What do you need for knitting? Yarn and needles, of course! But just as we don't want to knit with just any yarn, at Maschenfein we also pay a lot of attention to the accessories we have in our portfolio for you. Needles are of course of central importance, because (almost) nothing works without them.

One of our needle manufacturers is LYKKE Crafts. Named after the Norwegian word for "happiness", the manufacturer combines high-quality materials and well thought-out design. You'll find the right needles for every project here. But which ones should it be? For us, if you knit more than one or two small projects a year, it's worth buying a needle system.

The LYKKE knitting needle set as an alternative to fixed circular knitting needles

You can purchase a needle set right from the start, which you can gradually supplement with additional cords and/or needle points as required. Alternatively, you can start with individual components of the selected needle system and add further needle sizes and rope lengths on a project-by-project basis. This way, you can try out, for example, whether the material of the needles feels good in your hand or whether it suits the types of fibers you prefer to knit.

These points are important

LYKKE Crafts offers a wide range of different needle sets. There is a large selection, but you only need to answer three questions to find the right set to get started:

Which needle material do I like to hold in my hands (wood or metal)?

Do I need normal length tips (13 cm) or short ones (9 cm) that are suitable for small rounds, for example?

Do I have a particular preference for colorful accessories or should it be rather plain?

Short needle tips are used for projects such as socks, children's clothing and hats, i.e. wherever really small rounds are knitted. But they can also be a real alternative for sleeves if the rounds are too irregular with needle sets or if you don't like the magic loop method.

Different LYKKE series - different colors

You can find different series at LYKKE Crafts. The needles are made by hand in Nepal. The manufacturer deliberately focuses on the knowledge and experience of its employees. Part of the proceeds are also used to support programs for the employees, their families and the local community.

The sets each have a different color scheme, but all contain tips in different strengths, needle ropes, rope connectors and stoppers. Click on the individual products, where we have noted in detail which lengths and strengths are available and what else you will find in your set. The highlight: all accessories can also be added individually. Because let's be honest: you need 3.5 mm needle tips or a 60 cm length of rope more than once ...

All needle sets are available in two versions: with short needle points (9 cm) and the normal long needle points (13 cm). In some cases, LYKKE Crafts even has sets with needle tips from 14 to 19 cm in its portfolio (for example, the Umber set). So when buying, think about what you normally knit and add longer or shorter needles to individual sizes if necessary.

Always have everything with you with LYKKE

We at Maschenfein think so: A knitting needle system gives you maximum flexibility. We definitely wouldn't want to be without our cases. They are practical, can be taken anywhere and store everything we need - and neatly too!

If you're a knitting addict like us, you'll gradually add more ropes and needle sizes. The great thing about LYKKE Crafts? The choice of colors! Each set comes with a few ropes of different lengths as standard. But often you need a few more ... because maybe you want to quickly needle up a new project in between?

You can choose between short and long threads for the ropes. The ropes with the short thread are particularly suitable for 9 cm long needle tips and have a slightly shorter connecting piece. The needle ropes with a long thread and a slightly longer connecting piece are best used for 13 cm long tips. We also list the available rope lengths in the products. And did you know that LYKKE is compatible with KnitPro and Lantern Moon? A real plus for us.

Rope connectors are also very practical. You use these to adjust the length of your circular knitting needle within a piece of knitting. Or what would we say at Maschenfein? The shawl will be bigger than expected!

And if you ever need needle tips from a project for something new (who does that happen to?), attach stoppers to the open rope ends, which are included with every rope. This prevents stitches from slipping down. Our tip at this point: Keep a small project list where you note the project and needle size. It has already happened to us that we have picked up a project with stoppers again and then had to determine the actual needle size by trial and error ...

Lykke hooks and crochet hooks

We wouldn't be knitting addicts if we at Maschenfein didn't know that a (small or large selection) of needle sets and crochet hooks is also essential. There are always projects for which you need a set of needles. And every now and then you get the urge to crochet!

LYKKE Crafts offers you a wonderfully sophisticated range here too. Whether complete sets or individual thicknesses - you can complete your accessories in the way that suits you best.


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I am Marisa, the founder behind Maschenfein. I made the first stitches with my grandma Lotti when I was about five years old. In 2014 I founded "Maschenfein". What started as a blog has now become exactly the online store for wool & knitting accessories that I always wanted. Together with my team I want to enrich the knitting world with inspiration, pattern, beautiful yarns and the best accessories.

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Lykke - jacket needle set
144,99 - 217,99
Crochet hook birch wood
Delivery time: approx. 3-5 working days
6,69 - 13,29
Double pointed needles birch wood
Delivery time: approx. 3-5 working days
9,69 - 15,79
Lykke Driftwood circular knitting needle
Delivery time: approx. 3-5 working days
9,69 - 17,00
Lykke Big Mango Wood circular knitting needle
13,90 - 20,59
Lykke Blush needlepoint set
120,00 - 150,00
Lykke Color Needlepoint Set
120,00 - 150,00
Lykke Cypra needle tip set
120,00 - 150,00
Lykke Driftwood Needlepoint Set
120,00 - 150,00
Lykke Indigo needlepoint set
120,00 - 150,00
Lykke Umber needle tip set
120,00 - 150,00
Lykke Blush crochet hook set
Lykke Driftwood crochet hook set
Lykke Indigo crochet hook set
Lykke Umber crochet hook set
Lykke Blush needle set
Lykke Driftwood Needlework Set
120,00 - 150,00
Lykke Indigo needle set
120,00 - 150,00
Lykke Umber needle set
120,00 - 150,00
Lykke Blush interchangeable needle tips
7,90 - 14,60
Lykke Cypra interchangeable needle tips
8,50 - 15,80
Lykke Driftwood interchangeable needle tips
7,90 - 14,60
Lykke Indigo interchangeable needle tips
7,90 - 14,50
Lykke rope (black) for needle tips
Delivery time: approx. 3-5 working days
Lykke rope (pink) for needle tips
Delivery time: approx. 3-5 working days
Lykke rope (clear) for needle tips
Delivery time: approx. 3-5 working days
Lycra rope (blue) for needle tips
Delivery time: approx. 3-5 working days
Lykke rope connector
Crochet hook Lykke Blush series
Lykke Blush crochet hook
6,70 - 13,30
Lykke Blush Needlepoint
Lykke Blush Needlepoint
9,70 - 15,80

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