Whether one thread on the left, one on the right, both on the left, both around the index finger, or one here, the other around the middle finger... The technique of multicolor knitting is fascinating. Not to mention the history of the individual patterns themselves. In two articles and a podcast episode, we've already taken you on a journey to the Shetland Islands and Norway. Today, on the other hand, we're romping around on our own doorstep. In the fourth part of our series "Multicolored Knitting" we would like to show you some of our knitting pattern. And don't worry: Below I link you to the individual articles again, so that you have everything together. Have fun being inspired 🙂 .

Nissa is knitted from Como by LAMANA.
Photo: © Ines Grabner /


Not new, but quasi reissued we have the shawl Nissa from the second shawl book "Noch mehrTüchers stricken". Unfortunately, this book is no longer sold, but we are now allowed to offer you the pattern separately. For this reason, we have had our classic re-photographed and are still blown away.

Nissa is knitted from the center of the long side, with increases in the center and on both edges. The beginning is stockinette stitch, followed by three pattern pieces in jacquard technique, where from the inside out the proportion of the first color decreases and the proportion of the second color increases. So it's also a good project to practice multicolored knitting. And Como by LAMANA is one of my favorite yarns! The yarn is made of 100 percent merino virgin wool and wears pleasantly soft and light.

We have also incorporated the pattern of the scarf into the cuffs Nissa.
Photo: © Ines Grabner /


By the way, we also have the gauntlets in the store to match the shawl, if you want to knit a set or have a smaller project first. I am just totally in the gauntlet fever. I also like to wear them when working, because the hands are always the first to get cold (and the nose - but there's nothing knitted for ;-)).

Cuddle knit for the soul

Another cozy piece and ideal for getting started in multicolored knitting.
Photo: © Ines Grabner /


Do you still remember our book "Hygge Woglfühlkleidung stricken"? It's already a good two years old - it's amazing how time flies! In the meantime it also has a new name: Knitting feel-good clothes in oversize look. But the designs are still the same, including the soul warmer Bjarka. With it you can practice knitting with two colors within one row.

The knitting kit is available twice in the store. Once with Kos from SANDNES and once with Snefnug from CaMaRose. Both are tubular yarns. In each case, a blend on merino and alpaca is blown into the tube during the manufacturing process, creating a beautiful, voluminous yarn. The difference betweenKos and Snefnug: In Kos the tube is made of nylon, with Snefnug from cotton. You decide which you prefer - the color palette is great for both!

Start small first?

You do not yet dare to a cardigan or a whole scarf? Then maybe a cap would be something for you.

Our last hat collection included two designs from the realm of multicolored knitting: Winter stillness (above) and Breeze of winter (below). The latter is even a doubleface project.

In the knitting kit for Winter silence you will find the above mentioned yarn Kos from SANDNES. First you knit a long cuff, which is then folded over. The subsequent fair isle pattern is definitely doable even for beginners.

Winter breath has a double worked cuff. Then take the stitches of the provisional cast-on and the working stitches together on the needles and knit the pattern in doubleface technique. In this way, you end up with a hat that you can easily turn around. By the way, we knit with Milano from LAMANA. The yarn consists of 90 percent merino wool and ten percent cashmere.

Finally, I link you again our other two articles on multicolored knitting and our podcast: So you have nice everything together 😉 We wish you in any case have fun browsing and knitting!

Multicolor Knitting: Fair Isle and Norwegian Sweaters {model inspiration}
Multicolor knitting {technique}

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