Who would have thought it? Slipovers are back again. We are very happy about this revival and have compiled the most diverse designs for under and over. You just have to choose which style you like best.

Like a sweater without sleeves? - Exactly!

If you like knitting and wearing sweaters, you will surely love slipovers. In the transitional season, a classy slipover over a classic blouse warms up the office outfit. And for us knitters, they offer the great opportunity to wear more knitted pieces at the same time: a beautiful slipover combined with a cozy cardigan is the perfect outfit for fall and winter.

Another big advantage of sweaters - from the point of view of many knitters - is that no sleeves need to be knitted. (Don't forget: without sleeves it's not a project ;-)) No stay on Sleeve Island and thus nice and fast finished knitting. And still almost as cuddly-warm, as a sweater. So the hot-blooded among us, who already sweat at the sight of heavy wool sweaters, find in them a wonderful way to wear self-knitted.

Sweater Ingrid © Lamana from Como Grande

Simple and simply good

Let's start slowly and unagitated with very simple designs. These slipovers can be combined with just about any occasion. From casual urban look to elegant party outfit, you are always well dressed with these designs. Just give them a try!

If you like it simple, you probably also love business chic. Rather knitted from noble, thinner yarns and with a smaller needle size, slipovers become suitable for the office. Under a jacket and over a blouse or dress - in the cold season, knitwear can be wonderfully integrated into the business environment. We also have a few inspirations for you:

Pattern over pattern

In order not to go completely wild right after the simple designs, we'll first take a closer look at a few beautiful structure patterns. With a mix of right and purl stitches, false cables, turn-ups as well as increases and decreases, you can conjure up great structures.

Would you like a little more? Then you'll make the right choice with sweaters with braids, multicolored Fair Isle and large-scale patterns:

Totally cozy

Saturday morning on the couch - with a cup of coffee - and of course our weekly Saturday coffee 😉 - organize the thoughts and shopping lists and then start the weekend in jeans, a simple shirt and a cozy slipover. That's exactly what the following slipovers are made for!

Quite open

For those who prefer to wear cardigans instead of sweaters, vests might be a nice alternative to sweaters.

A very new trend is that slipovers are open at the sides and worn almost like a long collar. These designs are then tied in the sides only, so that nothing slips.

For the whole family

Slipovers work for everyone, but some categories are still expandable. So we currently find on Ravelry & Co. for men rather designs that are - let's say - very vintage.

If you want to knit a sweater for men, you can choose many of the women's designs. Just take a look at the sizes: if you have the right chest circumference and the cut is not figure-hugging, it should work. We also have a few kits specifically for men in the store.

Sweater Max © Pascuali from Puno Winikunka

For children, the selection is again larger. But it also looks just too cute when the little ones wear a slipover over shirts and co. Especially from the Scandinavian designers there is a great selection. And without sleeves, these already fast children's projects are finished even faster.

All those who want to browse even more through our ever-growing selection of knitting kits and wool packages to sweaters and slipovers of all kinds will find what they are looking for here:


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