Muka sweater - knitting pattern

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Muka sweater - PDF knitting pattern

The Muka Sweater from a tutorial by ChrisBerlin looks at first like a classic striped sweater. But at second glance you can see the play of longitudinal and vertical stripes through its unusual construction. The chest part of the sweater looks much narrower due to the sleeve stripes that start earlier.

Muka is knitted from the top down, chest and back are knitted separately at first. The sleeves are picked up from the yoke and knitted in the row. Then the front and back parts are combined under the sleeves and knitted in the round to the cuff.


size 1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) = chest circumference of the finished knitted piece 97 (110, 123, 136, 150, 160, 173, 186) cm

The sweater should be knitted with a positive ease of 30 cm.

How do I determine my size:

To find out which size is right for you, measure your chest circumference. Add the positive ease to this number. If you want less positive ease, add less. The result indicates the size to be knitted.

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