Who does not know it? Spring (or the relatives) is approaching in leaps and bounds and chaos is raging at home: the last remnants of the winter Christmas decorations are lying in the corner and the home could do with a good dose of color.

How good that we knitters know how to help ourselves! What was considered 'greenie' some time ago is now more trendy than ever - knitted household helpers and cozy decorative elements.

Yarn qualities for household

If we want our home accessories not only decorative, but knit them for the longest possible use in the kitchen and bathroom, the yarn must be robust and at the same time kind to the skin.

Plant-based qualities are particularly suitable here, as they naturally cope well with high temperatures and, due to their fiber structure, also have no problems with strong mechanical friction. Many linen and cotton qualities are therefore also machine-washable.

Orange Tiger. Photo: © Sandnes.

Cotton yarns are perfect for household knits, which are used in the kitchen and bathroom.

Sandnes offers two pure cotton qualities, Mandarin Petit and Mandarin Naturell, for smaller and medium needle sizes.

You're spoiled for (color) choice, from soft nude shades to bright statement colors, there's something for everyone.

Blå Turkis. Photo: © Sandnes.

Those who value a particularly sustainable manufacturing process will be happy with Re-Jeans from Pascuali. The yarn is created from leftovers from jeans production. The fibers are cleaned, re-dyed and spun. Due to the recycling process, the overall color palette is slightly more muted than newly dyed qualities. The yarn has a great feel and is therefore a real alternative to conventional cotton yarns.

Re-jeans in a berry color combination. Photo: © Pascuali.
RE jeans in "Neptune". Photo: © Pascuali.


Before pretty pillows and cozy blankets can move in, the apartment has to shine. And what's more sustainable than selfmade dishcloths?

A wonderful scrap recycler is the Honeycomb Dishcloth by Christine Patterson. The honeycomb pattern creates a grippy feel, so it's great for making dishes shine again.

It is best to choose your favorite color from Re-Jeans by Pascuali. Other cotton yarns with similar yardage are also conceivable, a swatch is not mandatory here.

Honeycomb Dishcloth. Photo: © Christine Patterson.

Useful little helpers in the kitchen

Knitted potholders are not only handy, but also a wonderfully gaudy eye-catcher in any kitchen. They've rightly shed their dusty image as a bugbrear in elementary textile class. Designer Ducathi shows how you can quickly knit yourself a pair.

Bakers Twine
Bakers Twine. Photo: © Ducathi.

The potholders Bakers Twine are made quickly even with little knitting skills. You use Mandarin Naturell (Sandnes) double stranded here.

The cotton yarn guarantees good protection from hot pots and is also extremely easy to clean. You can wash it at a temperature of up to 60 °C (!). In general, the yarn is ideal for all knits that need to be durable - this applies to almost all rags and towels.

Sunny Lime. Photo: © Sandnes.
Mørk Gråblå. Photo: © Sandnes.
Optisc Hvit. Photo: © Sandnes.

Who still remembers the dispicable potholders that you had to crochet in elementary school?

Sidsel Sangild interprets these indispensable kitchen helpers in a much more modern and stylish way. The Folia potholders look at first glance like knitted in brioche, but in fact you crochet them in relief stitch.

This technique and Organic Cotton (Krea Deluxe) ensure a firm feel - and thus brand blister-free fingers.

Folia Potholder
Folia Potholder. Photo: © Sidsel Sangild.

A real all-rounder!

Practical are especially the accessories that can be used for different occasions.

ChrisBerlin has therefore designed the Omnia Mtap. It can be used equally as a pot holder, coaster, soap bag or herb basket. Another highlight: there is something for every knitting level. The Omnia Mtap can be worked in one or two layers.

We have created the kit for you with Ica (Lamana). Alternatively, you can also work with Re-Jeans (Pascuali).

Omnia Mtap
Omnia Mtap. Photo: © ChrisBerlin.

Spring moves in

...and with him the Easter decorations. When outside the first willow catkins appear, there is still time to knit and crochet small gifts for the Easter nest of children or grandparents.

Felt Easter basket
Felt Easter basket. Photo: © Maschenfein.

How about a felted Easter nest, for example?

Maschenfein Felt Easter basket comes in three versions. All three versions are first knitted from fritids yarn and then felted in the washing machine.

Equally decorative is the crocheted bunny pair Mr. and Mrs. Bunny, which will look great on your shelf even apart from Easter.

Mr and Mrs Bunny
Mr and Mrs Bunny. Photo: © Krea Deluxe.
easter bunny
easter bunny. Photo: © Krea Deluxe.

If you can't find time to knit before the holidays but still don't want to miss out on a crocheted little something for your loved ones, take a look at the Easter Bunny from Krea Deluxe.

With a single ball of Organic Cotton (Krea Deluxe) and some fiberfill you can quickly make a nice souvenir.

Store more beautifully

There are ways to store small items outside of bulky shelves and cabinets. Take a look around at our baskets. They're even ready to go, so all you have to do is decide what you want to fill them with.

Also the market purchases want to be stowed. It's clear that we needlework enthusiasts knit and crochet our own bags! The bags are absolutely suitable for beginners and guarantee a quick sense of achievement. And then they are also so incredibly practical - what more could you want?

Breeze Bag
Breeze Bag. Photo: © Petite Knit.

Entertaining and yet varied to knit is the Breeze Bag from Petite Knit. The string bag remains particularly stable in shape due to drawn-in cotton bands in the handles.

Knitted coziness

For all season cozy mood provide plenty of cushions on our sofas, armchairs and where you can just distribute pillows (small tip from the Maschenfein editors: almost everywhere!).

Knitted from soft yet durable merino wool and perhaps a touch of mohair, the pillowcases remain faithful companions throughout the seasons.

Kunos Cushions
Kunos Cushions. Photo: © Anne Ventzel.

If you like to add multicolored accents, check out Anne Ventzel's Kuno's Cushions. You knit them from Como Grande (Lamana) and can decide how deep you want to dive into the color palette.

The purists among you will be happy with the Honey Pillow from Petite Knit. The focus here is on the honeycomb pattern - which of course shouldn't stop you from choosing a pop color. Tynn Silk Mohair and Sunday (both Sandnes) have something for everyone.

Honey Pillow
Honey Pillow. Photo: © Petite Knit.

All kinds of pretty for in between

Most home accessories are quickly knitted or crocheted and therefore also ideal gift ideas for loved ones! Do you fancy the December Bow from Petite Knit? Despite its name, the pretty bow is a great eye-catcher in any home, even in summer.

If you don't want to do without the hot water bottle even in spring, you can significantly increase the cuddle factor by adding a matching cover. Sunam is knitted from Tibetan (both Pascuali) and keeps you warm all year round.

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