Ica 621

Ishinca 617

Umayo 618

Chachani 619

Cusco 600

Cayesh 601

Chimbote 602

Yerupaja 603

Arequipa 604

Lima 605

Misti 606

Tacna 607

Iquitos 608

Loreto 621

Piura 609

Pasco 622

Macchu Picchu 610

Tumbes 624

Aguas Calientes 611

Huanuco 623

Titicaca 612

Paracas 613

Salkantay 614

Sandoval 615

Nazca 616


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Pascuali - Balayage

Alpaca / Merino

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Delivery time: approx. 2-3 working days

Product contains - 50 g

Base price - 21,90 / 100 g


Pascuali - Balayage

Balayage is a fiber blend of white organic merino wool with white and gray baby alpaca wool. This blend creates a mottled gray tone as the base color, so that natural color accents (similar to hand dyeing) are created when dyeing.

The shades of the color groups into which Balayage can be divided are suitably coordinated with each other and can be combined as a contrast with colors from the other groups in each case. The color palette is reminiscent of the color diversity of Peru, which is why the individual colors are named after Peruvian places.

Balayage is composed of 80% baby alpaca and 20% organic merino in extra fine quality (mulesing free). With a yardage of 175 m per 50 g, a needle size of 3.25 mm is recommended for Balayage.


The organic merino wool is of course mulesing-free and comes from Patagonia. The alpaca wool comes from Peru, where the alpacas can live in their natural environment in the Andes highlands. Balayage is also spun and dyed in Peru. Pascuali's mission is to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly yarns of particularly high quality. The production chain of each yarn is transparent to view and Pascuali visits each farm and production site himself. All fibers come from animal-friendly and environmentally friendly farms. The production is also resource-friendly and fair for all workers.

Product details Balayage

Ball: 50 g
Yardage: approx. 175 m
Needle size: 3.25 mm
Gauge: 28 sts x 36 rows = 10 cm x 10 cm
Care: 30 °C
Raw material composition:
(according to EU textile labeling regulation).
80 % alpaca, 20 % virgin wool

Photos: © Pascuali



Cusco 600, Cayesh 601, Chimbote 602, Yerupaja 603, Arequipa 604, Lima 605, Misti 606, Tacna 607, Iquitos 608, Piura 609, Macchu Picchu 610, Aguas Calientes 611, Titicaca 612, Paracas 613, Salkantay 614, Sandoval 615, Nazca 616, Ishinca 617, Umayo 618, Chachani 619, Tumbes 624, Huanuco 623, Pasco 622, Loreto 621, Ica 621

Type of yarn

All season yarn

Fiber material

Alpaca, Virgin wool


Fine (Sport)



Yardage per 100g


Gauge (on 10cm)

26 to 28 meshes

Needle size

2.75 to 3.75


species-appropriate husbandry, controlled working conditions, mulesing-free, sustainable production

Base price
- 21,90 / 100 g

- 21,90 / 100 g