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Makers Backpack - Project Bag

Twig & Horn

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This new project bag from Twig & Horn has everything you need for your knitting projects on the go: plenty of storage space for various projects, needles and accessories!
The bag can be worn in three different ways - over the shoulder, as a handbag or as a backpack.

Each pocket has a removable zippered compartment in the center, with four yarn leading eyelets to keep different balls from getting tangled or to keep yarns from different projects from getting mixed up. Two projects fit easily on either side. If you take out the center pocket, you can fit even large projects. In addition, the bag has spacious compartments on each side of the center pocket, divided into different sizes, plenty of room for phone, pens, needle games, notes and other accessories.

The two shoulder straps are about 26 cm long and can be worn comfortably on the shoulder. The adjustable strap varies from approx 60 cm to 116 cm and fits across the body.

Size: 38 cm x 40 cm x 18 cm

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Black, Bourbon, Charcoal

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