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Rauma - Fivel

Virgin wool

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Rauma - Fivel

The new yarn Fivel from Rauma is a two-ply twisted worsted yarn made from fibers from Norwegian sheep. The spinning method and the high-quality fibers give the yarn a very light and airy structure, which makes it particularly comfortable to wear. This type of yarn is particularly warm thanks to the many air pockets it contains. At the same time, the knitted pieces remain very light.
Knitted items made from this yarn are warm and breathable even when damp, making it particularly suitable for garments for hiking or other everyday activities. At the same time, Fivel is characterized above all by its good durability, resilience and elasticity. Spun as a carded yarn, wool offers the ideal balance between functionality and comfort. The result is light, airy and comfortable garments with a long service life. Who wouldn't want to climb the summit on their next hike in a hand-knitted sweater, without having to put on and take off the usual sweating or freezing clothes?
The feel of this yarn can be described as robust but not scratchy, which becomes softer with every wash. Of course, the fibers from Norwegian sheep, which defy the weather all year round, cannot be compared with the butter-soft fibers of merino sheep from more southerly climes, but sometimes you don't have to.
Fivel is a versatile yarn that cuts a great figure in stockinette, colorwork and textured knits. It is also ideal for felting.


Fivel is produced in a factory in the beautiful Romsdalen valley. Here the yarn is carded, twisted, spun, washed, dyed and knitted from 100% Norwegian wool. This is an exclusively Norwegian product!

Product details Petunia

ball: 50g
Running length: approx. 100 m
Needle size: 4 - 5 mm
gauge: 16 - 18 sts = 10 cm
Care: Hand wash, 30 °C

Raw material composition:
(according to EU Textile Labelling Regulation) 100% virgin wool

Photos: © Rauma


Type of yarn

All season yarn, winter yarn

Fiber material

Virgin wool


Light (DK)


Rauma yarn

Yardage per 100g


Gauge (on 10cm)

17 to 19 stitches

Needle size

4 to 5.5


mulesing free


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