Knitting for the little ones

Is there anything cuter than baby knitting? Hardly... The many different designs are too cute, the blankets too cozy, the wool too soft. No matter if you knit for your own or for the offspring of friends and relatives: At Maschenfein you'll find lots of inspiration, beautiful knitting kits and the right accessories.

Is there anything cuter than baby knits?
Photo: © SANDNES

What does the baby need?

Something that every baby can use well is a warming, but still light baby blanket. In our store you will find many different designs to choose from.

Common to all blankets is a high-quality yarn selection: Because the finished blanket should neither scratch nor be too heavy. That's why you'll find qualities like Como from LAMANA, Cashmere 6/28, Saffira and Sole from Pascuali or Tynn Merinoull from SANDNES in the knitting kits. So the little ones snuggle up in fine fibers like merino, cashmere, cotton and silk.

The pure cashmere qualities of Pascuali are even certified organic, but also with the other Pascuali yarns attention is paid to high-quality raw materials and fair treatment of farmers and animals. The same applies to LAMANA, for example. With SANDNES, too, you can be sure that the wool is obtained without mulesing: The Norwegian yarn manufacturer sources its merino wool from South America or Norway itself, regions where mulesing is not used.

A warm head is also important!

A nice gift for the birth are also baby hats - of course you can find a lot of them in our store. The pattern come for example from our own book Smaland - Scandinavian knittingfrom SANDNES from Norway or from famous designers like PetiteKnit from Denmark. Again, we have chosen yarns like Cashmere 6/28 or Manderin Petit and Merino Bébé, which do not irritate the sensitive head.

...and warm feet of course!

Baby's feet get cold quickly - all the better if they are provided with warming socks. Particularly practical are also small cords at the cuff, which help the foot warmers stay in place. A superwash treatment for (sock) yarns also ensures that the socks and booties can be washed in the machine without any problems - not an insignificant argument when it comes to children's clothing.

Small knee socks for baby feetPhoto

In general: children's clothing must first and foremost be practical. And of course they can still look pretty. With self-knitted clothing, you decide which materials are used, which colors are allowed and which item of clothing is still missing from the wardrobe.

Inspiration from Scandinavia

By the way, you can find a lot of knitted children's clothing from Scandinavian designers and yarn manufacturers. For example, SANDNES has developed many of its own designs. But we also find the children's designs from PetiteKnit particularly cute.

Teddy Pants
Teddy Pants

Selma's Sleep Suit
Selma's Sleep Suit

Monday Suit
Monday Suit

For example, the rompers or even a jumpsuit are a great gift for the birth or a wonderful pastime for the last weeks before the birth.

Inspiration is always available thanks to the Danish yarn manufacturer Knitting for Olive. The mother-daughter company regularly publishes knitting pattern for young and old, including, of course, cute designs for children. Whether it's overalls and hats with bear ears or practical sweaters that you don't have to slip over your head to put on - you're sure to find what you're looking for.

To get you started knitting right away, we also have the right accessories: needles, stitch markers, project bags, detergents, and much more. Especially things like a project bag or detergent can be a wonderful gift afterwards. For example, our pretty zipper bags from Kaliko can also hold diapers and wet wipes. And our gentle laundry detergents such as the fine one Wool & Cashmere from Pascuali are so gentle on (knitted) clothing that they can be worn by small children without hesitation.

Do you feel like baby knitting now? The projects are often suitable for beginners and are in most cases quickly knitted. And a hand-knitted greeting for the birth is a wonderful gift - for the baby and also for the parents!

More inspiration...

...there are of course also with us! With our books there is a large selection with children's designs or even cozy toys.


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