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Knitting is supposedly a women's subject. Women knit, so most of the pattern are for women's designs. But women also knit their loved ones. Historically, knitting was a male profession. That was a long time ago, but even today there are of course men who knit - and there seem to be more of them again. We are very happy about this and therefore want to devote ourselves here in detail to designs for men.

Perhaps we also step back a little from the categories of women's fashion and men's fashion. Because often designs can be interpreted unisex. The sizes for sweaters, for example, are usually based on the chest circumference, for hats on the head circumference, for socks on the shoe size ... Scarves and shawls are size-independent anyway. So if you like a model and the pattern fit the size, there's nothing to stop you from knitting a women's model for men, too. The other way around, of course, just as well!


Man always needs hats (in winter) - to keep head and ears warm or simply as a fashion accessory.

We have picked out some hats that are either specially designed for men or are so unisex that you can knit them all.


Without a cozy scarf it becomes uncomfortable on cold days. A beautiful scarf not only keeps you warm, but also perfectly rounds off your (winter) outfit.

They come in so many patterns, textures and colors that it's hard to decide which one to knit first.

Perfect gift

Our Sandra had the idea to design a set for men, fitting to the knitted Gloves Amiliato design a set for men. Cap MiJo and Scarf MiJo are just as the gloves in the weaving pattern and from the wonderful Cashmere 6/28 BIO from Pascuali. If this set is not a perfect gift!


A beautiful self-knitted sweater - or sweater, as it is now often called - is the ideal knitting addition to any wardrobe. A few great sweaters can come together per knitting year - heavy, thin, warming, airy... You want to be well dressed in every season. Maybe every year another model is given as a birthday or Christmas present. But even without an occasion, there are enough great men's designs waiting to be put on the knitting list.


Sweaters became sweaters and cardigans became cardigans. But again, it's all in the name. Cardigans may not be the classic knit for men, but we should urgently change that! There are really great designs that are worth at least a look. Actually, they all deserve a place on the knitting list!

So many beautiful things! But that's not all: we have even more in the store, what you can knit - also - for men. If you'd like to browse further, we recommend the "Men's" tab in the knitting kits.

PS: Socks always go

We do not want to forget the classic par excellence: self-knitted socks. They still keep the feet warm best and warm feet are not to be underestimated. Even if men supposedly never have cold feet 😉


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