What did our new colleague Chris write in our chat the other day? "My first month at Maschenfein is over!" It's crazy how time flies. And not only has the second half of the year begun, new projects have also been added to our needles - at least some of them. You can read about them today:

New in the sense of "rediscovered"

The nice thing about text premises is that I ignore them in the first point. Because Judith, one of our developers, doesn't have a new project on the needles. At least not a really new one. Now that it has had a break in the project basket for a while, the following project is back on the "active knitting list" (and is generating enthusiasm in every respect!):

This is my second summer knitting the Cumulus Tee and I am almost finished and very proud. I might make the sleeves a little shorter than PetiteKnit suggests. I've had the Pure Silk shirt from Knitting for Olive (the lovely color is Rhubarb Juice) on a few times to check the length and am a big fan of its temperature regulating abilities. I have no idea how it works, but it cools when it's hot and warms when it's cold 🤯.

The Cumulus Tee from PetiteKnit by Judith.
Photo: ©️ Judith Lippold
Sienna Bag from PetiteKnit at Jule.
Photo: ©️ Julia Gotthardt

That will certainly be quick: Jule has a new project - also from PetiteKnit.

I am knitting the Sienna Bag from Petite Knit for the summer. It will be a fine little summer bag. I wound the Crealino from Lang Yarns directly onto a ball of yarn in three strands, so knitting is no problem. I chose the light-colored leather bands, which I like better than the dark ones in the original 🙂

Ruffled and stockinette stitch

Sandra has something on her needles that doesn't even exist yet (time travel is now also possible at Maschenfein...). No, a little joke: Sandra is currently test knitting the - attention, working title - Perla Cardigan, which will soon be available for you as a pattern.

Even though knitting time is once again very short, I'm taking part in the test knit for the new Maschenfein design. Marisa wanted a summer cardigan and I was looking for a design that I could knit in Perla from Lamana (a yarn that I think is not used enough - the blend of cotton, alpaca and silk is a real dream) - perfect!

Lisa has conjured up a great tutorial on Marisa's ideas and hey - you can always use a blue Garter Stitch Cardi in your wardrobe, can't you?

The pattern are still being tested and will probably be published at the end of July/beginning of August. You can study the Perla color palette in the meantime 😉.

Perla Cardigan from Maschenfein by Sandra.
Photo: ©️ Sandra Groll
Tiril shorts from Sandnes by Chris.
Photo: ©️ Christine Bodner

These shorts are just great - even in their third year! The Maschenfein team already has a few examples and if my day didn't only have 24 hours, I'd make another version straight away. So I'm a little jealous of the current project by our new colleague Chris:

My first project as part of the Maschenfeinteam are the shorts from the pattern booklet "Tirils Sommersett". I like Line from Sandnes in Isblå so much and the summer will definitely turn up again. Incidentally, this project is also a first, as I haven't worked pants before. I can already say: it's fun!

Most beautiful colors

Barbara is completely enchanted by summer and all its colors. Cashmere Classic from Cardiff and a beautiful top are the perfect match ...

The wild roses on the way to the beach. When the kids eat raspberry ice cream and strip down to their swimming trunks (or diapers) beforehand, because it's definitely going to spill deliciously. Wildberry Lillet. Lip gloss that sticks a little... the colors of Cardiff's Cashmere Classic are a summery bliss and the wool itself is as soft as a hug. It won't be long before we're united, my home camisole from Caidree and me! Would you prefer Rosemary or Sakura?

Yarn for a home camisole from Caidree by Barbara.
Photo: ©️ Barbara Schulze
Olga sweater from PetiteKnit at Sophia.
Photo: ©️ Sophia Michalzik

As far as beautiful colors are concerned, I'll join in right away. But not with a summer project ...

At our team weekend, the Olga sweater from PetiteKnit ended up on my needles. As you know, I have sworn off stripes, which is why - of course - a project with stripes was due again. This is also my first time knitting with Peer Gynt from Sandnes. The pure new wool yarn is rather robust, but I'm really looking forward to the finished sweater. I'm not putting any pressure on myself when knitting. Hopefully it's still a while until fall! So there will definitely be one more summer project ...

Become part of the Maschenfein knitting round

And what are you knitting in July? Feel free to tell us in the comments or show us in our knitting rounds on Facebook or Instagram, where we use the hashtag #aufdennadeln. We look forward to seeing your pictures!

Are you visiting us for the first time? Every month we collect our knitting projects on social media. You can find all past collections to browse in the On the Needles section.


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I am currently knitting Shore Tee, from Tynn Line by Sandnes Yarn. I have to adjust the pattern a bit as my gauge isn't right, but the hardest part, shoulders and armholes, is now done and I'm very happy with the result.
As a second project I have cast on Amesbury Cardigan, from Lamana Piura and Mohair Bliss. So beautiful! That I'm even NOT thinking about the next project, and that's saying something 😊

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