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In 2015, Jonna and Sini, two passionate knitters, joined forces to bring a whole new kind of knitting magazine to the international market. They had met in 2013 in Jonna's knitting store in their shared hometown, about an hour from Helsinki. The success of the Finnish publishing house was apparent from the start: The first Laine magazine sold out within half an hour. Since then, nine more issues have appeared. The founders and their team pay particular attention to beautiful images with great recognition value. To this day, Sini and Jonna take the photos themselves.

Laine Magazine imagery

Laine publications at a glance

In addition to magazines, Laine has also been publishing books since 2020 - a new area that began with the bestseller 52 Weeks of Socks. Laine Publishing is also increasingly publishing books by well-known knitwear designers, such as Fair Isle Weekend by Mary Jane Mucklestone.

Laine's Socks Book 52 Weeks of Socks

52 Weeks of Socks provides diverse knitting tutorials for socks and slippers - one for each week of the year. Since the book's release, knitters around the world have been knitting their way through it, recreating the designs of artists such as Isabell Krämer, Joji Locatelli, Amanda Jones, Andrea Mowry, and many more.

Eating together - Friends in Food

Part of Jonna and Sini's story is also Sini's food blog, which she regularly filled with recipes before Laine. Therefore, the book Friends in Food by Pia Alapeteri fits perfectly into the series. However, it is not an ordinary recipe book, but tells about eating together with friends and family. It contains simple recipes for large tables and beautiful stories about coming together.


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