Summer not only makes nature shine in the most dazzling colors. Also our knitting and crochet projects call now: "Hello, here I am!".

Gone are the days of fluffy sweaters in soft nude tones, bring on the lightweight tops, shirts and dresses (oh yes!) in the season's most eye-catching colors.

To make your summer project choices a little easier (or harder?), we've rounded up some gaudy inspiration for your needles in this themed world.

Colors times differently: Kaos Yarn

Yes, our neighbors from Denmark can do more than soft natural colors. Kaos Yarn has a small but very fine repertoire of qualities, all of which you can find in our store.

The Danish yarn manufacturer is known above all for its bold and colorful color palette. 'Colors speak to us and touch our mood and our feelings,' is the credo of Kaos Yarn. Accordingly, the colors of all qualities bear names that describe feelings and moods.

Kaos yarns are produced fairly for people and animals (no mulesing!). None of the qualities are superwash treated. This is a chemical process that makes yarns machine washable. Kaos Yarn renounces this intensive processing for the sake of the environment.

So a knitted piece made from a Kaos quality will not only make you shine, but also all the people and animals involved in the production process.

We have already put together a few selected knitting kits for you, be curious about more, we are constantly expanding our repertoire!

With Pascuali through the summer

Those who know Pascuali yarns also appreciate, above all, the sustainability of their production processes.

But also when we look at the color palettes, we in the editorial department always get an "Ohhh" from our lips. Especially the lighter, summer-ready yarns regularly scream "Pick me!" at us.

How about Cumbria, for example, a shiny blend of cotton and viscose? Or would you prefer the luxurious Sole variant with a hint of cashmere? By the way, anyone who thinks cotton is only available as a smooth yarn hasn't discovered Suave yet. The brushed (!) quality is light as a feather and a vegetable alternative to mohair.

A cauldron of color from Norway

Many people associate the traditional Norwegian brand Sandnes with rather soft shades, but in terms of color, it pops here too in almost all qualities.

You think cotton is heavy, falls coarse and is only suitable for baby knitting? Far from it! The vegetable fiber is THE summer quality par excellence. Tops, blouses and shirts - the possibilities are almost endless.

Colorful in Japanese: Ito Yarn

Ito is especially known for its unusually assembled materials (including paper and stainless steel). But also the color palettes have it all!

If you fancy a rather unusual cotton yarn, try Gima 8.5. The ribbon yarn is ideal for the summer wardrobe or for peppy accessories.

Also a great summer yarn from the house Ito is Kinu. The pure bourette silk comes in many natural tones - but also in real summer colors!

Make colorful statements

Not everyone wants to walk around in the most dazzling colors, summer or not. But a pretty bag as a colorful eye-catcher to the little black dress at the pool bar always goes! Or rather a bucket bag for everyday life?

If you need help with color selection, feel free to contact support ( Sandra and Jule are our experts and know the color palettes inside out.

You prefer to make your own picture away from the screen? Then have a look at our color cards, which we can offer you from some yarn manufacturers.

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