Crochet often enjoys a niche existence compared to knitting, because the feel of a crocheted piece is usually very firm. This gives the finished piece a rougher feel than, for example, a smooth knit stitch piece.

But who actually says that you can not take advantage of these characteristics? That's why we've put together a colorful potpourri full of crochet inspiration for all crochet fans and those who want to become one. Recommendations for suitable needles and yarns are of course on top!

For beginners: Basics and first designs

In crochet, there are a few techniques that you can use to recreate many designs.

The basis of many designs are often chain stitches, which can be worked as a row or ring. This chain (or ring) of air stitches serves as the first row or round, into which single crochet, for example, can subsequently be worked. If a crochet piece consists exclusively of solid stitches, the result is a very firm and dense structure.

If the feel is to be a little more flowing, crochet stitches are often used. These can be worked as half double, double or treble crochets . The name results from the number with which the thread is placed around the needle and pulled through the stitch of the previous row.

Another variant is the post double crochet, which in appearance is close to the knitted brioche.

With these basic techniques you can crochet your first accessories, for example.

Crochet for advanced and professionals

If you can crochet solid stitches, double crochet and air stitches in your sleep, you need new challenges. We have something for you!

The Amish Puzzle Ball makes a great birth gift. photo: © Dedri Uys

The Amish Puzzle Ball is wonderful for leftovers. We recommend Ica from Lamana! The pattern is in English and the designer also offers a free photo tutorial on her homepage.

Still need a bigger project for the summer? Take a look at the Calad Shirt. The lace stripes give the top a vintage look - and it can still be combined with jeans in a modern way. Semilla Silkbloom from BC Yarn is your yarn of choice here.

Crocheted nonchalance: the Calad shirt.
Photo: © Jessica Tsung

Crochet yourself happy with Paula_m

Paula who? Behind the pseudonym "Paula_m" hides Susanne Müller, who has published numerous knitting but also crochet designs for several years.

Lucca Hat
The Lucca Hat is a stylish companion not only in sunshine.
Photo: © Susanne Müller.

Her designs are characterized by classic cuts and timeless beauty. Susanne writes very detailed patterns, with which even beginners can achieve great results. All her patterns are also available in German!

The Lucca Hat conjures the sunshine directly on your crochet hook. You use here Papyrus from Kremke Soul Wool - this ensures a particularly good shape stability!

Always dressed appropriately with Susanne's Reno Top. The simple cut comes with Pascuali's noble Sole (10% cashmere!) perfectly to advantage.

Simple and beautiful: the Reno Top.
Photo: © Susanne Müller


The variety of materials for crochet hooks is almost infinite. Ultimately, your preference decides whether you choose needles made of wood, metal, with plastic handle or, or, or....

One of our favorites and already long in the store: Addi crochet hooks.
Photo: © Maschenfein

If you prefer to buy your crochet hooks individually and as needed, you should take a look at the needles from Addi. Both the variant with olive wood handle and the one with plastic coating we like very much!

The Addi Swing series is available in more sizes; the olive wood version is especially interesting for those who like to sweat their hands in the summer.

Beautifully colorful and available in many sizes: crochet hooks from Addi Swing.
Photo: © Addi

For passionate crocheters*innen is certainly worth the purchase of a set. The advantages are obvious: You always have different needle sizes at hand and the whole thing is also practically stowed. Often there are even little helpers in the case ready.

The agony of choice in material

The solid structure of crocheted pieces is ideal for accessories that need to withstand a lot - such as bags or potholders.

The yarn can additionally support the durability. It should be equipped with as little stretch as possible, and what could be more natural than cotton?

Ica by Lamana in the most beautiful petrol. Photo: © Lamana.

One of our declared favorite cotton qualities is clearly Ica from Lamana. You can find all 34 (!) colors in the store, of course. Ica is Pima cotton and therefore the best quality available on the market.

If you want to take your crochet to a new level, the best way is to try Papyrus from Kremke Soul Wool.

As the name suggests, this original yarn is paper. Due to a special manufacturing process, it is nevertheless water resistant!

Papyrus appears quite rigid(headed) when processed, but provides a great hold for hats and bags, for example.

Papyrus Kremke
Papyrus by Kremke in soft natural tones.
Photo: © Kremke Soul Wool

Learn crochet

The world of crochet books is now huge. From home furnishings to clothing and cozy animals, there is something for everyone.

Rightly a standard work!
Photo: © Topp

Häkeln - Das Standardwerk is best suited for beginners and advanced crocheters. It is designed as a reference work and contains explanations of almost all conceivable techniques. In addition, you can access online tutorials to perfect your crochet skills. Please note that it is only available in German.

If you have already acquired some basic knowledge, you can decide whether you would prefer to spruce up your home or make the children in your family happy. And a new bag for your own outfit is always good, isn't it?

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Top ideas- am really excited!!!


Dear Maschenfein- Team,
am very interested in the crocheted bag and the accompanying wool , which is pictured at the very beginning of this Saturday coffee.
Where can I find there corresponding crochet kit ?!!
Thank you very much !!!

With kind regards



Dear Cornelia,
this is the Riviera Bag in the cotton version - here in color 12 jeans.
Love greetings


is there a kit for the calad shirt?


Dear Katrin,
unfortunately we don't have a kit for the Calad shirt yet. However, the yarn we suggest for it - Semilla Silkbloom - has the same characteristics as the original yarn. So you can simply take over the quantities from the pattern.
Best regards


Wow dear Saskia, these are great designs 🤗
I am totally thrilled by the CALAD SHIRT.
It is only available in English?
Sewing is no problem but knitting and crochet?
Love greetings


Dear Beate, thank you very much for your nice feedback! Yes, the Caladshirt is currently only available in English. We at Maschenfein (unfortunately) have no influence on any translations. This has to be done by the designer himself. But be brave, mastering English crochet and knitting pattern is really not witchcraft! Especially since you already have sewing experience in a foreign language 🙂

Love back!


Gemorsche everyone,

I would like the pattern for the blue bag on the front page. Please specify the wool, etc. Is there perhaps a SET?

Thank you for your work!



Dear Usch,
this is the Riviera Bag in the cotton version - here in color 12 jeans.
Love greetings

I think that crochet is a little underestimated. Especially in the field of living you can crochet sooo many things.
For example, I have crocheted me soap bags, ne soap tray, a dish sponge, various potholders and coasters. A fruit/vegetable net and matching shopping bags and more.
And how strong the crocheted becomes, depends also on the yarn and with which needle size you crochet.
I can recommend a recycled yarn from old jeans. I crocheted my shopping bag from it. I think you have the Re-Jeans from Pascuali in your store.


Dear Anja, thank you for your nice comment and the useful additions! Yes, I also find that crochet opens up whole other worlds. And the crocheted things can often be used for different purposes as well, in my experience. Shopping nets, for example, are a great gift for (expectant) parents, because they are ideal for going to the playground: the sand toys can be super stowed there and all the sand already trickles off when you go home, without having to drag it into the apartment 🙂
Yep, re-jeans we have in the store and of course we like them a lot for crochet!

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