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"Please, what is it called?" Knitters who love the Scandinavian understated style have almost certainly "stumbled" across this name while scrolling: aegyoknit. "Maybe I should have gone for something a bit easier to spell and pronounce," jokes Karoline Skovgaard Bentsen in the Zoom call. But of course the young woman didn't choose the name for her work as a knitwear designer for no reason - quite the opposite.

Very reserved and only recently started to show her face in front of the camera: Karoline Skovgaard Bentsen alias aegyoknit.
Photo: © aegyoknit

Aegyo is a cultural phenomenon in South Korea, her husband's home country. It means something like acting cute or charming. And after talking to her for a few minutes at the latest, you know that this name simply fits. Karoline is a delightful person - in the best sense of the word. That's why it's not easy to find out anything about her: she prefers to talk about others rather than herself. She is actually too reserved for that and doesn't like to be the center of attention.

"In the beginning, I didn't show myself at all in my Instagram posts. The pictures of my designs always ended just below my chin," she explains. But that is now changing somewhat - as shown by pictures of the Jeju sweater, for example. "At some point, I realized that there was no other way and that my followers would like that too." People love stories. So it's a good thing that Karoline - who has a degree in literature - knows how storytelling works. Her designs, which are often created around the kitchen table, are always a mixture of narratives from the different cultures that come together in her family.

Small but beautiful - the island of Funen is Karoline's woolly home  

Karoline lives on the island of Funen in Odense. Even though this is officially the third largest city in Denmark, it is a rather tranquil place. One day, when Karoline went to one of her favorite wool stores to buy a surprisingly large amount of yarn, she finally had to admit that she is not just a passionate knitter, but the heart and soul of aegyoknit. The employees' enthusiasm was so great that the designer can't even tell about it without blushing slightly.

But how did it actually come about? "I've always knitted a bit. It's quite normal in Denmark," she explains. But it got really intense when she started knitting warm things for her children. "It helped me to switch off from time to time, especially during my stressful studies." This was followed by work for the equally well-known Danish designer Lene Holme Samsøe. It was here that her fascination was finally awakened: "I started to try my hand at this area myself," she recalls. "And then somehow it all happened quite quickly."

Becoming a social media star from now on 

Haraboji Cardigan - aegyoknit
Karoline's designs are oversized, but never shapeless. Here, for example, the brand new Haraboji cardigan.
Photo: © aegyoknit

Karoline's account of her rapid rise in the knitting community on social media sounds a bit like she can't quite believe it herself. She has only been posting her designs on Instagram since spring 2022. Over 140,000 followers are now eagerly awaiting her new designs. Recently, she has at least had staff support when it comes to billing and the like. Apart from an intern, however, aegyoknit is otherwise a one-woman business.

Exciting everyday life

Although this gives her freedom and independence, it can also be stressful: "Nowadays, everyone expects a very fast output. And of course I'm happy when people write to me saying that they really want to see a new design of mine and knit it," she explains. But developing knitting pattern also takes time. "You can't release new patterns every week. At least I don't," says Karoline. Especially if she wants to stay healthy and meet her own standards.

And these demands on her work are high - the test knits are particularly important to Karoline. The pattern should not only be easy to read and understand, but the finished sweaters and accessories should also fit well in the end. The Dane considers this to be particularly relevant because many of her patterns are oversized.

At aegyoknit, however, oversized does not mean "over-sized", but "just the right size". Karoline's designs are characterized by making decreases in the right places and adapting the construction so that the whole thing doesn't hang on the body like a sack despite the extra width. The guiding principles of her collection: modern and timeless with an urban flair. Incidentally, this does not mean that it can only be gray and beige. When it gets colorful, Karoline goes "all in". Just like in a currently still secret project, in which she is using a pattern from the 1960s for the first time.

Authenticity and sustainability - Karoline's design ideals   

Seon kimono
An airy cardigan for warm temperatures: Seon Kimono.
Photo: © aegyoknit

"I want what I knit and design to be authentic," she explains her style. At the end of the day, every knitted piece is simply made up of purl and knit stitches. "That's why I pay attention to the details. They are what give the whole thing something unique." This could be a subtle pattern or a subtle change in construction - "In any case, it's always something that makes a design really interesting."

To underline the authenticity, Karoline also uses regional, Danish yarns wherever possible. This is not only sustainable in terms of delivery routes, but also in terms of durability. She doesn't mind that a lot of her designs aren't quite as fluffy as a result - on the contrary: "It doesn't always have to be merino and mohair," she says. "I really like more rustic wool now and don't find it scratchy." Due to the heaviness that such a choice of yarn brings with it, the finished knitted pieces also have a really nice drape. "Just a sweater to live in." In other words, exactly what her designs should be in the end.

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Hello, dear Maschenfein team!
I am always very happy when there is something new to read from you. It makes me dream a little in my very
a little dreaming in my very stressful everyday life - of endless knitting time in hygge surroundings 😉...
However, I have noticed one thing recently: You present a lot of designs that are knitted with 2 yarns and they are often oversized designs with huge sleeves but cropped.
Unfortunately for me, I have a figure that doesn't really suit these styles. Also, slim designs are always shown with these super beautiful designs and they look really great, but imagine that in large sizes.
I've often had people work out how much the wool would cost for my size and then realized that it's way out of my budget. What a pity! Does it always have to be 2-ply?
I like wearing cardigans because they are quick to put on and take off, but they also have to fit under rain jackets, winter coats etc. The oversized cardigans just don't fit and yarn for needle size 3 and tight-fitting knitwear also keep you warm.
At work and around the house, sleeves that blow around are also pretty impractical and short designs "don't keep your kidneys warm" (my mother's quote 😊).
I'd like to repeat: your newsletters with the suggested designs are great and I wouldn't want to miss them, but it would be nice to fulfill a little dream every now and then.
Best regards


Dear Petra! Thank you so much for your praise and feedback! First of all, I'm of course delighted when we're a welcome break from the stress of everyday life. And it's true: Many designers are currently releasing oversize styles with the corresponding features. The fact that this is particularly noticeable in this article is also due to the fact that Karoline focuses on just such designs. I can imagine that you might like the designs by Isabell Kraemer, Ankestrick, Coco Amour or Lamana. I have found designs with tapered sleeves and regular lengths for all of them (or you can always adjust the length of designs knitted from the top down). As far as the suggested yarns are concerned, we usually use the original yarns as a guide. If we also carry them, we use them or look for a suitable alternative. It's often two-ply - that's true! But we are also happy to find you a single-thread alternative and help you calculate the quantities. So take your time to look through our knitting kits and send us an email if you need further help. And again, I'll see what comes up for the next Saturday coffees! 🙂 Best wishes and keep having fun with Maschenfein! Sophia

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