can practise their newly acquired language skills thanks to the app (I'm talking about myself too!), everyone else can use the English version and, if necessary, translation tools from the Internet. 🙂 You'll soon find help from us - a list of English crochet terms is in the works.

Free of charge from Sandnes: Sunny Crossover.
Photo: ©️ Sandnes

Maschenfein knitting round

After a week's break from knitting, there was also a lot going on in our virtual knitting group. Pictures of your projects and finished knitted pieces always make me really happy and are a real inspiration - for me, but also for all the other readers! Would you like to join in too? Then feel free to use the hashtags #maschenfein and #maschenfeinstrickrunde in your Instagram posts and/or tag Maschenfein in the picture. I'll take a look at everything every week and make a small selection.

Photos via Instagram: ©️ instagram.com/kl_jette / instagram.com/lin_stitching

This week, for example, I discovered some fine knitted designs from Jette and Linda. On the left is a Dina sweater made from Kosho and Sensai by Ito, on the right a Frieda stole made from Como by Lamana. À propos Frieda and Como: Sandra, Louisa and I had a bit of fun for our team weekend and gave the Frieda pattern a whole new look. Take a look at this video here!

Photos via Instagram: ©️ instagram.com/kittysinnsta / instagram.com/needlesclatter

Kitty and Heike are in a soccer and vacation mood. Our European Championship fan bracelet made from Ica by Lamana has now been copied many times (the pattern are free!) and of course we hope that "we" will stay in this European Football Championship for a while yet. There is certainly no lack of support from the knitting scene!

Heike has Blouse No. 2 from My Favorite Things Knitwear in Petunia from Rauma on the boat. It's also on my list. Maybe in late summer!

Unfortunately, I can't go on a boat right now. But it might be enough for the paddling pool again. Feet in the water, knitting project on my lap. That sounds good! And to take us back to the beginning: Despite swearing and an unquotable sentence about crocheting, Sandra has already ordered the kit for a second basket. After all, crocheting is great fun. Have a lovely weekend with lots of time on your needles!


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I would love to have the pattern for the "WC-Frieda".😍 That is such a fun idea. 😂👍 THANK YOU.
Kind regards Simone


Dear Simone, how nice that you like our little fun 😉 I've sent you an email! Best wishes and have a good start to the new week! Sophia

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