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I like making plans. I'm great at creating analog and digital lists. I like to add a sticker and that's it, the good feeling of having everything under control. My weekly to-dos always include the item "knitting". It says something like "second sleeve Levitate wrap". You can imagine how that regularly turns out ...

Good morning for Saturday coffee! Today we'll be drinking coffee (or tee, of course), thinking, browsing, getting inspired and knitting away in our heads. Make yourselves comfortable and have fun reading!

Everything comes back

I'm sure one or two of you have already had old clothes from your parents or grandparents in your hands - for whatever reason. I always find that fascinating. Quite apart from the stories that might have happened while wearing the respective pieces, it's always exciting to take a look back in time.

The new design from PetiteKnit is just that: a piece of fashionable contemporary history. I think that the shoulder construction even makes the whole thing look as if the jacket has some kind of shoulder pads. For a long time, I thought that these were another piece of fashion history that should please not be repeated. But here, I can't say it any other way, I think the suggestion is really cool!

PetiteKnit - Esther jacket
A jacket I thought I didn't need: Esther Jacket.
Photo: ©️ PetiteKnit
PetiteKnit - Esther jacket
The textured pattern clearly exudes the charm of past decades: Esther Jacket.
Photo: ©️ PetiteKnit

PetiteKnit says of her design, which, like the Karla Cape presented last week, is part of an entire collection, that it is like that piece of clothing you find in your grandfather's closet - and then want to take home with you. I think that's exactly right.

You knit the Esther Jacket from the top down. First, the upper part of the back is worked with increases, then the shoulders are worked from stitches picked up at the top of the back. Finally, the facings and a ribbed band at the neckline are worked. In our knitting kit you will find Como Grande and Premia by Lamana. An incredibly beautiful combination!

Cozy sweater instead of jacket

The new design from My Favourite Things Knitwear (also the creator of the Levitate wrap, by the way) is from the same collection: The Norma Sweater is a cozy sweater with a retro single knit pattern and a high collar. The pattern is also suitable for beginners to multi-colored knitting, as no more than two colors appear in a row at the same time.

You knit from the top down. The neckline is shaped after knitting the ribbing using short rows. As is often the case with Louise (the designer behind My Favourite Things Knitwear), the pattern is oversized. So feel free to try it on while knitting to find the perfect body and sleeve length for you. For the yarn, we recommend Organic Wool and Deluxe Silk Mohair from Krea Deluxe.

My Favorite Things - Norma Sweater
Also really beautiful: Norma Sweater.
Photo: ©️ My Favorite Things

A little fluff is allowed ...

My Favorite Things Knitwear - Blouse No. 1 - light
Anyone who likes to wear mohair next to their skin will love this model: Blouse No. 1.
Photo: ©️ My Favorite Things Knitwear

Over the past few days, Marisa has been showing her current favorite designs on Instagram, as well as the projects she is currently working on. And there's one thing that can't be missing: a fluffy shawl yarn (with the exception of midsummer, when even the boss can't have any fluff ;-)). As I also like knitting with multiple yarns and have absolutely nothing against mohair (quite the opposite!), this design has to be included here today:

Blouse No. 1 light is the thinner version of its (almost) big sister of the same name - both are also made by My Favorite Things Knitwear. If you knit the slightly heavier version from two strands of Pure Silk, the light version is almost cloudy thanks to double-threaded Soft Silk Mohair (both from Knitting for Olive). However, the construction remains the same: knitting is done from the top down. The styles are designed to fit close to the body, only the sleeves are slightly flared towards the hem.

One thread of fleece, one thread of alpaca, and knitted happiness is ready

As I said at the beginning, I'm super good at making (knitting) plans. To be on the safe side, I always implement them in my shopping basket. Just put the kit for the Eva Cardigan in the basket and see what happens (so far nothing, except that I forgot it and wondered why the total at the end was ... well).

This model here is at least in the basket, if not already knitted in your head: The Traveler Shell by Andrea Mowry. Or as Louisa said: "I can see you sitting in it in pink in front of a Danish summer cottage." What can I say? I like the way she thinks!

We have created the kit for you with a Pascuali combination: Alpaca Lace and Manada. You knit - attention! - From the bottom up, the shoulder seams are bound off with a 3-needle bind-off for more stability (not difficult!). Work the pockets separately and then sew them on. Oh, I feel this model so much! And I already feel like it's summer vacation, I tell you!

Andrea Mowry - The Traveler Shell
I might want this jacket: The Traveler Shell.
Photo: ©️ Andrea Mowry
Pascuali - Overall ODO
I'll take everything: baby, jumpsuit, rug. Overall Odo.
Photo: ©️ Pascuali

Another Pascuali yarn is used for this sugar-sweet design: the Odo jumpsuit. Merino Baby is used here, a cozy soft new wool yarn that is guaranteed not to scratch or prick.

