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When the winter blows cold and wet around our ears, we once again get a real desire to knit hats or headbands.

At Maschenfein there is a suitable model for every taste - whether slip or bobble hat, stockinette stitch or Fair Isle. With the help of our knitting kits you will find the right model with the right amount of wool for your size and of course in your favorite color.

Absolutely on trend: balaclavas and hoods!

If you browse through our hat knitting kits, you will notice one thing: Without balaclavas and hoods nothing goes this winter.

Whether designs from Paula_M, PetiteKnit, Minuk or Knitting for Olive - here you will also find a design for every age. Since the designs cover not only the head but also the neck, we pay special attention to the yarn used, after all, it should not scratch. Our favorites: Snefnug From CaMaRose, Cashmere Worsted by Pascuali and Alpaca Soft DK from Rowan.

The right needles

Headbands are usually knitted in rows, back and forth. They can be worked on circular needles or two needles from one needle set.

It's different with hats, because they are knitted in small rounds. Not quite as small rounds as are worked for socks, but still too small for long circular needles, or are they?

No, don't worry, you can safely knit hats on long (e.g. 80 cm) circular needles. To do this, you use the so-called "Magic Loop" method.

If this is too tedious for you, you can either use a needle set or the matching short circular needles, like our popular Chiaogoo Knit Red needles in 40cm length.

No matter which needle type you are, you can find the right needles in all strengths in our store.

What else do you need?

Of course, "need" is always relative. With the right needles, matching wool and the desired pattern, you are ready to go.

But what usually still helps are stitch markers to keep track. They come in all imaginable shapes and sizes.

If you have finally chained your hat or headband, you should wash it, pull it into shapes and let it dry lying flat. You can also find suitable detergents for all yarns in the accessories.

Want more inspiration?

In our blog post on the subject of beanie weather we present many designs. Have fun browsing!


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