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... at Maschenfein, your online store all about knitting!

At Maschenfein you will find a carefully curated range of sustainable yarns, a wide assortment of knitting accessories and pattern as well as constantly fresh inspiration around the most beautiful hobby in the world - because we love knitting ourselves!

We hope you enjoy browsing!

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I wanted to thank you for your wonderful website and the great Saturday coffee. So many beautiful patterns and so beautifully photographed and presented! I have really got into knitting and am going to try my hand at a top. Your site is really beautifully laid out and presents such wonderful patterns. Thank you very much!
Claudia H. | Online customer via e-mail
Hello to the Maschenfein team!

I just wanted to say that you guys are the best!!!!!!!
The other day I was looking for yarn alternatives for the Anne Ventzel Bella Blocking, ended up at Camarose for myself and thought to myself, what do they do in Berlin? Have they put together a package for the sweater?
And lo and behold! Suitable for everyday use for people on a budget. I was so pleased!

And now you still have Cardiff! Wow, great!!!!
Many thanks to you and best wishes!
Monika N. | Online customer via e-mail
Dear Maschenfein team,
I have to say a big thank you to you all, otherwise I could burst with so many feelings, like the balloon in the Winnie the Pooh book. The reason for this is the Artisan Cardigan!
Thank you Marisa for infecting me! Thank you Sophia for keeping up the "infection" with Samstagskaffee-blog! Thank you dear Jule for advising me on the yarn alternatives! And now it's finished, the Artisan Cardigan, and it makes me incredibly happy!
[...] I'm so happy!
Tatsiana W. | Online customer via e-mail
And then I would like to give you a very, very big compliment: I've only been knitting for about a year and have now been SO hooked by your podcast AND your magical website that I'll probably never order online anywhere else again!!! My mom has been knitting for 50 years, I resisted knitting for a long time, but resistance is futile now, I've given up. :-)
Steffi | Customer via e-mail
Dear Sandra,
Thank you very much for the quick reply. I would also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for your always incredibly kind and competent support. I had once ordered yarn from another site where I had some left over and therefore wanted to order the same batch again for another project. I was told that this was not logistically possible. And you even make it easy to order a specific batch via the website 🤩 mega! I already know why I only order from you ❤️
Kind regards

(March 2024)
Ramona | Customer via e-mail
Dear Maschenfein team,

Thank you so much for sending the wool so quickly, ordered yesterday morning at 10am, delivered today at 10am, wow!
Great presentation of the wool in the online store, and the fact that you can compare the colors is really convenient.
When my shawl is finished, I will definitely order again from Maschenfein. I'm already looking forward to the spring designs.
Best regards and keep up the good work!
Martina | Online customer via e-mail
Dear Maschenfein team,

I would like to say thank you for the great pattern Rock Ruth!!!
Wore it for the first time yesterday and I think the fit is great 😍😍😍😍😍
I will definitely knit it in other colors!!!
Ernestine | Online customer via e-mail
Dear Maschenfein team,

I'd rather give you my feedback in person than online: you are great! Louisa gave me such perfect advice on my choice of material over the phone - and the result couldn't be better: The two materials harmonize wonderfully with each other, that's exactly the feel and look I want for the skirt to go with my Akris embroidery vest, and knitted individually, the Pascuali yarn will make the top for the skirt (I'll let you know more about that). Designer Albert Kriemler himself couldn't have chosen a better color.

See you soon, best regards and 1000 thanks

(January 2024)
Monika | Online customer via e-mail
Dear Maschenfein team,

My order has just arrived. Many thanks on this way on the one hand, for the attached information, and on the other hand, for the very fast shipping. A top service!

Kind regards,
Maike L.

(January 2024)
Maike L. | Online customer via e-mail
Dear Maschenfein team

Do you know how happy I am about this newsletter? I have missed it sooo much. And finally you can send it to the t-online addresses again!!! Great!!! I really missed your NEwsletter. Many, many thanks and best wishes to the whole team.

Sending you a big hug
Sabine G.-S.

