Hortensie Cardigan

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Variant 1

Knitted from: Manada, Merino Baby

From: 149,10 
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Pascuali - Merino Baby

Fiber material Virgin wool
Weight Super fine (Fingering)
Manufacturer Pascuali
Running length 401-500m
gauge 29 to 31 stitches
Needle size 2.75 to 3.75

Pascuali - Manada

Fiber material Merino, mohair, silk, yak
Weight Super fine (Fingering)
Manufacturer Pascuali
Running length 601-900m
gauge 17 to 19 stitches, 20 to 22 stitches
Needle size 2.75 to 3.75

Variant 2

Knitted from: Organic Brushed Alpaca, Organic Soft Merino

From: 124,50 
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Kaos Yarn - Organic Soft Merino

Fiber material Merino
Weight Super fine (Fingering)
Manufacturer KAOS Yarn
Running length 401-500m
gauge 26 to 28 stitches
Needle size 2.75 to 3.75

Kaos Yarn - Organic Brushed Alpaca

Fiber material Alpaca
Weight Lace
Manufacturer KAOS Yarn
Running length 601-900m
gauge 20 to 22 stitches
Needle size 2.75 to 3.75

Variant 3

Knitted from: Tweed Recycled

From: 118,65 
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Sandnes - Tweed Recycled

Fiber material Cashmere, recycled fibers, virgin wool
Weight Light (DK)
Manufacturer Sandnes Garn
Running length 301-400m
gauge 20 to 22 stitches
Needle size 2.75 to 3.75, 4 to 5.5


Hortensie Cardigan

The Hortensie (German for Hydrangea) Cardigan is a cozy V-neck cardigan knit in a half brioche. With raglan increases the cardigan is worked seamlessly top down in rows. Begin with the doubleface neck band at the neck, which is first knitted in both directions before stitches are picked up from it for the body. At the back of the neck, short rows ensure a good fit. The facings, including buttonholes, are knitted continuously along with the body from the neck band. After the sleeve stitches have been seperated, the pattern continues straight to the hem. On the body, the pockets are alreadypre-worked with a doubleface facing. Before the body ends with a doubleface hem, the inside of the pockets are worked and joined directly to the body. For the arms the seperated stitches are picked up again and the sleeves are knitted in rounds without decreases. They also end in doubleface cuffs with Italian bind-off.


(XS/S/M) (L1/L2) (XL/XXL/3XL)

Chest circumference:
(102/109/115) (122/127) (136/143/150) cm
Sleeve circumference:
(35/35/37) (39/41) (42/47/49) cm
Cardigan length:
(55/56/59) (60/63) (64/67/68) cm approx.

The cardigan should be knitted with about 15-20 cm positive ease.

Photos: © Maschenfein


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Kits yarns

Manada, Merino Baby, Tweed Recycled, Organic Brushed Alpaca, Organic Soft Merino

Kits size

3XL, 4XL, L, M, S, XL, XS, XXL

Kits needle size

3 to 3.5mm

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1 review for Hydrangea Cardigan

  1. Silke E. -

    This cardigan looks beautiful, the color alone is an absolute dream. I am an experienced knitter and would love to order the kit. What puts me off? That you almost always have to work double stranded, I find that super exhausting especially with brioche patterns. How easy it is to lose a thread, notice it several rows later and then have to knit backwards again because you can't unribble it. I would ask you to also offer knitting kits that can be worked single-threaded as an alternative, the manufacturers offer plenty of choice these days. And also please no strands that you have to wind up first, that also spoils the knitting fun for me, because I have to work ahead first.

    Not verified purchase. More information

    • Louisa -

      Dear Silke,
      I can understand that. Working in multiple yarns is not everyone's cup of tee. I usually prefer to work in single yarn as well. That's exactly why we have an alternative yarn for this: in Variation 3 of the Hydrangea Cardigan https://www.maschenfein.com/produkt/hortensie-cardigan-tweed/ you'll find Tweed Recycled by Sandnes, which is knitted in single yarn here. Some of our test knitters have tested this variant and found it to be very good for this design. But preferences are of course always very individual
      Otherwise, we always try to select yarns for designs that really fit the design. Some yarns are then offered by the manufacturer only as a skein and not already wound as a ball. But if the yarn fits especially well to the design, we will offer it. Please feel free to contact our support team (support@maschenfein.de) if we can help you to find an alternative yarn.
      Best regards

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