Everyone needs an Osaka

or two, three, four ... Many are repeat offenders*in when it comes to the Osaka scarf from ITO Yarns. There are always Osaka waves in the knit-fine community. It is simply the perfect side project: no pattern to concentrate on; light as a feather and therefore easy to take along; quickly at hand in between, even if it's just for a few stitches. And a real cozy dream when it's finished.

Osaka - THE cloth success from ITO Yarns

OSAKA is an elegant, light and airy scarf made of ITO Sensai (60% mohair, 40% silk) in five coordinating colors each. Whether muted or gaudy tones, the OSAKA scarf is sure to become a favorite.

Knitted on 4mm needles, stockinette stitch hand, it goes easily from the hand. The knitting kit contains 5 balls of ITO Sensai (five different colors) and the pattern of ITO Yarn. It is delivered in this knitting kit in printed form together with the yarn.

The agony of choice

ITO offers you six ready-made color packs - there's something for every color scheme.

1 - Shades of gray
2 - Gray with neon
3 - Black, white and blue
4 - Pastel blue
5 - Pastel Pink
6 - Black-White-Pink

Own color selection

Was not yet the right one among the ready kits? No problem! For all those who want to knit an individual Osaka, we have put together a knitting kit for you to choose your own color.

For those who still need a little inspiration, we tell you which color combos have already been knitted in the Mascheinfein team.

Marisa's colors: Orient Blue #341, Cinnamon #302, Pale blush #300, Enji #311, Gold Oak #695
Sandras Osaka #347 #324 #325 #326 #692 #328
Sandra's colors: Glacier #347, Pale Blue #324, Aqua #325, Pool Blue #326, Billiard #692, Denim #328

Not in the mood for purl stitches?

Osaka is the perfect side project. To give it even more relaxed mindless knitting, Anna-Lena from the Maschenfein knitting round on Facebook came up with the idea of knitting her Osaka in rounds - and thus only knit stitches. We think it's a great idea! And it's very simple: instead of knitting a first row after the stitch start, close the work to the round and knit leisurely on it.

The perfect needle

ITO also offers the right needles for your Osaka. According to the pattern, needles with a gauge of 3.9 are required. ITO circular knitting needles made of bamboo are offered in Japanese needle sizes with a pitch of 0.3 mm. Due to a special treatment of the wood, they are particularly robust and lie very well in the hand due to the fine surface. All circular knitting needles have a smooth transition from needle to rope and a rotating rope, which makes knitting very comfortable. Those who prefer to knit with interchangeable needles and ropes will find what they are looking for in the ITO needle system.

No time to knit Osaka yourself?

We've got something up our sleeve for those who don't have time to knit a birthday onesie in time, or just want to treat themselves to something quick and cozy: the ITO Sensai Shawl - a solid color ready-to-wear onesie.

ITO Sensai Scarf

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