(January 2024)
Sabine G.-S. | Reader and online customer via comment
I am so looking forward to receiving parcels from you...
Thank you for so much Freude❣️
Merry Christmas🎄
Ulrike G.
Ulrike G. | Online customer via e-mail
I'm simply using this space to say THANK YOU. Thank you for your inspiring blog posts and this wonderful, lovingly stocked online store! (Maybe (one day) you'll also have the Finull from Rauma, we'll see ;-))
I wish you all a hopefully relaxed and happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Please keep up the good work! VG Vera
Vera K. | Online customer via order field
Hello dear Maschenfein team,
I would like to thank you!
The fact that you deliver so quickly despite Christmas stress and certainly many orders is simply unbeatable.😊 Thank you very much for that and Merry Christmas to you all and lots of knitting time 😉.
Best regards, Ursula
Ursula H. | Online customer via e-mail
A friend has discovered her passion for knitting - I'm happy(!) to be the central contact.
Now I "feed" her successively with little MUUD souvenirs, so that she gets into the right "mood".
Because: She wants to equip herself once so "right". And I recommend only ONE address: MASCHENFEIN - who else.
Once she has already ordered from you - on my recommendation.
And she was completely satisfied with service & handling & communication & packaging/shipping/delivery process.
(Note: It was her very first wool order via internet.....)
Brigitta R. | Online customer via e-mail
I love your site and the stories, unfortunately I do not have as much time for knitting as I would like. But I think that's probably the case for many of your customers.
Keep it up, you are really great 😊
Susanne I. | Online customer via e-mail
After I placed the order, the wool package arrived three days later, expected by me full of anticipation, so I could then start right away. I chose the yarn of variant 2, it is quite a bit more expensive, but beautiful in appearance and feel. I am thrilled with this soft, non-scratchy quality. The two types of wool are wonderful to knit together, the pattern are easy to understand and clear, the finished result is as seen in the photos....simply perfectand cozy. So thank you very much. After a few years of not knitting, I have caught fire thanks to your website and always look forward to your Saturday coffee.
Angelika M. | Online customer via comment
Super beautiful wool and really fast shipping. If you have any questions, you get a quick and competent answer. Absolutely recommendable :-)
Kerstin B. | Online customer via Facebook
It's really fun to "gruschtln" on your site and scroll through your blog posts. You can see how much work and friends are in it :-)
Tamara B. | Online customer via e-mail
Very reliable and competent. I especially like the lovely packaging. Very noble yarns, just right for a knitting fanatic😊😊.
Christel G. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
I am so grateful that you guys exist.
Your passion and love for knitting radiates from everything you do. The new website, the podcast, the Instagram presence - I love it! Because you are so tangible and accessible, I finally feel like I belong to a community with my hobby where sharing and inspiration have expanded my knitting skills in one fell swoop. I am thrilled! Thank you for your infectious nature and wonderful work!
Anja M. | Online customer via e-mail
You always make so much effort to make it almost like buying it in the store!
Marion M. | Online customer via e-mail
Maschenfein has always been my favorite knitting store, and probably always will be. The team is so great, friendly and helpful, and they are bursting with new creative ideas - whether it's the annual Mother's Day Knitalong, Christmas promotions, or other specials. By the way, at Maschenfein you also get the best wool from selected manufacturers, and the most beautiful and highest quality knitting accessories! :-)
Verena F. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
A big thank you for the friendly and fast customer support with my last order! Since one or the other company can gladly cut off a small slice of!
Lara A. | Online customer via e-mail
I am an absolute Maschenfeinfan. Great yarns and super accessories in the assortment, there are no wishes unfulfilled. In addition, always ready to advise on questions.
Dagmar H. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
Quite excellent store. Very fast delivery and very lovingly packed. extensive assortment, competent help with questions.
Birgit S. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
Thank you for your great website! Through it I have found after more than 20 years back to knitting and my 82-year-old mother also..!!!!!
Annett R. | Online customer via e-mail
As always, very fast delivery and the yarn was lovingly packaged. As a small addition, gauge labels were included.
Karen B. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
I have been a customer of Maschenfein for a long time. This time I was really even more pleased when unpacking. The package was so lovingly packed. The fine tissue paper, the great cards and of course not least the great wool. Very great, thank you
Sabine H. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
Simply a favorite store! Super fast delivery, lovingly packaged and of course quality goods.
Ruth R. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
The store carries wonderful yarns and you can tell that the team is passionate about it.
Dagmar C. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
I always like to order from Maschenfein! They have everything a knitter's heart desires, and yet the assortment doesn't seem arbitrary, but hand-picked and high-quality. The service is outstanding, no matter with which request one turns to the support. Also, shipping is always fast, and everything is sooo beautifully and lovingly packaged! Simply TOP!
Verena F. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
My absolute top store ;-)). Very fast, very reliable and extremely friendly. Thank you!
Sabine H. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
Great website, nice selection. Uncomplicated ordering. Very satisfied and I become a loyal customer.
Alexandra P. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
Thanks for the great advice and info on the shipments.
Anja H. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
Thank you, I am very satisfied with the delivery and contact with the Maschenfein team.
Jan K. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
Fast uncomplicated delivery, lovingly packaged. Accidental wrong delivery was corrected immediately and unbureaucratically. Nice contact with the sales team. Great store, I will certainly order there again.
Silke U. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
Most wonderful store ever !
Christine E. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
Everything super! I am totally satisfied and order at any time again at Maschenfein!
Lisa S. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
Lovingly packaged goods, great appealing online store, exciting newsletter. I have no suggestion for improvement.☺️😍
Heike R. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
Very nice contact, fast shipping, super goods - gladly again.
Dorothee R. | Online customer via Trusted Shops
That has once again worked out great! Monday ordered, and today I can already start knitting! And after the great written advice, the wool is exactly as I had imagined.
Thanks for the great service!
Klara B. | Online customer via e-mail
Maschenfein is definitely the most beautiful online store for wool & knitting accessories at the latest!
The store has always been visually appealing, but now it's extra Scandinavian-reduced pretty and aesthetic!
Fits very well with the style and designs at Maschenfein.
The page is still a bit slow, especially when you click on individual colors of a yarn, it still takes until they are displayed in large. But it is certainly because everyone is curious and wants to look at the new page.
Verena M. | Online customer via Facebook
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