Summer Top

ANKESTRiCK {knitting kit}

Variant 1

Knitted from: Shio, Urugami

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ITO - Shio

Fiber material Virgin wool
Weight Lace
Manufacturer ITO Yarns
Running length more than 900m
Needle size up to 2.5mm

ITO - Urugami

Fiber material Paper, virgin wool
Weight Super fine (Fingering)
Manufacturer ITO Yarns
Running length 501-600m
gauge 29 to 31 stitches
Needle size 2.75 to 3.75, 4 to 5.5, up to 2.5mm

Variant 2

Knitted from: Sami

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Amano - Sami

Fiber material Cotton
Weight Light (DK)
Manufacturer Amano
Running length 251-300m
gauge 20 to 22 stitches
Needle size 4 to 5.5


Summer Top

"Summer" by Ankestrick is a comfortable top that is knit seamlessly top down. The neckline is shaped with short rows before saddle shoulders are worked by increases at the shoulder line. When the desired shirt width is reached, the shirt is divided into front and back to knit the sleeve length. Then the two sides are joined again and it is worked in rounds to the cuff. Finally, neck and armhole cuffs are knitted on.

Photos: © ankestrick


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Shio, Urugami, Sami

Kits size

L, M, S, XL, XS, XXL

Kits needle size

3 to 3.5mm

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