Scarves always go - even when it's warm

Maschenfein and scarves, they belong together like summer and ice cream. Yes, even in summer it is always good to have a scarf ready. On cool mornings or evenings, you can drape it loosely over your shoulder and be cozy against the cold. They also provide protection against the delicate drafts when air conditioners, fans or open windows do more than just cool you down. Summer scarves fit when camping or walking in the sunset on the beach just as well as at a summer wedding - a large scarf worn as a stole, is the perfect accessory to the festive outfit.
Therefore, we present you here a few scarves that fit into the warm season. Basically, you can knit almost any shawl in a summer version. Simply replace the original yarn with a summer yarn in a suitable gauge.

Cool but still warming

Summer yarns are (partly) made of animal hair-free fibers, which is why they are less warm. Silk even has a temperature-balancing effect. Blended yarns with merino can be worn practically all year round and are wonderfully soft due to the merino content, but still not too warm. Pure vegetable yarns tend to be less warming and can be pleasantly airy. However, when knitted, they often seem relatively hard. But that changes in any case when worn!

Perfect for summer: Pure Silk by Knitting for Olive.
Photo © Marisa Nöldeke

Airy through holes

Lace patterns - also called lace patterns - are especially suitable for summer. Lace knitting is based on the interplay of turnovers and stitches knitted together. By knitting off an envelope, a hole is created underneath the new stitch. Thin yarns are often knitted with relatively heavy needles. This makes the knitted fabric particularly light and airy. This technique is therefore ideal for summer knitting.

Summer Night by Evgeniya Dupliy from Laine Magazine Issue 14 is a great varied shawl. Garter stitch alternates with a scallop lace pattern.
BC Yarn's GOTS certified yarn Bio-Balance is 45% cotton in addition to 55% virgin wool. It is soft, only slightly warming and does not fuzz.

The Blueberry Shawl is a nice lightweight shawl that fits both summer and fall. The garter stitch stripes and fine lace pattern give variety not only in knitting.
Pinta by Pascuali is a beautiful 4 skein yarn made of 60% merino, 20% silk and 20% ramie. Ramie provides excellent moisture absorption and the silk content provides temperature balance and a very nice sheen.

A Place of Peace by Joji Locatelli is a stole that combines different shapes and structures. Short rows create triangles, alternating stripes and pure mohair knit. No hole pattern is worked here but knitting the mohair yarn with relatively heavy needles results in a very airy fine knit.
With a silk content of 30 percent, Alpakka Silke by Sandnes yarn is much cooler than you would expect from alpaca wool. In addition, the silk gives the yarn a beautiful sheen.

Without mohair - without Maschenfein

We at Maschenfein love mohair, as you know. So much so, that we can knit it in summer without any problems. But a shawl made of mohair can also be suitable for summer. A large and airy shawl that - loosely wrapped around the shoulders - warms on balmy evenings. Simply cozy - even in summer. So it's no surprise that Marisa has already written a few tutorials on such airy, big scarves. Here are our favorites:

The Easy Triangle Shawl is, as the name suggests, a super simply constructed shawl that gets its special effect from a few turn-ups and the beautiful mohair yarn.
The matching yarn Mohair Luxe from Lang Yarns is 77% mohair with a 23% silk content. It is available in many colors, so you are sure to find your favorite color among them!

The shawl Hinata is THE maschenfein classic. It is knitted with one thread and gets the special pattern by lifting stitches. Each row is always knitted with one color, so there is no need to change colors within the rows. The inserted lifting stitch triangles make the shawl "wavy".
Kidsilk Haze from Rowan is a beautiful and versatile yarn made from Super Kid Mohair and silk.

This XXL stole is knit in two strands, which makes it so wonderfully cozy. It is knit in stockinette stitch from the left short side to the top right corner. The lace pattern is created by turn-ups and stitches knitted together.
Soft Sil k Mohair from Knitting for Olive is a beautiful silk mohair yarn. It's wonderfully soft and available in a really great range of colors.

Small and fine

Actually, cloths can not be big enough. But sometimes something small is enough. Quickly stowed in the handbag, small cloths are the perfect companions for a stroll through the city or a sightseeing tour.

The knitting design from the "Mach dein Ding" series of the Inititative Handarbeit is a small knitted scarf for the year 2023 from the pen of Paula_m. #machdeinding2023 is a small bandana knitted in garter stitch and gets a great stripe effect by alternating the yarns.
Again, we didn't choose a classic summer yarn combo. Instead, the color palette of Organic Brushed Alpaca and Organic Soft Merino yarns from KAOS Yarn offers really bright summer colors.

The Sophie Scarf by Petite Knit is a little scarf that is knit very simply from tip to tip in garter stitch. It comes in two sizes: The small scarf can be tied once around the neck, the large scarf twice.
When it comes to summer knits, this is not the first yarn you think of, but we still stick with Cashmere 6/28 BIO from Pascuali for the Sophie Scarf. Such a small neck flatterer made of the finest cashmere yarn goes nevertheless in each season.

The I LOVE STRIPES Bandana by Paula_m is a small, simple triangular scarf in a striped pattern. Made from Pure Silk by Knitting for Olive, it's the perfect little accessory for summer. The great thing: two balls are even enough for two I LOVE STRIPES bandanas, if you swap the main color and the contrast color. For those who want the bandana to be cozier, we have created a second kit from Verona by Lamana.
The pattern include two variations, a smaller version for a head scarf and a slightly larger version that works well as a neck scarf. By the way, the scarf also looks great in one color, the stripes then come out very nicely as a structural pattern.

With the right accessories to the perfect cloth

The right needles

Long circular knitting needles are particularly suitable for shawls. This means you always have enough space on the needle - no matter how big the shawl is.

Needle systems are particularly convenient. The interchangeable cables allow you to vary the length. This is especially practical for triangular shawls, when the number of stitches is constantly increasing or decreasing during knitting. You can also compensate for differences in the strength of the stitches in back and forth rows. Simply screw a thinner needle - or a heavier one, depending on how tightly you knit your right or purl stitches - to the end of the rope whose needle you will use to knit the back row.

Tension for the most beautiful cloths

In order for the pattern of your cloth to fully come into its own, it should be nicely stretched into shape after washing. Stretching mats are particularly helpful for this.

Depending on the model, it is sufficient to smooth the cloth and fix it with worsted pins. Straight lace patterns unfold best when you stretch the knitted piece under tension.


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