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The Prym tailor's dummy offers an ideal way to check the measurements of his knitted pieces. But the mannequin is also helpful for later stretching, because it gives the sweater or cardigan the perfect shape.

Available in three sizes, the tailor's dummy offers maximum flexibility around fitting clothes. The rotating torso is made of plastic and covered with a foam-reinforced nylon cover for easy pinning and marking. The tailor's bust consists of 8 parts, which allows for very flexible adjustment. It is individually adjustable at the neck, chest, waist and hips - a total of 13 adjustments are possible. At the front it can be adjusted by turning knobs, at the sides and at the back by turning wheels in the units inch/cm. The special feature: The waist length is also adjustable in height for long sizes. The neck circumference can be changed by means of the rotary knob located in the neck area - here you will also find an integrated pincushion. The tailor's bust has a worked out shoulder section - so the sleeves always fall into the right position. Also included - skirt rounding with pin fixing: This allows the length of the model and also the hem positive ease to be easily pinned. The stable plastic base makes the dressmaker's bust very light - yet it has a good stand due to the high stability of the four feet.

Measurements tailor mannequin S: chest = 84 - 100 cm, waist = 66 - 84 cm, hips = 91 - 109 cm
Measurements tailor mannequin M: chest = 100 - 116 cm, waist = 82 - 99 cm, hips = 104 - 122 cm
Measurements tailor mannequin L: chest = 112 - 127 cm, waist = 94 - 109 cm, hips = 119 -132 cm



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