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"Knitting shawls - 30 maschenfein projects for every occasion" is the new edition of the first maschenfein shawls book. It contains 5 brand new shawl designs in addition to the 25 projects from the 1st edition. There are easy, intermediate and advanced projects included so that everyone can dive into the book according to their own knitting skills.

For almost all designs I have you here in the store also already put together some knitting kits, so you can quickly get started! I look forward to your re-knitted scarves and shawls and am curious which colors you will choose so.

Take a look, for example, at the wool package for the cover model Hinata (*clickto wool package Hinata*) or for the current bestseller Sinikka (*clickto wool package Sinikka*).

ATTENTION! The 1st edition of the book is sold out. This is the 2nd expanded edition!


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EMF Publishing, Maschenfein

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