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Jacket knitting needle bamboo

Prym 1530 series

7,00 - 9,50


Jacket knitting needle bamboo

The jacket knitting needles made of bamboo from Prym were developed with the sustainability series "1530". These jacket knitting needles made of lightweight bamboo inspire with their pleasantly warm feel as well as a smooth, very grippy surface - making them perfect for longer knitting in one piece. Despite their high robustness, they are very flexible. The tips are precisely shaped, absolutely free of fibers and thus allow easy insertion of the needle into the stitches without splitting the yarn. The button at the end of the needle also prevents the stitches from slipping. In terms of sustainability, the jacket knitting needles are not only convincing with a rapidly renewable Chinese bamboo as a material, but also with the gentle processing and plastic-free packaging. Due to the natural material, they are also very suitable for allergy sufferers.

Length: 33 cm

Thicknesses: 2.5 mm - 10 mm

Photos: © Prym


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