Knitting for beginners

The good news first: knitting can be learned! What does it take? Basically not much. A design, yarn, needles, a few basic techniques and you can already conjure up the first knitted pieces. The rest will come by itself. And from Maschenfein: Because here you will find a variety of (beginner-suitable) knitting kits, yarn, accessories and of course help.

Where do I start?

To start, take a look at our knitting kits. You can use the filters to search for simpler projects, for example. There are hats and shawls, but also beautiful sweaters or light shirts. At the beginning of your knitting career you should master right and purl stitches and practice new techniques on a stitch test if necessary.

You should always do this anyway to determine the right needle size for your project. Otherwise, it can happen that the finished knitted piece turns out completely different than intended. On the DIY portal Makerist you can find a video course by Marisa, in which she tells you everything you need to know about stitch tests.

Please do not forget: the stitch test.
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1. knitting law: you can never have enough scarves!

You can knit the Easy Triangle Shawl Arista with many different yarns.
Photo: © EMF Verlag

Ideal for beginners, for example, are plain triangular shawls - here you can perfectly practice the increase of stitches.

If you like to knit yourself a shawl, we recommend our Easy Triangle Shawl Arista. The pattern are also available separately - which is perfect because you can knit the shawl with many different yarns or yarn combinations.

For example, you can knit a very delicate model with a double held silk mohair yarn or a more compact, yet cozy version in a bulkier yarn like Brushed Fleece by Rowan.

Probably even easier than the Easy Bandana is the Easypeasy Bandana from Paula_m. The small triangular scarf is knitted quickly and fits perfectly into the spring.

By the way: Many of Paula_m's pattern are easy to follow even for beginners. Everything is described in detail and often even with additional pictures. So (almost) nothing can go wrong!

Easypeasy Bandana
Even easier than Arista: The Easypeasy Bandana by Paula_m.
Photo: © Susanne Müller

2. knitting law: Go for it!

Who is now afraid that you can only knit scarves as a knitting beginner - do not worry! There are also great sweaters or cardigans with which you can wonderfully practice knitting and perfect.

Great projects for beginners: Jules Sweater, Anker's Summer Shirt and the Mapala Sweater.
PHOTOS: © Susanne Müller / © PetiteKnit / © Rosa P.

Three designers we always like to recommend when asked for beginner projects: Besides Paula_m, they are often PetiteKnit and Rosa P. All three offer easy-to-understand pattern with varying degrees of difficulty. For example, if you like to knit stripes, you can use the Jules Sweater practice changing colors in the round. The anchor designs at PetiteKnit - like the one above Summer Shirt - are very good for getting a better grasp of round fitting at the neckline. Also the Freiburg designer Rosa P. has many knitinstructionsttern that are suitable for beginners*. An example would be the Mapala Sweaterwhich is also available in a mohair version, with short sleeves or as a cardigan. By the way, PetiteKnit also designs designs for men.

3rd Knitting Law: Always ask questions

The basic rule is: knit what you feel like! Everybody started out small. Something is always new. And there is always something you don't understand. This is also true for advanced knitters. In this sense: Ask your questions! If it's about yarn alternatives, color or pattern advice: Feel free to send us an email to "". For technical questions, tips & tricks, you can always get help in our Facebook group, which now has more than 14,000 members.

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On our YouTube channel we explain you many different knitting techniques.
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On our YouTube channel, we also regularly post videos and explain individual knitting techniques or specific sections in our own pattern. So you can easily learn the Italian cast-on and cast-off, the color change in the round, double face and and and...

Our basic book: knitting stitch by stitch.
Photo: © Ines Grabner / MAschenfein

At Maschenfein, you'll also find several books in the store that are perfect additions to your knitting library and where you can always refer to when you have questions.

Stitch by stitch

In our basic book Knitting - stitch by stitch we explain everything about material, needles and knitting techniques. With lots of pictures and step-by-step pattern, you'll have a great time practicing. In addition, you will find eleven projects in the book, on which you can try out your newly acquired knowledge directly.

Perfect for in between

Best suited for on the road or for quick reference is our encyclopedia Knitting Knowledge To Go. In alphabetical order you will find a variety of the most common and important knitting terms. Simply packed into the project bag and go!

...and what accessories do I need?

If you want to knit, you need one thing in addition to yarn and a project: needles! And there are many different options. The question of whether you prefer to knit with wood or metal is one of personal preference. Basically, we recommend needle systems that allow you to exchange ropes and needle tips at will. Before you buy a whole set, you can of course first buy a needle size for a project to test whether the shape and material suit you.

And even if you prefer to knit with wood, there are projects that knit better with metal needles. It is difficult to derive a rule here. As is so often the case, taste is the deciding factor. But it also shows the advantage of needle systems: Chiaogoo's metal needles, for example, fit on the ropes just as well as wooden needles. Over time, you can steadily expand your system and always have the right needle at hand.

© One of our favorites: The needle system from Chiaogoo.
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Needle games are also quite practical...
Photo: © Ines Grabner /


In addition to a needle system, a needle set is also sometimes handy when knitting. Not everyone is comfortable with the magic loop method - knitting small rounds with a long rope. Instead, some prefer a double pointed needles. This is perfect for socks, for example. As with a needle system, it is advisable to buy a set here to test whether the entire set suits you.

...and when I'm done?

Then the knitted piece needs the right care! Patterns and yarn often unfold only after a gentle hand wash, cloths may need to be stretched and later lint shaved away. For all this, you can find the necessary accessories with us - and on YouTube also the appropriate help. And in this blog post we also explain everything again in detail.

All beginnings are not always difficult

Knitting is not witchcraft, but a craft that you can learn. It's so much fun to make and design clothes yourself. The feeling of wearing something homemade is simply priceless. We only have one warning: knitting is addictive! But it is definitely the most beautiful hobby in the world.

You will see: Knitting is addictive!
Photo: © Ines Grabner /


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