The pattern is worked from the top down in a half-pattern, increasing on both sides of the distinctive raglan lines for the width. Everything up to the button placket is worked in rows, but sleeves and legs are worked in rounds. So there is something for everyone!

If it can be cashmere ...

Finally, I have a very classy piece for you that will be a timeless companion for many, many years to come: the Morningside Top by Cheryl Mokhtari. You can wear the shirt as a pullover over a blouse or directly on your skin.

To make this possible, we have added Cashmere 6/28 from Pascuali to your kit, just like the original yarn. So wonderfully soft, it's a pleasure to knit and wear. You knit from the top down in stockinette stitch. And I dare say that your children and grandchildren will be delighted one day when they hold this piece of yours in their hands.

Cheryl Mokhtari - Morning Side Top
With or without a blouse - simply great: Morningside Top.
Photo: ©️ Cheryl Mokhtari
A knitted must-have: Paul Scarf in cashmere 6/28 from Pascuali.
Photo: ©️ Marisa Nöldeke

Of course, we know that cashmere 6/28 is more expensive, which is due to the material used, but also to the high quality. Animals, farm owners, dyeing and spinning mills - all are carefully selected and regularly inspected.

It was not without reason that we chose this quality for our Paul Scarf, which is decorated with our Frieda pattern and was Paul Pascuali's birthday present. For every pattern sold until February 29, 2024, we will donate one euro to a charity of Paul's choice. The Pascuali boss has now made his decision: The sum will go to Welthungerhilfe in Bolivia. We are delighted to be doing something good there in Paul's name. And if you still need the pattern: You can find them in our store or on Ravelry. The matching yarn is of course available in the knitting kit.

Arrived at the warehouse

Before we take a look at the knitting round, a little service note: The pattern for the DIY magazine 2403 from Sandnes have arrived in stock. Yay! So if you were still hesitating because you would like to have the yarn and pattern in one go - now you can get started! Feel free to browse through all the patterns again.

Maschenfein knitting round

You can already spot a few issues of Paul Scarf in our knitting group - which makes us really happy! You're all knitting like crazy. Could it be any better?

Photos via Instagram: ©️ instagram.com/frauvonundzubluemchen / instagram.com/bolerohund

You can see the shawl at Astrid and Heidi, among others. Once with the original yarn and once with a ball from the stash. That's (also) the great thing about this model: you can use up leftovers or treat yourself to two balls of the original - just as you like.

Photos via Instagram: ©️ instagram.com/knit.selfcare / instagram.com/peggy.knits

You can discover a perfectly executed Italian stop at Christine' s place. She used unser Videotutorial for this. What did she use the method for? For the Louvre Sweater from PetiteKnit made from Merry Merino 140 from Kremke Soul Wool.

Andrea works on the Terracotta Sweater by Lene Holme Samsøe - here made from merino and soft silk mohair by Knitting for Olive. The mix of structure and fair isle works really well in this design!

Looking at my notebook and the "Knitting" item, the picture is now a bit of a mess. Maybe the Esther Jacket has slipped on, the Paul Scarf is there anyway and the Traveler Shell has slipped way up. Oops. Done! Have a great weekend with lots of knitting time!


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Dear Sophia, I really enjoy reading the Saturday Coffee and every now and then I let myself be convinced/persuaded to knit a new piece. However, I find it somehow illogical (at least for me) to wear cashmere or mohair pieces in summer. I love linen or linen mixes in summer, possibly also silk/silk mixes (preferably cruelty-free such as pure silk from Knitting for Olive).
I have a short-sleeved merino shirt that I rarely wear - in the transition period from winter to spring.
I really like the cut of the Morningside Top, but I would never knit it in cashmere.
Nevertheless, there are enough ideas to inspire me. Unfortunately, I only have 2 hands and limited time ...


Dear Susanne, I think we're all familiar with the limited time. 😉 Personally, I wouldn't wear a cashmere top in midsummer either, but some people might want to wear it now and simply pull a cardigan over it or use it as a sweater. Luckily, there are so many knitwear designs - there's something for everyone 🙂 Best wishes and happy knitting! Sophia


Hello, dear Sophia, it was another very enjoyable Saturday coffee today.
Yes, plans are there to be changed - as the Icelandic proverb says. Knitting plans anyway... Two weeks ago, the Clematis Sweater appeared in the kits. I had to cast it on immediately and can highly recommend it. One and a half sleeves are still missing.
Today, the Esther Jacket is coming my way. Beautiful, in my favorite pattern and a piece for years. I actually already have the yarn and pattern for the Desert Sweater and the Knust Light ready... I wonder how the conflict will end?
Have a nice weekend and best wishes to all like-minded people


Dear Uta, haha - I can't wait to see which design will be next on your needles 🙂 I'm definitely glad that I can inspire you! Best wishes and happy knitting, Sophia

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