The other day Louisa and I were still thinking about whether we can already talk about summer or whether it is still spring. To be honest, I'm still not quite sure, but now I'm leaning towards summer.

Obviously I'm not alone in this, because on our needles clearly the knitting for the warm season has taken hold. Fits well - after all, this month is officially the beginning of summer! What exactly do we knit? Find out today! Have fun reading!

Wedding season in full swing

Marta v-neck jumper at Jule.
Photo: © Julia Gotthardt

You can get married all year round, of course, but the summer months are usually the busiest with invitations. Jule, for example, is also a guest at a wedding ceremony soon.

On my needles is a wedding jacket for a good friend of mine. From triple stranded Premia from Lamana will be the Marta V-Neck Jumper from Lotilda. However, I will not close it at the V-neck, but leave it open, so it will be a jacket. With two strands of natural and one strand of rose quartz, the jacket gets a very delicate blush shimmer to match the wedding gown.

Louisa and I have started in May a small Knit Along. Together it knits just beautiful and such a summer top just had to be!

Currently I'm knitting two tops, including in the #junetopkal together with Sophia and many others the June Top by PetiteKnit from Pure Silk by Knitting For Olive - double stranded in the colors Ice Blue and Dove Blue. Because I had to change the skein, I more or less put the body to rest and am now knitting the top finishes. Simply to trick myself and not to get stranded on "ICord-Island" in the end. By the way, I'm knitting the ICord single stranded in the darker color because I liked it so much on Heidi's Instagram.

June Top at Louisa. Photo: © Louisa Müller-Gauditz

Still secret, but so beautiful!

A new Maschenfein design at Sandra's. Matches perfectly with the French Market Bag in the background.
Photo: © Sandra Groll

Knit something new while on vacation. It hardly gets any better than that! And if it's blue, it has to be from Sandra.

A small fine teaser to a new Maschenfein design that is just in the making. The idea for the top is from Marisa, Lisa has put it on paper and I try it out directly.

The design has jumped with me on vacation on the needles and will certainly accompany me for a while. Knitted from ITO Kosho and Gima - matching my French Market Bag. Maybe you have the combination of the top soon on the needles, because the test is of course already in planning.

There is still a small review at Barbara. Now the head is free for summer knitting in any case!

"Trust The Process" - this is one of my guiding principles as a developer, which also fits well with knitting: When you dedicate yourself to something with patience and devotion, something great inevitably - or as if by accident - emerges!

The Italian cast on on the Weekend Hat nearly blew my mind. The hat is for my big son and on the seventh try he gently put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Mom, love isn't perfect." Now only I know that there are two little knots inside the twice-turned edge. And for my daughter there was another Sophie Scarf - completely without Italian cast on, but still beautiful.

Sophie Scarf and Weekend Hat at Barbara's.
Photo: © Barbara Schulze

Vacation feelings while knitting

June Top at Mirjam's.
Photo: Mirjam Guderley

Once again you see the June Top at Mirjam. Here still supplemented by the matching vacation view. Who is not envious ...

I have many projects planned for this vacation ( too many?). Currently, I am in the final stages of the June Tops. After that it's on to the Riviera Bag by Paula_m - I'm trying to stay semi-monogamous and have only two active projects. But with all the knitting stress I can enjoy the most amazing views while knitting ☺️.

My June Top is finished. Well almost. Only sewing ends left! I'm sure to do that very soon, so quickly something new on the needle.

Just caught by the crochet virus. And the gima virus. So off to the crochet hook, cast on a foundation chain and crochet a bag bottom. Then it's on with double crochet, sometimes quite normal, sometimes wrapped around the stitch of the previous row from the front or from the back. Sounds a bit crazy, doesn't it? But I'm totally excited and see what comes of it.

A crochet bag at Sophia's.
Photo: © Sophia Michalzik


And what do you have on your needles in June? Tell us in the comments or show us on Facebook or Instagram, where we use the hashtag #aufdennadeln.

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