We've hinted at it before: we're in the throes of felting fever. Yes, it's contagious, but no, it's not dangerous. And it's fun. And it's distracting (which I find particularly important at the moment). So, what's up with you guys? Do you knit and felt? We've got something great in mind for you.

Together with you, we want to knit mittens or gauntlets, slippers or felt bags during an Instagram Live, which will then be felted in the washing machine. We can even chat a bit with each other via the chat function. Let's hope we don't get confused when counting the stitches 😉 .

What you need for our mittens and cuffs? First of all, of course, a great desire for the project, then the pattern (available from us) and two to three balls of Fritidsgarn from SANDNES (also available from us, of course). To keep it as uncomplicated as possible, we have put together a knitting kit for you. You only have to choose one size and color. And whether the gloves should be open or closed. Speaking of color: We have ordered generously. But if your color is out, be sure - we're always trying to get supplies! You still have yarn in your stash? Then we have the individually here.

Spoilt for choice: the Fritidsgarn color chartPhoto

The felt gloves are started with a two-one rib cuff before the palm is knitted stockinette stitch. For the thumb, work in an auxiliary thread so that you can knit it in later in the same place.

By the way, these are our color combination for the closed glove version:

Sandra: main color 6052, contrast color 6364Marisa
: main color 1055, contrast color 1042Sophia
: main color 4023, contrast

color 1042

When you start knitting, you may be a little surprised. Yes, it is absolutely true that you are knitting a glove that is way too big. It has to be that way! The good thing about it: It goes really quickly. Depending on your size and gauge, you'll be knitting with a needle size of 5 to 7 mm. I would bet that some of you will finish one glove during our one-hour live conversation. Then, when you finish the second one, here's what happens:

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Off to the washing machine!

On the one hand, we now know that Sandra has a really quiet washing machine (I'm really a bit jealous of the light), and on the other hand, you can also see quite wonderfully: It works! You put your huge gloves into the washing machine and wash them in the normal washing program at 40 degrees. Please without other clothes and with normal washing powder. I admit, the time until you get the then matted gloves out again, can sometimes be seeeehr long, because exciting, but the wait is worth it!

During the subsequent fitting, we noticed that the gloves feel tight at first. It is important that you nevertheless put them on directly after washing and above all pull them into shape. And then please let them dry lying flat. In the end, you will have wonderfully warming gloves. Please share them with us on Instagram or Facebook - we're really looking forward to seeing the results.

Should you prefer to knit something for the feet instead of the gloves, we have of course something for you. Marisa has already started knitting these cute felt slippers (and knitting machine Sandra is even ready!). The pattern are designed for many sizes - so you can knit everyone from children to grandfathers.

Each foot is first worked double, then felted in the washing machine and then pinned together, pulled into shape and finished. Trust us, it works! Even if at first you wonder how exactly this is going to be a shoe when knitting. We just made a small change in the pattern and start with a provisional cast on. But you can read all that again in peace.instructionsttern are available as a free download with the knitting kit, knitted is needle size 5.5.

"Sophia, don't do that!"

And then I have to confess something to you. The other day I got into a bit of trouble! Why? Because I found a tutorial for a felted bag on Ravelry. You can even embroider it. I should please stop sharing such beautiful things, that you have to knit directly after. And you know what I do? I certainly do not stop with it 😉 Instead, I'll show it to you too. Hehe.

Honestly, isn't it beautiful? The bag makes but just great, indoors and outdoors. The pattern can be found here on Ravelry, depending on the size you need 50 g to 150 g per bag. For the handle, another 20 g are given, so you better order a ball for that as well. By the way, we also have embroidery thread in the store - from ITO. Marisa has been sneaking around since her podcast recording with Tanja from ITO(you can find the episode here). Iki is explicitly designed for hand embroidery, Nui can be worked by hand as well as by machine. Iki comes in the color "Pool Green" - and I think it goes perfectly with a pine branch. Since you knit several threads together for stronger lines, I would even use a lighter green for appropriate shading. Oh, head rush!

Photo: © Mari- Anne Johnsen

Last but not least, we have a little idea how you can wrap your (knitted) Christmas gifts then. How about these little bags from Mari- Anne Johnson? Birgit aka munichstitches showed us the "Tova Prosjektpose" on Instagram (because I'm not the only one to blame for too much inspiration!) and we were immediately thrilled. Depending on the size, you will need two to three balls of fritids yarn, needle size 6.5, a string or cord and a wooden bead. You can find the pattern for free on Ravelry - with us in the knitting kit there is then also the German translation.

For example, you can find a leather strap here and the beads here. Two notes at this point: These two links are so-called affiliate links - so we get a small commission if you buy through them. And for the wooden beads you have to get creative again and enlarge the hole with a drill. Then they fit perfectly!

We hope that you now have enough ideas for a Frititidsgarn project. And most importantly, that you will join us for our livestream. We would be happy!


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Hello dear Maschenfein team,

The new site looks great. I will still browse a lot.
I have a question about the felt gloves, two pairs I have already knitted myself, once the wool for it given away. Now the child also wants some, do you have details for gloves in smaller sizes?

Love greetings

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