Socks knitting

The small project for on the road

For most knitters, a sock project is simply part of their life. Socks just always go and are especially practical for on the go or in between. Whether heavy or thin, patterned or plain - warm feet never hurt!

The right guide

There are a lot of different techniques to knit socks. This does not make the choice of pattern any easier. For sock beginners we recommend the Basic Socks by Paula_m. They are knitted simply "from the top", i.e. from the cuff to the toe. Advanced sock lovers will certainly enjoy the wonderful Laine book "52 Weeks of Socks".

The right yarn

Whoever "can" sock yarn for sure is Regia/Schachenmayr. Regia developed the first sock yarns some 70 years ago, and recently added the wonderful premium yarns to their range, which we carry in their entirety here at Maschenfein. We are even so enthusiastic about the "Krönchen" yarns that we have recorded our own podcast episode about them with Schachmayr. But other manufacturers also carry beautiful sock yarns. For example, we love Merida from LAMANA or Pinta from Pascuali.

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Whether it's double pointed needles, crasy trios or sock wonders, you're sure to find the right needles for you here. Whether you prefer to make the small rounds on the double pointed needles or on the short circular needles, you just have to try it out.

The Sock Wonder from Addi is a super short circular needle with which you can knit socks and also gloves quite comfortably in rounds.

The birch wood double pointed needles of the brand Lykke with the central metal piece on which the size is located, is great in the hand and is also very pretty.

The CraSy Trio are a new type of circular knitting needle from Addi and now also available in the bamboo version. Your sock lies on two needles and with the third you knit off.

Popular sock knitting kits at Maschenfein

Choose your favorite color and your size and get started right away. For many beautiful sock designs you will find ready-made knitting kits.

FIlzen - for those who want even more

Felt slippers Doble Tøfler

Quickly knitted are these slippers - which also score with an interesting construction. The Doble Tøfler are worked on 5.5 mm needles of 100% virgin wool and then felted in the washing machine.

More useful accessories

With the help of tensioners in the right size, your finished socks can be easily stretched into shape after washing. Patterns in particular then really come into their own.

And what would your project be without a nice little bag to store your yarn and needles in? Exactly. And best of all, you can decorate the bag with a matching pin. This makes the most beautiful hobby in the world even more beautiful!


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